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Official sketches of the Volkswagen Amarok R-Style concept have surfaced ahead of its debut at the annual Worthersee show in Austria.

The Volkswagen Amarok R-Style is a sporty, street-themed concept that takes the German manufacturer’s workhorse to new levels of performance and urban appeal.

Powering the Amarok R-Style concept is a 200kW/600Nm 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine – a significant step-up from the 132kW/420Nm output of the flagship production model.


An eight-speed automatic transmission sends drive to all four wheels and launches the R-Style concept from 0-100km/h in 7.9 seconds.

Pumped wheel arches flare out 60mm wider than the production model’s to contain the 22-inch alloy wheels and 295/35 performance tyres.


LED headlights and tail-lights; carbonfibre front, side and rear skirts; a unique front intake; and a rear diffuser with dual chrome exhaust outlets set the R-Style apart from the outside, while sports seats, a sports steering wheel, carbonfibre dashboard and door panels and red trim accents headline the cabin tweaks.

The Volkswagen Amarok R-Style concept will debut at Worthersee alongside the Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI concept and the Skoda Rapid Sport concept, among others, from tonight.

  • Autoholic

    Interesting R model. Similar to the TRD Hilux, albeit with a lot more grunt.

    • asgf

      Similar in that both are utterly pointless.

  • Golfschwein

    Worthersee looks like a mighty fun place to be.


    meh, buy a stx550 and add a chip and exhaust, and your there allready…

  • Chad

    Why don’t they release the normal amarok with the V6 and make it the same as the navara a bit shy of 200 kw and around 550nm I’m sure they are loosing tones of sales because of it! I know quite a few people and companies that won’t even go into the dealer to look at them because it has such a small motor

    • Captain Nemo®™

      Poor reliability and the small motor are the main reason people avoid this POS Chad. Throw in shoddy build quality and arrogant dealers and no wonder people will not look at them.

      • Robert Ryan

        Pretty spot on. Need to do a lot more with the Amarok, to make it even marginally competitive. I think it is the worst selling small diesel pickup in Australia.

  • gtrxuone

    Looks good hope it makes production and Australia.

    • Zaccy16

      yep i agree, would be a fantastic workhorse!

      • gtrxuone

        The Americans would call it a two door sports coupe with a big boot.

        • Billy__bob

          You mean trunk

  • one_of_these_Bogans

    ooohh mannnn
    just make it a 5 tonne braked towing capacity just like the ford F series
    and im sold Mate im sold

    • barry

      The engine will have the torque to tow 5 tonnes.But the vechle will be to lite.

      • Billy__bob

        Yeah mate i don’t think the gear box will be able to tow 5 tonnes even if the engine can,
        So many factors come to play when your towing that much. For instance such as diff, drive shaft and the box all need to be strengthened

        Then you would need truck based chassie rails

        • barry

          Good comment.

    • Robert Ryan

      Ford’s figures on the F series are more fantasy than reality, same applies to all US Pickups. The unbelievable “towing” figures are part of the marketing of these Pickups in the US/Canada

      • billy_bob

        Mate i don’t think that they can exaggerate the especially in the US because law suits will be coming left right and center

        Mate i read up on a women in the US who sued Honda, she stated the fuel consumption figure descent match what the car actually does. It was in regards to one the hybrid Honda cars

  • JD


  • Weatherbey

    Okay, take this as an actual question, not a snide remark or anything. Who would actually buy this as a daily driver and why? I’m trying to work out the target audience.

    • Golfschwein

      I’m not sure that even VW would know, Weatherby. I think it’s just a bit of bonkers Cherman, heel-clickin’ fun. When you see what else is in store at Worthersee, you’ll see what I mean. :)

    • barry

      Same buyers that drive FPV and HSV.A life style car not a work ute.

  • Gus

    Im not a huge fan of the maloo or domestic holden vehicles in general but a maloo would trounce this thing in all aspects of performance and probably cost considerably less than this too. pretty sure the SS Ute would smash it also

    • Chad

      A maloo would blow it into the weeds and be a much nicer car to drive. Even an SV6 would flog this thing

      • Phil

        Don’t be so sure. The Aussie TRD Hilux was a pointless exercise, but the US built Tacoma X-Runner was a bona fide track day weapon. Factory stock it’d pull 0.96 lateral g’s. Throw a few TRD bits at it and you can go hunting 370z’s. Not bad for a ladder chassis pickup truck.

        If VW wanted to do this, they could very easily. Could also use the Passat 3.6 V6, as well as the diesel.

  • HandBrake

    Could be a really great ute to the market , if executed correctly..

  • Redneck

    Does it have gun racks?

  • nona1234

    saw the original today in Hannover its a nice car … nice (y)