A set of official teaser images of the all-new Skoda Octavia has given us our first look at the interior of the third-generation mid-sizer ahead of its 2013 debut.

The single interior image uncovers a corner of the new Skoda Octavia’s steering wheel and a section of its redesigned centre stack. While tightly cropped, we can clearly see the new model (presumably high-grade variants) will feature a leather-bound steering wheel with buttons for voice control and Bluetooth phone connectivity, paddle shifters for those equipped with a dual-clutch automatic transmission, and a large central infotainment display screen.

Quality looks set to take a step forward, with the more refined cabin featuring piano black trim inserts and chrome details on the climate control dials, as well as a greater use of soft-touch plastics.

The other images provide a more detailed look at the Octavia’s exterior – highlighting the design of its new front grille, side mirror, C-pillar and LED tail-light assembly – following last month’s spy shot that revealed the front three-quarter angle of the new car.

The Czech Republic-based division of the Volkswagen Group is expected to unveil the new Skoda Octavia at the 2013 Geneva motor show in March. It will arrive in Australia in the second half of next year, when it will become a fully fledged medium car – sitting above the incoming compact Skoda Rapid – to take on the likes of the Toyota Camry.

The new Octavia is based on the same MQB platform as the Volkswagen Golf Mk7 and is expected to inherit a range of turbocharged four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines from it and other Volkswagen Group models.

  • Tex

    It feels like a Golf.

    • Phil

      Indeed. I would get this, over the Jetta, if I wanted a Golf sedan.

      • Golfmother

        No its a hatchback .

        • 3D4

          No it’s a liftback.

          • Golfmother

            Ah i stand corrected .

          • 12incher

             NO It’s an Audi copy.

  • F1orce

    The rear door line they copied of the IS250

    • F1orce

      Or the 1992 ES300

      • Golfmother

        Or the 1960’s hofmeister kink alah BMW the first , 1961.

        • F1orce

          That’s funny!

          O, and “copying” the Hoffmeister kink is a funny story. Toyota had similar kink way before BMW, in 1955 Crown, other manufacturers too, but somehow the internet insists that BMW invented it and everyone copied it from them. Germans know a thing or two about propaganda, dont they?

    • Bob

      For the sake of my sanity, please stop posting comments about Lexus. I like Lexus – I don’t need to see you constantly using them to fight whatever crazy battles you have here in the comment sections.

      • Nasal Explorer

        Amen. I think F1orce’s battles are all in his head.

  • teslakite

    First look at new interior? So where are the interior shots then?…Theres only one and it shows a quarter of a steering wheel.

  • Shak

    Looks pretty much like every other VAG product inside, with a bit more chrome and some shiny black bits. 

  • Norm

    Do you think Skoda engineers spend their days – and nights – leafing through ZF transmission catalogues thinking…sigh…if only?

    • Phil

      How much do Skoda engineers even get to do, considering how much is shared with other VAG cars?

  • duggy72

    When is the Scout due…Yum Yum.