Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) has announced the 2009 model year NT Pajero four-wheel drive range. The list of improvements is extensive but the engine upgrade definitely gets our attention.

Apart from the cabin and exterior refinements plus increased towing capacity and revised specifications, Mitsubishi has introduced an upgraded 3.2-litre turbo diesel engine across the entire range.

The new oil burner, also known as 4M41Common Rail DI-D, now produces 147kW of power (at 3,800 rpm) and 441Nm of torque at 2000 rpm. That’s an enormous 18 per cent increase in both power and torque over the outgoing diesel.

 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT) Engine

As is the case with modern technology, more power and more torque also means better fuel economy, in this case a 13 percent improvement.

Mitsubishi will also introduce a new five-speed automatic transmission with sports mode (also available as five-speed manual). Higher end specified models come withlock up and intelligent shift control.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)

If you’ve read our review of the 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel review, you’d know that we criticized the noisy engine, Mitsubishi says they have addressed this issue with the MY09.

The new model has an increased towing capacity (3,000 kg from the previous model’s 2,500 kg limit).

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)

The broaden the Pajero range an entry level GL and the family oriented GLS variants have added to the range.

Safety is taken care of by Active Stability and Traction Control (ASTC), driver and passenger SRS airbags, an Anti-Lock Braking System with Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Force Distribution, and the Mitsubishi Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) system.

Five-door variants include:

  • 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero GL
  • 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero GLX
  • 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero GLS
  • 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero VRX
  • 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed

The new GL model is only available with the new 3.2-litre diesel (with either a standard five-speed manual or optional new five-speed automatic transmission). Standard features include 17×7.5JJ steel wheels, fabric seat trim, an AM/FM CD player and either five or seven seats. Unfortunately side and curtain airbags (as well as a rear diff lock) are only available as options.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)

The middle child GLX variant is a carry over from the MY08 and like all other Pajeros in the five-door range, is available with either the petrol or diesel engine. Manual or optional automatic transmissions is available.

 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)

The all-new family orientated GLS model is available with either the diesel or the 3.8-litre V6 SOHC 24-valve petrol engine with MIVEC (Mitsubishi’s variable valve timing). With the family in mind, side and curtain airbags, rear air conditioning and side steps are all standard features.

From the outside fog lamps, body coloured exterior appointments and a newly designed full chrome grille finish off the package.

The Pajero VRX is also availble with either engine but only offered in automatic transmission. Features include full leather seat trim, power front seats, new front door trim and a lidded console, along with a rear diff lock on diesel variants.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)

You can also tick the Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (MMCS) which comes with a seven-inch colour touch screen with satellite navigation, reverse camera for improved safety, maintenance information, Bluetooth function and full iPod compatibility.

If you’re willing to go all out, the range topping Pajero Exceed come with nine-spoke 18×7.5JJ alloy wheels, a full chrome grille and bright highlights on the exterior, and new wood and leather steering wheel, patterned instrument panel and automatic light sensing headlamps and rain sensing wipers.

2009 Mitsubishi Pajero (NT)

The MMCS system plus the Rockford Acoustic Design premium audio system and rear seat entertainment system come as standard meanwhile the electric slide and tilt sunroof is an optional extra.

If you’re after something smaller, the two three-door variants carry over from the previous Pajero line-up – the R and the X. Available in Petrol and Diesel (but only as Autos).

Check back first thing tomorrow for CarAdvice‘s first steer of the MY09 Pajero.

  • Twilight

    correct me if i’m wrong – but doesn’t the exceed varient of the Pajero gain HID lights over the rest of the range also?

  • Richo

    good solid improvement over what is already a very good thing in comparison to its rivals. I’m a pajero fan, and this upgrade keeps me smiling. Unfortunately i can’t afford one though…

  • http://australiancaradvice McKay

    The Pajaro is a very good unit and i like it myself as with Nissan Navara’s but the Prado however is better. My sister and her soon to be husband are about to purchase a second-hand but near-new diesel Prado which will make good towing for thier horse floats.

  • Frontman

    McKay the Prado will not tow any better than the Pajero, and if you actually liked your sister you would advise her to look at the Pajero and get a vehicle just as good but pocket the extra coin.

    On that matter though, Mitsubishi designers have the cushiest jobs going I reckon. How long are they going to run a body shape :-)

  • Richo

    McKay – the prado isn’t any better then the pajero, just my expensive.

  • Wheelnut

    How many Paris-Dakar rallies has the Landcruiser Prado won compared to the Pajero or even the Patrol?

    And before you dismiss my question as irrelevant McKay- Rally is just as relevant to the Auto industry as F1 [which is supposedly the pinnacle of automotive engineering].. Because Rally has provided as many new high tech safety features etc that have made their way onto/into production cars as F1 has.

  • http://australiancaradvice McKay

    Before people jump down my throat, i like the Pajaro and like it alot but the Prado is simply a better, stronger, robust and more reliable off-road vehicle.

    And a question to you Wheelnut : how many events has the Prado competed in the Dakar Rally ??

    In the everyday market, Toyota and Nissan prove thier reputation every minute, of every hour of every day of every year as the most robust, capable and reliable 4×4’s on the market but that is not putting down the Pajero in any form. It is a good vehicle but not as good as the Prado, especially off-road.

    And please remember, Toyota has participated in many different forms of rally racing for how many years now.

    I believe the Hilux is the current leader in the South African off-road / 4×4 rally comp.

  • Andrew

    Frontman, I know they’ve ran the basic body for a while but it would have been difficult to justify a whole new model because Mitsubishi’s North American arm rejected the Montero (as the Pajero is known there) due to poor market share.

  • http://australiancaradvice McKay

    Frontman : my sister and her soon to be husband (Neil) have lived the country lifestyle for many years living in centres of remote WA & Queensland but have been in Darwin for the last 3 or so years. They are regular visitors to the bush and travel frequently with horses in tow and thier choice this time around is the diesel Prado.

    As i said, i like the Pajero but my sister will not have another because when they were working in Blackwater some time ago they purchased a Pajero and negative experiances cost them a sum of money. I don’t believe they will travel that path again.

    They currently have a Ford Ranger (and a AU series 2 XR8 ute)and without really understanding why, Neil hates it with a passion so thier choice this time is what it is.

    They are trading both cars for the Prado while Neil intends to purchase a road registered trialbike as his set of wheels.

    • tourman

      Unless you have driven both vehicles over similar terrain & towed the same caravan/horse float you are only expressing a hearsay opinion. I have a history of four Nissan Patrols and driven extensively in the Outback & Flinders Ranges with and without a caravan. I had a 2009 3L Nissan Patrol & a 2009 3.2L Platinum addition Pajero, when it came to selling one there was no contest, the Pajero is still with me, the Patrol is not. The Pajero is superior in many ways, power, comfort, handling, and fuel economy.


    very impressive upgrade.

  • Jimbo

    Awesome 4WD. I will be recommending it for the replacement truck when the Cruisers lease is up.


    very impressive upgrade…

  • Howie-VL

    I’ve always been a toyota man, but have worked with mitsubishi for a while, and there is next to no warranty/mechanical issues that come up with the later model pajeros that I have come across. Whereas a mate of mine a few months ago purchased a 04 prado which was EXCELLENT for towing, and a very nice vehicle. BUt it Has LOTS of issues, it broke down 4 consecutive times in a couple months. 12,000 outa pocket later he sold it for a lot less than he paid for it.

    So from my experience I’d definately buy the pajero over the Prado and save the extra $$$

  • Spitfire

    One would have thought that Mitsubishi would have dragged themselves into the 21st century and changed to a V6 diesel with this upgrade. But alas no.

  • Spitfire

    Howie-VL it is a bit rich to be comparing the reliability of a new Pajero with a four year old Prado.

  • http://australiancaradvice McKay

    Toyota 4×4’s are generally the most reliable and capable vehicles on the market. I can list issues with all of them but eitherway, Toyota is usually the better of them.

    • tourman

      I had a Toyota 4 Runner 1999 and it was the worst piece of S..T that I have ever owned, sold it less than 12 months after buying it. Toyota are running on a reputation built in the 70’s that they have not kept up with. I have heard from owners of the latest Landcruiser that they have quite a few problems.

  • Kenny

    McKay has got confused, not every Toyota is tough and so on. The Toyota Landcruiser 70 series is the toughest Toyota 4WD. There is big difference between the Prado & Landcruiser 70 series in terms of capabilities etc.

  • http://australiancaradvice McKay

    Kenny : i could not have stated it better myself, you are completely correct.

    The Hilux without forget the TRD version, Prado, 70 series and LC200 are all worthwhile vehicles but some are more capable then others which is intended on Toyota’s behalf.

  • Jake02

    with the updated engine, does this mean that the triton will get this upgrade? hope so as 147kW/441Nm would be nice…

  • http://australiancaradvice McKay

    The toughest of them all, the ’70 series but also the most basic as intended.

    Te LC200 is as capable off-road but does it more so in style while the Prado follows suit but a smaller version.

    Hilux is an alrounder that is good at everything but excels at nothing.

    Good mixture / range of capabilities and intended purposes which is why the Toyota range has been successful.

  • http://australiancaradvice McKay

    Jake : they are impressive figures from Mitsubishi, WELL DONE to them. I’m impressed

  • Mark Greenburg

    Capable it may be, but this new Pajero is overpriced and outdated. The design dates back to 2000 – well over 8 years old now. The 3.8L V6’s power output is average at best, and there is no V8 option. In the Pajero’s ‘heydey’ it was a reasonably priced $39,990 4WD. Now it costs nearly $60,000 which is a joke. (The Pajero’s best-ever sales year was 1993 when it sold 9285, which was 1.7% of the market and the 13th best-selling vehicle overall that year. This year, Pajero is on-track to record around 5600 sales and it is not even in the top 50 list).

  • tas74t

    Nice upgrade indeed..for the short term..the V6 oiler is still development with the rallye team so probably another 3-4yrs..which is fine as i ll just add the steinbauer till then to my NS..haha all the toyota fans come out of the woodwork when their beloved toybotas get the piss taken..ive towed a broken down 100 series from frenchmens Trk to Archer Rvr up the cape (110kms)in a 04 exceed diesel..ive seen 100 series in the Simpson with collapsed front struts..and sure 70 series are tough, but 65k for a 30yr design with 2 doors and no tray??? Hell I would buy a crew cab 4×4 Canter LWB for that and still have money to deck it out..Toyota are kidding themselves here in Oz with their prices..On roads Mitsu will discount(at the right time of year)a Exceed Paj to nearly the same price of a GXL Prado..Oh but then theres Toyotas well known resale..but its all relative people..When you pay 10-15k more for a Toyota then of course second hand prices will be more than another brand..its all relative..Toyota still charge made in Japan hilux prices (8k more)than a Triton thats made in Thailand also that has way more gear on it..Toyota Australia have conned alot of people here..People just love parting with their hard earned for over priced arrogance!


    Hey guys i have had prado(diesel) and cracked the head between kings canyon and alice springs only had 130k on the clock.( very common problem) Rang my local toyota dealer where i brought the car and they laughed. After getting fixed at a cost of $5500.00 i called toyota Australia who said if a toyota dealer fixed it they may have been able to help me. Well more fool them. now have ns pajero 3 door. No coparison my 4×4’s get used for what they are made for. PAJERO is a way better car in every aspect.

  • Pancho

    Greeting all, I recently purchased a 25th Anniversary Pajero. Can anyone tell me the difference between it and the new 2009 version. I understand that the 2009 has 3000kg towing so what makes that different to my Paj? Any views.


  • THT


    I’d been eagerly waiting to read your “first steer” review of this new Mitsubishi Pajero 2009 NT model since December. Whatever happened to it?

  • Ken

    I have just bought an NS Pajero 25th Anniversary. I am not a rich man, and I do not part with my money easily. However, I cannot stress how HAPPY I am with my Pajero….I know that the NT comes with a slightly improved engine, however, my 08 Paj is a killer…like I said, I don’t part with my money easily and I have looked at all the other options out there…Prado, Pathfinder, etc.

    For value for money, performance (off road and on road) the Pajero is excellent. The VRX 25th anniversary comes with all the bling…leather seats, sat nav, reverse cameras, heated seats, etc. It’s luxury plus…I recommend anyone looking for a great true 4-wheel drive to consider getting one. Maybe in a year or 2, a few of these 25th anniversary ones will come on the second hand market…GET ONE!

  • Ken

    I forgot to add…my Paj is a 3.2 Diesel…in my opinion, the Diesel is a better car. It’s SO economical…it’s rated 10.2l/100km…I took my whole family on a big holiday through the SouthWest of WA (full car, with luggage), and it did about 10.5l/100km…mate, can it get better than this?! My car was bought brand new.

    Those of you loyal to Prados (as I was) and Pathfinders, I highly recommend that you try a Pajero out…the warranty is awesome, the car just does everything you expect of a real 4WD and it’s a lot of car for your money.

  • jack


  • rocky kheskani

    pajero has everything, it has xenon, sunroof, electric seats , everything u want pople,more of money and it is equally comparitive to prado but PEOPLE BUY PAJERO 😀 U WILL BE GLAD.

  • Richard

    “Before people jump down my throat, i like the Pajaro and like it alot but the Prado is simply a better, stronger, robust and more reliable off-road vehicle.”

    Why is it better ? Dont start to “quess” things, tell real facts. I tell you here proper facts why Pajero beats Prado:

    1.A lot safer, not ancient seperate chassis and body like Prado, Pajero has monogue chassis, which is a lot safer, a lot better handling, a lot stronger, a lot better in crash. Also more comfort.

    2.Already the old Pajero with its diesel was good in reality compared to Prado, but this new is even better. Prado has clearly less power, less torque, worse fuel consumption

    4.4WD system of Pajero is one of class leadings

    5.Space and interior, equipment

    6.Did you know that Pajero is allowed to tow 3500kg’s everywhere else except some hot countries, like AU. Prado’s absolutely max is 2800kg’s, its 700kg’s less.

    So, where is Prado better ?!? I would like to see that.

    And a question to you Wheelnut : how many events has the Prado competed in the Dakar Rally ??

    “In the everyday market, Toyota and Nissan prove thier reputation every minute, of every hour of every day of every year as the most robust, capable and reliable 4×4’s on the market but that is not putting down the Pajero in any form. It is a good vehicle but not as good as the Prado, especially off-road. ”

    Pajero is brilliant offroad and its reliability is very good. Which features would make Prado better at offroading ? I belive you are just talking about ancient old Pajeros, this new is at least on level of Prado in terms of offroad perfomance.

    “And please remember, Toyota has participated in many different forms of rally racing for how many years now.

    I believe the Hilux is the current leader in the South African off-road / 4×4 rally comp. ”

    Also Toyota’s have been in Paris Dakar, it havent ever been very succeful there. Just accept that Mitsubishi is actually leading when it comes to rally and 4wd technologies. Even you clearly are Toyota fanatic.

  • http://none Pascal Butel

    Dear Mitsubishi Pajero enthusiasts;
    A friend of mine wants to sell his Mitsubishi Pajero GLS DID 3.2 long wheel base Automatic year 2003 ( imported version ) to me in August 2009. The car has been always chauffeur driven and maintained in Mitsubishi service centers and shows original documented 73000 km on the clock. It will have reached 80000 km in August 2009. The car is in pristine condition. I would like to know how much would cost such a car in August 2009, knowing that it has been paid in February 2006 1,250,000 Baht ( as it is an embassy car, the car was tax free )?
    Thank you very much for your replies at
    Pascal Butel

  • DaveC

    FWIW, gas conversion on petrol 2006 exceed worked for me. Extended range, but takes a hit when towing anything sizeable. And very cheap to drive around cities. We just need more suppliers in rural areas. The asc worked a treat crossing flooded swales on the Simpson even with the stock HT tyres. If you get a chance, negotiate 17″ rims to replace the 18″ as 17″ tyres are cheaper and more abundant in ATR format. My 1993 GLS was still going strong after 15 years and we were sad to see it go when we got the NS. But the curtain airbags were the deal-maker for me. She-who-must-be-obeyed said No smelly, oily diesel. :(

  • Tomas79

    Prado once again took the Overlander best medium Petrol and Diesel awards 2009. Simply because it was better offroad.
    The seperate chassis, along with the solid rear axle gives the Prado much better offroad ability. The Pajero with it’s car like monogue chassis construction, and it’s independent rear suspension handless better on road, but worse offroad.

    On the other hand Pajero got the best budget 4wd award…

    Previously I have considered getting the Pajero as it is significantly cheaper (but inside it looks cheaper too), and all the compareos I have read so far in serius 4wd magzine recomend the Prado. So I got the prado.

    It also looks better too, and has a serious 180L fuel tank…

  • Carts

    Hi All,
    This is an interesting debate. First of all I will start out by saying I have owned a 60 series landcruiser turbo diesel and then an 80 series petrol auto. Both of those vehicles were decked out for touring (twin lockers, bars, winches, lift etc) and recently I thought i was getting out of the true 4wd scene and bought an 08 turbo diesel x-trail. All of them were great vehicles for the purposes I bought them for. I have however just purchased a new 09 GLS DID auto and am waiting for delivery.

    I pondered the question Prado vs Pajero for ages before making the decision. I have been a member of the ‘hard core 4wd scene’ for many years and i can tell you, neither a prado or a pajero would be taken seriously in these circles. Touring wise, they are great vehicles, but if you are looking for a bullet proof off road vehicle with heaps of potential, you will need to look at the bigger brothers. Toyota have marketed the hilux as ‘unbreakable’ for years, but I can assure you from my experience, they are the most breakable of all the toyota commercial platform, breaking differentials and gearboxes. I would liken the design of the driveline under the prado with that of the hilux more so than the land cruiser. So, I would not consider it to be a heavy duty alternative to the landcruiser.
    As to the prado being better offroad than a pajero? Rubbish. Perhaps if you compare an exceed to a grande, then the Grande will be marginally better, when you add toyotas driver assist technology (traction control) to the mix. But if you are in the entry level range of both vehicles, the pajero will go further any day, because they have included the MATT technology in all models, not just the ones priced over $70k. Really though, who is going to put an $80k vehicle through its paces?

    For true off road enthusiasts, 4wd ability died with the introduction of independent suspension. It is for this reason alone that older wiser offroaders assume the prado maintains offroad dominance over the pajero, because it manages to grasp the legacy of a 5 link solid axle rear end, which will afford more suspension articulation than an independent setup, thus keeping wheels on the ground longer in serious offroad activities. An easy fix for this is adding locked differentials, that helps you to maintain forward motion whilst having wheels in the air. Traction control is considered to be a good compromise in modern vehicles in place of difflocks. Therefore, Mitsubishi have honoured all their customers by providing full MATT technology across the range.
    My comparison was made between the GLS Pajero and the GXL Prado. Spec wise, they are both similar vehicles. In the end, a small detail made the difference for me. A trip computer. In modern times, a basic trip computer that gives you a read out of average fuel consumption is almost standard on all vehicles. Why then, when you are paying $60k+ for a car would you accept that they haven’t given you one? The information is there in all EFI vehicles, but to simply use that as a tool to sell the more expensive model is poor. Thats right, the GXL prado can’t tell you what your fuel consumption is or give you an indication of your distance to empty. For an 09 model, that is very ordinary. The biggest selling feature in touring circles for the prado is the 180L of fuel on board, but that can be fixed in the pajero for under $1500 with the addition of an aftermarket long range fuel tank.


  • Jason

    Interesting read. I have just ordered a NT GLS turbo diesel auto with rear diff lock. I was prepared to wait the extra 2 months for the factory diff lock. At $700 as a factory fitted option I believe it is a bargain. The new DI-D engine is very torquey (and quite powerful) which provides sufficient grunt to accelerate from standstill and cruise at a comfortable 110-120km/h without chewing the juice. I believe the GXL Prado was not worth the extra money seeing a new model is due in September.

  • Zalds

    Hi Pajero Owner!
    I am here in UAE and I am about to buy 2009 pajero 3.0 v6 petrol, can anyone owned this model who can give me his reviews base on his actual experience in middle east?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Brendan

      Hey Zalds. I had a 2004 Pajero when I lived in the UAE. They just love the sand. Great vehicle for the middle east. BTW I just purchased a new ’09 GLS back here in OZ.

  • Santosh

    I am in UAE daily travel from Abu Dhabi to Jebel Ali – Dubai. I wish to go for SUV for two reasons – a) Comfort – since due to sitting for more than an hour in a sedan car bucket type seat developed backache and b) safety. I was considering Prado 5 door 2.7 ltr. or 4 ltr. but seems costly. Toyota RAV4 may not be safe due to its size. Pajero – I have some reservations since I think it is not comfortable since jerks at the speed more than 120 KM and its body may not be strong enough. However price is good / affordable.
    I do not intend to use it off-road. Guys – appreciate if you could please advise.

    • JA

      I bought this brand new Pajero 3.0L 5dr top of the range last year but sold it 2 months ago bcz I could no longer tolerate the slowness and engine noise and to add to it the extremely unprofessional behaviour of the service center staff, i tried both in Dubai and Sharjah. So anyone plannig to buy 3.0L must first ask for a test drive and also pay a visit to the service center just to feel the atmosphere. I am not sure of engine performance of 3.8L. Anyways, 2 months ago I bought a brand new Honda Accord, its fast, less noisy, less fuel, less maintenance cost and perfect for long routes, their service centers are very well managed too.

      VA:F [1.6.4_902]

  • Doug

    Personally I am a pajero fan I have had a NL model for nine years and if the new models a built as well may be I can expect 450,000 ks(on 1st motor and still going strong) from my next one as well!!
    It is a joy to drive nimble and nice performance and handling is very predictable and yes I do git a work out (still)

  • Lee

    Pajero Vs Prado….The better off roader/all rounder debate.
    I just purchased a new 09 Pajero Exceed after much research. I do the majority of my K’s on road however I do go off road and as such needed the 4WD ability. The Pajero comes after the 3.0 ST-S Patrol which we owned for 5 years. What the patrol lacked in Bling in made up for in toughness and 4WD ability.
    I see the Pajero and Prado as being in the all rounder category. A nice car to drive around town but with the ability to go bush. As far as the debate on which is better off road it’s really just splitting hairs. Both perform similar in the 4 x 4 department and both are equally adept at picking the kids up from school. I don’t expect the Pajero or Prado to be as able in the rough stuff as a Patrol/Troopy however finding a park in town is a hell of a lot easier.
    Even the best new 4×4 is designed to be a compromise between school bus and off roader so with this in mind before we attempt to pass Ngala rocks I’ll be spending a little on some aftermarket accessories. This point was the decision breaker for me, the money I saved by purchasing the Exceed over the Grande will easily cover suspension, roof racks, snorkel etc….
    My personal conclusion, Pajero over Prado in bang for your buck stakes. Btw my wife wanted to get an Audi Q7 which the sales person assured her would be very capable of traversing Fraser Island lol

  • http://- Hastiar

    i think the Pajero is much better than the Prado, Why?

    I’ve driven the Pajero is damn its a great car, on-road and off-road, and the Prado just sucks, its nothing on-road or off-road compared to the Pajero

    this is my opinion so if no-one likes it, dont care 😛

  • Blinky Bill from Bellingen

    Well folks as of 3 days again I’m a Pajero NT GLX auto 3.2 turbo convert.

    Now I know 3 days isn’t long, so this is only what I reckon so far. Okay?

    Fuel economy – According to the onboard computer she’s delivering 9.2 – 10.00 L/100kms. But keep in mind that as somewhat of ‘country bumpkin’ I just lope about the place. No doubt the real fuel consumption test will come with a trip to the mountains (that’s today), city driving (no time soon), quicker highway travel (though I’m expecting pretty good results here) and hooking up my off road camper trailer (she’s no light weight).

    Comfort – Coming from a Land Rover Defender, a wagon pulled by oxen would feel comfortable. Actually that’s unfair. The ‘fender is ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of transport. Basic (make that Spartan) but actually not too bad. The coils, suspension, etc are delightful on road or off road. Have to say that.

    Back to the Pajero. Pajero is quiet, smooth & refined. Travels my dirt tracks just fine & the suspension seems nice and supple for my needs.

    Engine noise – Much has been said by testers about the noisy diesel motor. Maybe it’s loud compared to a European or Korean diesel (I don’t know), but the motor doesn’t sound loud when outside the vehicle or inside. One can have a conversation, listen to music, hear the indicators and all of that without a problem. So what are these ‘testers’ on about? Personally I love the sound of a nice diesel motor and this one is as sweet as any.

    Based on my research the Pajero NT is well worth considering.

  • greg smith

    I have the 2009 auto diesel pajero and can’t get better than 12 to 12.5 l/100ks, i’m getting really cheesed off when I hear others getting 10/100k. I’m asoft driver about town and get the same lousy consumption on a trip and much worse when a bit loaded (up to 15 and 16 l/100 – no better than a petrol model). I’ve only done 40,000 ks and have it serviced as per the manual. It’s due for it’s service now. Anyone got any ideas or what I should tell the Pajero service section to look for ? Thanks Greg

    • Al Juraj

      The 2 litres/100 km difference is about right in the real world. The Lancer I drive is advertised at 8.2 while I get about 10.

      The problem is that the ADR fuel economy can be any achievable figure, which is oftentimes not a simulation of normal conditions. Most manufacturers try to post an attractive economy number to attract buyers, but there is always a fine print that goes something like, “Your actual economy can vary depending on conditions and driving style.”

  • David Rook

    Have had 3 Hyundai Terracans for the past 10 years and have just traded the current one on a 2009 pajero for the extra bit of towing power and comfort. Our hyundai did everything and more that we asked but we had a fuel system shutdown at 90,000 which cost us about $7000 (just out of warranty) and hyundai wouldnt cover. We have been getting about and towing have had as good as over 3,000km. Hope to get the same from the Paj but the extras like sat nav, reversing camera etc will make caravanning easier.

  • Cresswellab

    I own a 2007 pajero vrx. I had intended to purchase a Prado for all the hype afforded to it but after driving three different cars petrol and diesel, I couldnt get excited at all. the engines felt good and responsive but It felt sparse inside compared to the pajero and whilst a soft ride, it wallowed like a ship. It was unimpressive on road where I spend most of my time. The Pajero isnt perfect either but i think you get a lot more car for your money, its as good in most areas and better in several areas than the Prado.

    I’ve owned several toyotas and love the product but I cant see the value in the Prado – too expensive!

    New Prados buyers also need to be aware that the new prado 150 diesel has serious issues with injectors, vibrations and poor toyota service support.check the forums and yopu’ll be thinking twice. The new 200 series landcruiser also has many oil burning issues

  • seb

    Hi Pajero Owner!
    I am here in UAE and I am about to buy 2009 pajero 3.0 v6 petrol, can anyone owned this model who can give me his reviews base on his actual experience in middle east?
    Thanks a lot.