• DanM

    So how many times did she hit the rev limiter there?
    Absolutely no mechanical sympathy…

  • JD

    should teach tailgaters a lesson

  • Rocket

    Just saw one of these 2 hours ago ( without the flames ). Some people have all the fun.

    • guest

      Prefer them without the aftermarket rubbish. The loud aftermarket exhausts and other such modifications should be banned.

      Poor car.

      • JooberJCW

        Though a good aftermaket exhaust I don’t mind, unprison some extra power and amplify the beautiful soundtrack!

  • MisterZed

    At car shows here in Australia, the most exciting thing you usually see are 20 year old Commodores on “huge” 18 inch rims.

    • theillestlife

      Like the HWY meet I went to on Friday night, so many heroes in falcodores blasting music and showing off their cars noise.

      Shame my hatchback could put them to shame easily.

      • Crazytalk

        I don’t think they heard that you were there…