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Another Toyota Prius recall has surfaced just seven days after the news that Toyota would recall 2.76 million vehicles around the world for a steering system fault, including 12,710 second-generation Toyota Prius hybrids in Australia.

A total of 8119 second-generation Toyota Prius vehicles have been recalled due to a fault with the hybrid car’s electric water pump.

According to the official recall notice published on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website, the fault affecting Toyota Prius models built between August 1, 2003 and March 30, 2009, means there is a possibility that the electric motor installed in the hybrid system water pump may stop functioning.

Toyota Prius 2003 - 2

This could not only lead to the illumination of various warning lights in the instrument panel, but also “the electric power supply circuit fuse may open causing the hybrid system to stop while the vehicle is being driven. If left unchecked the car could go into ‘limp-home’ or ‘fail-safe’ mode, in which engine power is cut.”

Toyota Australia’s media and external affairs manager, Beck Angel, told CarAdvice most of the 8000-plus cars recalled overlap with the Prius models recalled last week.

In the US, Toyota made the decision to announce the double recall at the same time, with approximately 350,000 of the total 670,000 Prius vehicles affected requiring fixes for both issues.

Toyota Prius 2003 - 1

Angel said that while three incidents of the water pumps ceasing to function have been reported locally, Toyota will start contacting owners affected by the recall from early December, asking them to make appointments at Toyota dealers to have the issue – or issues – repaired, with both taking approximately an hour each.

“Safety is our number one priority. We want people to have the best experience with their cars,” Angel said.

While today’s recall announcement is linked to that of a week ago, it follows another recent recall from early October that saw approximately 7.4 million cars recalled globally for a power window defect and 297,931 Toyota Aurion, Camry, Corolla, Kluger, RAV4 and Yaris vehicles affected locally.

Angel said Toyota was not aware of any additional upcoming recalls.

At the start of the month, Toyota announced that it had sold more than one million hybrids worldwide in 2012. Of the total hybrids sold, 736,00 were made up of Prius variants including the hatch, Prius C city car and Prius V people-mover.

  • Tex

    More recalls, I’m surprised.

    What is interesting, is that most of these vehicles have expired warranty… so Toyota is actually being quite generous with recalling the vehicles.

    Most other (European) manufacturers wouldn’t even bother. Check online forums to see how many older European cars have issues and no manufacturer puts their hand up to fix it… except Toyota.


    If you look closely, all these model were build during the Watanabe’s “great leap forward” era…during that time Toyota push all it can to overtake GM to become No.1…. Now they pay the price for it.

  • tiddy

    Oh dear…..oh what a feeling

  • Henry Toussaint

    This is Ridiculous! 3 Recalls in the last month or two. First the Faulty power switch, then the Prius’ Steering, and now a water pump! At least they get the notice out and fix it.

    • Zaccy16

      yeah its pathetic really, one of the biggest car companys in the world having these problems! the engine will probably start dropping out of the new gen corrola!

  • Unidexter Hopping

    Good on you Toyota for dealing with issues. I still trust Toyota for quality and reliability over VAG any day.

    • Jax

      You can play with your TOYota but I’d rather have a VAG IN Any way.

      • Unidexter Hopping

        I feel sympathy for you after 2 VAG cars, never again for me. Great you like your VAG (Very Average Garbage)

        • Guest78

          Err, think he was making a joke Uni and it was quite creative actually.
          You can play with your Toy…and he’d have a vag in a…get it?Maybe Toyota fans/owners are as boring and staid as their cars.

          • Latin Fish Names

            I think I must of had a sense of humour bypass operation… snappy response.

        • Golfmother

          But evil troll you love toyota’s , so whats the excuse for all the recalls ,never had a recall on my golf .

          OH thats right you hold the world record for 80 issues with your VW , you should write fiction , love in a toyota .

          So how is your brother in laws prius , fixed all his issues .

          Fridges that are no longer reliable , gosh .

          • Latin Fish Names

            I love the Golf’s design, the solid feel, the expensive looking interiors and they way they drive.  As an ownership experience for me they have been poor… I’m glad you are happy with yours.  After 2 Golfs with basically the same ownership problems, VAG products are off my list.  As for the Prius, it has not missed a beat, perfect reliability, even for such a complex car.

    • youbadgesnob

      what’s a VAG???

      • Stan

        Stands for Volkswagen Audi Group….I believe.

  • Guest32

    Quick, make another recall Toyota…your wheels are falling off.

  • MK

    When is the Landcruiser 200 water pump recall?

  • Golfmother

    The silence is deafening , not a single comment from F1orce and you wont get one .

    • Igor

      Hope you’re right…but why not, has he finally been committed ?
      Maybe he forgot to take his lithium today.

      • Golfmother

        No hes out in his 1999 V6 camry laying rubber , trying to beat his personal best 6.8secs 0 to 100 k , maybe its the lithium boost that does it .

  • Car Fanatic

    Not Audi, Auto, Volkswagen Auto Group.

    My Golf hasn’t missed a beat, must be the owners.

  • Darren Heath

    this is a old recall that has been around for years (i work at a toyota dealership) … when you mass produce something with thousands of parts no matter what you do you cant expect everything to work perfecly ….

  • Maple Leaf

    My Prius has clocked over 200,000 km and is over 5 years old. I have replaced nothing except the tyres and the12v battery. Even the brake pads are original. Having said that, taking the car to fix recalls is a pain. Toyota is being generous in replacing parts for cars such as mine for free but still it’s a bad look.

  • Not behind a camry. ever

    I love it. More recalls for the worlds largest appliance maker. And they lost the #1 slot back to GM in 2011.
     2 years at the top. Really shows GM who’s the boss. After all GM only held the # 1for 70 odd years.

    What’s the next recall going to be? Faulty dustbags? Crisper lids that fall off?