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The Toyota Camry Atara R special edition has been released, adding new levels of value, equipment and exclusivity to Toyota’s class-leading medium sedan.

Based on the $30,490 Toyota Camry Altise, Toyota says the $31,820 Toyota Camry Atara R special edition gains more than $3000 worth of value including a sportier front bumper, grille and side skirts, and a dual exhaust diffuser that sees power from the Camry’s 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine increase by 2kW to 135kW.

Front fog lights, a special edition badge and 17-inch alloy wheels complete the exterior treats.

Toyota Camry Atara R - 2

Inside the special edition Toyota Camry Atara R scores a premium three-spoke steering wheel with audio controls and 6.1-inch screen with reversing camera display, joining the already standard seven airbags (including driver’s knee airbag), stability and traction control, and six-speaker audio system with auxiliary and USB inputs and iPod connectivity.

Offered in Diamond White, Silver Pearl, Graphite, Eclipse Black, Wildfire, Magnetic Bronze, and Reflex Blue, the circa-2500 Toyota Camry Atara R special edition models will be produced at Toyota’s Altona plant through to the end of December.

  • Altezza

    Camry Touring would be a better name. The “R” designated for a hardcore version but hardly this car is a hardcore version, “only” gains 2kw increase. How about putting 3.5L V6 engine from Aurion? This would enough to gain the “R” designation.

    • Pro346

      Or just buy an aurion…..it is just a slightly restyled Camry after all .

      • Henry Toussaint

         Looks better aswell I guess

        • Force-15

          Except with the hideous bodykit on the Sportivo models.

  • Luck78

    Hi Caradvice, will this be brought out in wagon form? I would be keen to purchase.

    • Phil

      No and why bother even it it were? Go straight to the superior Mondeo/Mazda6.

  • TG

    Atara S is the better bet than this glorified Altise. All of the above without the poverty pack fleet Altise seats (nice cloth trim instead, optional cow), smart entry/start and dual zone A/C and a few other things. Cheap as atm with zero percent and factory incentives…

  • MK

    Toyota – Please change the rear lights

    • Dave W

      Or change the whole design. I seriously can’t find a good angle on this car.

  • Noddy of Toyland

    2kW extra! Why do they bother advertising such a mediocre increase, when you probably only get 110kW at the wheels anyway?!

    • Darryl

      New Corolla will have 3kW more than an ’02 model. Surely that must impress you!

  • Latin Fish Names

    The styling is wooden, the alloy wheel design is wooden and the name, Atara has a wooden ring to it.  All in all a blandoid box that has the styling finesse of a box of Redheads… no wonder there is s special edition so early in this models lifecycle.

  • Dongyap

    beautiful atara r  excellent in value i just bought one ,excellent to drive  well done TOYOTA

  • Camry

    For people who want a bit style but don’t want to spend too much!

  • Atara

    The tail lights could be made better. Hopefully it will improve in face lift.

  • Jcarter

    Atara R – special edition is not worth the investment. For that price you can get a Hyundhai with all the options whereas with Atara you get only the Audio system and reversing camera. NOT WORTH IT.