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Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has released a new visual and performance enhancement package for the all-new Lexus IS range.

Available exclusively in Japan, the Lexus IS TRD pack features an aggressive bodykit with muscular front and rear bumpers, broad side skirts, rear spoiler and diffuser, and quad sports exhaust tips.


Forged 19-inch aluminium wheels complete the exterior package, while performance dampers and member braces form part of an uprated suspension tune.

The bodykit, wheels and suspension packs can be ordered individually, but together cost 1,254,075 yen ($12,480).


The third-generation Lexus IS range will reach Australian showrooms in the third quarter of this year. The familiar IS250 and IS350 nameplates will be joined by the new petrol-electric IS300h, with an optional F Sport pack to be offered for customers after sportier dynamics and styling.

  • Nashville

    Those more conventional quad exhausts do work better stylistically.

    • Sydlocal

      At least it looks like they are actually connected to the real exhaust system, unlike the ISF!

  • Killinger

    Looks very nice from the rear

  • D987

    To me it seems like a bad idea putting TRD branding on a Lexus.

    Lexus needs to distance itself further from Toyota if it ever wants to take on the might of Mercedes-Benz or BMW, otherwise they’ll always just be known as expensive Toyota’s.

    • Mikhael

      It’s JDM only.

    • Mark

      People who think Lexus is just an expensive Toyota or Audi is just an expensive VW, just don’t get these cars. No point trying to please them, since they will not even consider buying these cars.

      • Piazza

        Agreed. They are the only ones who are missing out on more choice by closing certain options off.

      • Smart US

        this is very expensive Corolla

        • Sydlocal

          The Corolla hasn’t been RWD since the early 1980s. I don’t know why Toyota would base this off a car from so far back…. 😉

    • Rick

      I agree they should move away from the TRD nameplate .

      • Golfschwein

        TRD is bad. Too easy to put a ‘u’ in there.

        • McIntyre

          It would take a very immature person to do that, however.

          • Golfschwein

            Yes. Maybe that’s me. Sadly, as a word player, it’s just something I do. You can’t muck around with Nismo, AMG, HSV or Renaultsport, but TRD is just inviting the obvious.

          • Dieseltorque

            It should be LRD! TRD brings with it images of Aurion.

        • Zaccy16

          haha, that extra ‘u’ really applied to the horrible TRD hilux and aurion!

    • Gus

      it depends on who you want to impress, the ones who know about cars will be impressed by this, people who are fickle brand whores may not.. but who cares what they think

  • KC

    For a moment there, i thought neons were part of the package…….

    Seriously though, I’m still not sure about the headlights. In this colour, it’s ok but in light colours, it looks weird IMO…..

  • Rick

    I find this quite interesting , looks good and will improve on an already good car

  • Ivn

    Extra body kit, bigger rims and chassis strengthening adds weight. TRB needs to add power kit for the engine to compensate for the weight increase.
    It does make the rear look more agressive, especially that quad exhaust.

    • mike

      The body kit could be quite light depending on the material. And the TRD wheels are forged which should compensate somewhat for the increase diameter.

  • Bondie

    Nice looking car!

  • Zaccy16

    I like it, specially in black, hopefully the ISF will look similar to this

  • Liam Sullivan

    It looks angry, love it lol

  • Mohammed Smith

    T U R D Lexus ……………. WTF are they thinking???
    What happened to F-Sport ??? You don’t shame this great looking car with those rubbishy letters: TRD !!!!