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Toyota Australia has recalled almost 300,000 vehicles to correct a defect with the cars’ power windows in one of the largest recalls in automotive history.

A total of 297,931 Toyota Aurion, Camry, Corolla, Kluger, RAV4 and Yaris vehicles built between 2006 and 2010 have been recalled in Australia as part of a global recall that affects approximately 7.4 million cars.

The recall is yet another blight on the Japanese manufacturer’s reputation for reliability, following a recall of approximately nine million Toyota and Lexus vehicles around the world in 2009/2010 related to sliding floor mats and sticking accelerator pedals.

The latest recall relates to the power window master switch on the driver’s armrest not operating smoothly and exhibiting a sticky feel.

Toyota Australia says the defect is due to the incorrect application of lubricating grease leading to wear to the internal sliding contact points, which in some instances may render the switch inoperable.

“In the worst case, if a commercially available lubricant has been applied to the switch in an attempt to rectify this operation, the switch assembly may overheat and melt,” Toyota says.

Toyota says the recall is a precautionary measure. There have been six reports of the defect in Australia, but no reported accidents or injuries as a result.

Toyota will check the switch mechanically and electrically for correct operation and specialised electrical grease will be applied to ensure it operates smoothly when pressed.

Toyota Australia expects only a small number of vehicles will require the power window circuit board to be replaced.

The inspection and any necessary repairs will take around one hour and will be completed free of charge.

Toyota Australia encourages owners experiencing a sticking feeling in the power window master switch not to use the switch until the recall inspection and repair is completed.

The manufacturer will contact affected owners at their last known address from mid-November advising them to make an appointment with their preferred Toyota dealer.

  • Aleks

    Any recall Toyota does is going to be huge, they are a massive company, but I’m sure this is going to be used with the sticking accelerator issues. The fact of the matter is that pretty much all car companies do recalls Toyota’s just make the news.

  • Mick

    Australias no1 car brand LOL!!!

    • Zaccy16

      The only reason people would buy a toyota is for reliabilty, now they don’t even have that anymore! all they are now are dated cars

      • Hung Low

        It’s a switch with not enough or no lube, not exactly the same as a erratic dsg, blown 118tsi, wheel alignment problems from factory or leaking seam joints without welds, non which corresponded to a recall from a certain manufacturer.

        • http://twitter.com/SamMoss8191 Sam Moss

          Shut up. VWs are great cars!

        • Barry on the tray top .

          Being in the trade i know the most collected broken down cars are commerdores , very rarely do i pick up a toyota ,vw or ford , and its getting worse with the korean models than have sporned holden badges .

          • Garrywhopper

            You know abou broken saucepan lids, that’s about it, comes up with your real username on other computers moron

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Back again twin charger/floppy stressing over those magic golfs you see clogging up the roads .

          • Sumpguard

            Barry on the tray top AKA Bunghole, Legnab, Bangle………… with her 1,000,000 kw ,20 speed , 30 year old Vagmobile with no rattles, new car shine and a 90+ UV rating . Still under warranty of course.

          • Amlohac

            I need a new pot, you make VW branded ones?

          • Andy

            Not being in the trade i can tell you this IN the last 20 year Commodore was No. 1 for more then 15 of them, at its high selling more then 90k cars/year. I could be wrong but i think the reason you pick more of them up is because there is more of them on the road . . .

          • Matt

            Exactly, compare apples and apples

          • Captain Nemo®™

            Barry on the tray top is just the latest name the resident CA troll Legnab aka Bungle is using.  He works in a grimy pot shop in Adelaide and has zero involvement with the auto industry.

          • Jober As A Sudge

            Good chance Commodores would be high on the list due to a bajillion of them on the road!

  • James

    Oh what a feeling…Crapola

  • Simon

    It’s just the power window switch.  I wouldn’t even bother taking my car back if I owned one and the power window switch wasn’t sticking….  Most older cars have issues with the power window switches not working (experienced this is an older Toyota, Mazda and Ford) so don’t consider this to be as serious as an accelerator sticking.

    • falcodore

      Never had a problem with the electric windows in my 14.5yr old mazda, it’s been an extemely reliable car….no recalls either ; )

  • Unidexter Hopping

    Toyota do boring but reliable… With occasional glitches. I’d much rather a Toyota over a VW for reliability… Probably fall asleep at the wheel though.

  • rentakeyboard

    Nannas gonna spare again

  • Matt

    Wow 6 reports in Australia and they’re doing a recall.

    I imagine long term the problem would crop up as its a lot of effort for a tiny and not widespread problem.

    At least they’re admitting problems and doing something about it, anyone who is stupid enough to believe XYZ brand has so many less problems is kidding themselves (VW and Ford are slammed for their DSG for years yet never see any recalls in the news, just too bad so sad)

    • F1orce

      Yeah exactly, Toyota are trustworthy brand.. They don’t say F***K You to their customers like what Volkswagen and most German brands essentially do.

      Don’t be fooled by Volkswagen’s in the showrooms, they are all nice and shiny when brand new.. But their problems start occurring very quickly, electrical problems, engine problems & other major problems have high occurrence in Volkswagen cars.. Their interior’s are not durable and are very flimsy, they just fool everyone and have a thin coat of rubber on most of the dash & interior which wears off quickly, especially if left under the sun.

      What’s the worst part? Volkswagen’s horrifying customer service, not only are they trained to cheat their customers, but they also refuse to fix problems when even under warrenty! Every complaint a customer has is replied with the words ‘that’s how it is’ or ‘that’s normal’ or ‘there’s nothing we can do about it’

      If Volkswagen is so good why don’t they give 10yrs warrenty on their cars?

      It’s because Volkswagen know that they’re selling sh**t, sub par products,

      Volkswagen is the most overrated garbage in the history of the universe

      • Anthony Mindel

        I had a Jetta which was a lovely car…but the interior rattles,squeeks,creaks,and vibrations almost drove me crazt,needless to say I now drive an Accord Euro with ZERO niggles.

        • ABCDEFG

          COOLNESS: VW 9/10… Honda 5/10.
          PEDIGREE: VW 10/10… Honda 2/10.
          EURO: VW 10/10… Honda 0/10.
          BUILD QUALITY: VW 1/10… Honda 9/10.
          RELIABILITY: VW 1/10… Honda 9/10.

          OVERALL: VW 31/50… Honda 26/50.

          VW WINS!!!!!!!!!!! :)

          • Dave W

            You give zero Pedigree to Honda? They’ve participated in F1 with Ayrton Senna you know.

          • ABCDEFG

            That was short lived and in the 1980’s. Since then Ferrari know how to play the game, out witted all with 9.9 wins out of 10 :)

          • Dave W

            Oh and I wouldn’t give VW 9 for coolness either. 7 at best, and only because of the Scirocco. With 8 for pedigree, I’d say Honda won that one.

          • Guest96

            Thats over 20 yrs ago…can’t milk it forever.
            I’ve had 2 Volksies & they were fine.
            A whole lotta hate & venom on this site.

          • Dave W

            What do you think pedigree means? Heritage, lineage.

          • Legnab

            Funny that having owned 2 honda’s and 3 golfs , i see no difference in build , reliability same , i would still be in a honda if they had moved with the times and not stepped back and joined the boring toyota pack instead of being the BMW of the east , should have turbo’ed 10 years ago , so sad .

          • Sumpguard


               Brainwashed Badge Snob                    10/10   Knowledge of VW reliability                  10/10   Knowledge of VW build quality              7/10 (they aren’t all crap        just most)   Ability to get to G in the alphabet          10/10   Understanding of pedigree                     FAIL 

               Knowledge of the alphabet past G          FAIL

               Cool and VW                                       Oxymoron

          • M.

            I would definitely argue with VW supposedly having a ‘coolness’ of 9. Most of their cars are boring and unimaginative. To me they’re the Holden of Europe. 

            Pedigree? Honda – INVENTED the Variable Valve timing engine that MULTIPLE vehicles use today. F1 Racing. The aluminium bodied NSX that redefined how people saw Japanese vehicles AND made the european super-car manufacturers up their game in regards to quality and reliability….I could go on.

            How does being Euro mean they get awarded 10 points? By the same logic, I could make ‘JAPANESE’ a criteria and give Honda 10 and VW 0. Stupid. 

            Also funny that the important criteria any regular person would want from a vehicle that they are spending tens of thousands of dollars on would be ‘Reliability’ and ‘Build Quality’. Both of which you admit Honda score 9 vs. VW 1. 
            Yet, you still think VW wins? uhhhh. Idiot comes to mind. 

          • Noddy of Toyland

            Hahaha, such an objective test. Euro? Of course the European brand is going to take that one. You should have done a ‘Japanese’ category to award Honda with. And excuse me, the maker of the Beetle and the common Golf will never be more cool than a VTEC bouncing off the redline.

          • Barry on the tray top .

            If you say so,  i found VTEC  interesting above 5500rpm , but not cool , my wrist got RSI from all that bouncing , turbo for me , their handling was magic considering the times .

            Honda did make great cars in the late 90’s , but its all pedestrian now .

          • Sumpguard

              Barry that RSI was from your wrist bouncing in your lap!

          • Golfmother

            Slumguard your as bad as gary floppy obsessed wth the nether regions , missing out are we .

          • yay

            you are making things up mate, especially on the coolness and predigree.  i don’t realise being european is supposed to be an favourable quality.  talk to anyone who has a vectra or a saab!

            if you want a car shaped statue in your garage its a different matter though :)

          • Amlohac

            Senna’s zombie is going to come back and eat your face for saying that you realise?

          • Amlohac

            Oh and hilters zombie is gonna come give you a hug for loving das peoples autowagen (beetle).

            See generalisations and political correctness hurts everyone!

      • Matt

        Exactly, it’s like poor qantas, they have a few problems and are dragged through the press for months. Other airlines crash, hundreds of people die, and they get a 10th of the coverage.

      • Unidexter Hopping

        Spot on! Reflects my ownership
        Experience with 2 VWs. They look and feel expensive and the doors close with a solid thunk… But it’s only skin deep.

        • Amlohac

          So that thunk is probably something falling off?

      • Luke Brinsmead

        Volkswagen rate average for reliability, in the case with the Golf, well above average. Just look to TÜV reports for the evidence.

        I still don’t understand why people here keep banging on about Volkswagen’s reliability, there are many other car brands that are far worse than VW. Renault, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo come to mind.

        • Barry on the tray top .

          Thats just jealousy luke all wishing they had one , last month 5000 people stepped up and bought one , sales up 16% this year , and these smart buyers obviously ignored the myths of doom from haters .

          • yay

             lol – “all wishing they had one”,

            that summarises why i am staying away from the brand.  it used to be bmw when i was growing up, now it’s vw, interested by people they think others what to be like them.

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Mate i had BMW’s in the 90’s , magic handling ,brilliant motors , was perfect car when i was doing lots of interstate travelling .

            Now city based , just the two of us dont need a big car , golf hatch perfect , turbo lots of grunt , lazy cruising , and i dont give a toss about who’s looking at me , if i did i would have got  a lime green crummerdore SS .  

        • Matt

          The point is they have problems far worse then this, Toyota do the right thing and recall only to get dragged through the mud, whilst other companies turn blind eye to the problems.

          And jealous, lol. A base commodore costs more than a base golf, Mazda 3 is similar in price and they sell a zillion more cars then VW. I can’t believe how exclusive some people think vw is! It’s not like its a $100k+ car

        • Jober As A Sudge

          I think VW reliability is called into question due early glitches with the DSG (recalls issued in the USA but VW Aus didn’t acknowledge the problem) plus issues with the 118TSI engine failures (rough idling, piston failure, etc). Pretty sure DGS issue has been sorted with Mk6 (and soon to be released mk7) plus the 118TSI has now been dropped.

      • Zzone

        Its true that volkswagen are very overrated, way too overrated

        their customer service is extremly poor

        Their product overhyped, way overpriced and very unreliable

        Look at the new golf, had it been anything else such as a Honda or Hyundai then it would be classified as ugly, bland and boring…. But since its a VOLKSWAGEN the press kissed its Bottom!

        • Dave

          Yes Volkswagen must laugh at Australian’s, where else in the world is a VW a prestige car with a price premium?  

          • Karl Sass

            Even Opel is a premium brand here, cultural cringe at work here me thinks!

          • Dave W

            Opel is selling their cars as “aspirational” cars. Somewhere between mass market and premium. It’s for people who want to buy better than mass market car but aren’t prepared to pay premium.

          • yay

             DSG = DaS Goose! :)

        • Captain Nemo®™

          Zzone the reason the press kiss Veedud’s bottom especially in Europe is because they own makes such as Bentley,Bugatti,Lambo & Porsche.

          Say nice things about the ugly kids in the family like Seat, Skoda & VeeDud itself and one day you might get to take a Lambo for a blast.  Speak the truth about VeeDud’s unreliability and your chances to drive a Lambo or Bentley lessen.  

          • Zaccy16

            there job is to test cars and review them for the public, not make up lies, some might but the majority now what there talking about, get a life captain and don’t make judgements untill you have owned a new vw

          • Captain Nemo®™

             Zuppy i have owned two VeeDuds from new and we currently own an Octavia also from new but once the warranty runs out on the Octavia it’s bye bye. No more VAG rubbish too many problems the love affair with VeeDud has long since died.

          • Zaccy16

            i said new vw’s captain! in the last 2 years!

          • Zaccy16

            the octavia is a nice car

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Sapper zero in his VK , daily runner is a 1985 magna , he dreamt he owned a kombi .

            Pray tell us all the problems with octavia .

          • Amlohac

            Captain nemo, you willing bought a skoda?

            Were you ill at the time? Drunk? High? Surely youre a person of better intelegence?

      • Barry on the tray top .

        Wow you must be a hyundai dealer , such vitriol , did we loose a sale today , looks like a golf , sounds like a golf , handles like a golf , no its just a cerarto making out .

        • Dom

          Types like a Legnab, spells like a Legnab, and as ignorant as a Legnab…

          • Barry on the tray top .

            And i thought you were a nice boy dom , just another OZ  bomb driver .

          • Force-15

            And you deduced this HOW from his comment? Seriously, you need to stop going into a blind rage every time someone even alludes to VW’s or Falcodores. At least you make the odd good point when you’re calm, even if your writing is almost illegible.

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Lighten up force fed -15 , i just sit here sipping red wine and playing with your mind , whats your toy anyway , some old toyota .

          • Garrywhopper

            Playing with your mind hey, are you stroking a whie cat, laughing manically, You think your some type of genius, no id say your just a bozo

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Floppy you choofing,  your words are all missing letters , i get the gist something about a cat , a genius and bozo .

            So your force fed- 15 .

          • Phil

            It’s funny Legnab, because the only person getting played for a fool here, is you.

          • Amlohac

            Hey Barry, You know that guy that everyone laughs at cos they are morons, but they think they are funny?

            Reflections are a biatch.

      • Glenn59

        VW’s have a 3 year unlimited kilometre warranty.  That is about standard for the industry.You can get extended warranty up to another 5 years.  Why would any company be offering another 5 years additonal warranty if they were anywhere near as bad as you say.

        Furthermore, VW has amongst the highest owner satisfaction scores in the entire industry.  Owners do not score cars that way if they are falling apart around them.  I have owned many cars from Japan and Erope and my current VW has been one of the most reliable.The truth is only a tiny percentage of any brand of car give significant probelms.  The claim rate for after market warranties is about half a percent across the whole market.    I think you spend too much time reading psots from trolls on this site and others?     

        • Matt

          It’s like insurance, you charge $2k knowing one in five will fall apart and need a fair bit of work but you’ve charged enough to cover it.

          When is the survey done, a month after ownership or 3-5 yrs after ownership?

          The DSG is a known screw up. More so then the rest of the car itself. I’ve read a bunch of problems about ford fiestas one too.

          • Zaccy16

            the problem with dual clutch gearboxes in the vw’s and fords ius that they are new tech and people don’t look after them like the should eg. owned a old commodore and always took there car to there corner mechanic then do the same to there brand new vw/ford with a dual clutcher insted of the dealer!

          • Captain Nemo®™

            Zuppy you really need to stop living in fairy land bud. Plenty of people take their VeeDuds only to the stealership and use only 98pulp and still have problems.
            Face it VeeDud’s reliability is woeful.

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Correct  ZACCY16  , incorrect fuel , ignoring service dates and poor driving skills , probably an ex auto crummer drive who thinks he knows how to use a DCT .

          • Zaccy16

            exactly barry! 

          • Zaccy16

            im still waiting for this imaginery explosion from my polo tsi dsg, but wait! i use the correct fuel and service it at the professionals at the correct time

          • Barry on the tray top .

            Zaccy, I want to touch your bottom

          • Phil

            VW owners ignoring service dates? I guess that speaks volumes of the how smart the owners could possibly be…

          • Amlohac

            Its not really THAT new. That gearbox was introduced in the Audi TT way back when.

          • Zaccy16

            new to mainstream cars Amlohac

      • Amlohac

        See now I have an Audi, which according to the troll universe is just a VW (dont get me started), had it for 2 years and its NEVER missed a beat, not once! (fingers crossed touch wood lick a leprechaun).

        Surely, theres some VW’s out there that dont fall appart?

        • Barry on the tray top .

          Yes every item now is hate for VAG products , pure envy , guess they need a can to kick around with the demise of the crummerdore and falcoon .

          You enjoy your audi , damn fine cars , best interiors around .

        • Zaccy16

          Exactly Amlohac, audis are great cars, what audi do you have?

          • Zaccy16

            Cause I’d like to take you out for dinner and talknAudi, maybe touch your bottom

          • Zaccy16

            how dare you use my name! it is copyrighted! im not into touching men, sorry for disappointing you!

          • Golfschwein

            Easy to spot the faker here, Zaccy. I don’t know why a safeguard such as ‘sorry, that profile name is taken’ can’t be built into Disqus. Time for a signature picture?

          • Golfschwein

            Zaccy Id love to discuss profile business, people stealing your name is not ok, are you free tommorow for a spot of brunch and maybe some frenzied bottom touching?

          • Zaccy16

            Yeah a picture might be the way to go

          • Amlohac

            a3 quattro.

            Perhaps the difference here is the build quality. Admittedly my mate has a golf and it looks like it was stappled together by charlie sheen compared to what audi put out

      • Amlohac

        How did this toyota article get trollshagged by VW topics anyhoo?

  • Moe

    Atleast they recall, other manufacturers make you deal with it when warranty is up. + Im a Ford bloke fyi


    I am afraid that some of the apprentices may introduce more problems when they do the rework. Just hope that there are no poorly re-fitted doors, extra rattles or broken door panel clips when they are done with the cars.

  • Sakdjfhlajdhfladfladf

    A recall just for power windows… I actually give credit to Toyota for placing importance on such a small problem, and not just letting owners pay for it. Nomajor problem. But nevertheless, a recall tarnishes a company known for reliability, even though other companies have recalls. But in this case, increases reputation for customer service.

    • AndyGF

      “the switch assembly may overheat and melt”

      Honda had some first hand experience with a Jazz burning down in a similar incident… A child was killed in the resulting fire.

      Trust me toyota wouldn’t spend the money unless there was a ‘real’ financial incentives, including the fact that numerous toyota owners will think that THIS is actually a good thing; a spin off benefit of toyotas pikachu styling and thick as two-planks marketing campaigns, smart people arent as easy to pull the wool…

      • Dave W

        If you want to quote something, quote the whole sentence, or were you doing it on purpose to take it out of context?

        ““In the worst case, if a commercially available lubricant has been
        applied to the switch in an attempt to rectify this operation, the
        switch assembly may overheat and melt,””

        Note the part about using commercially available lubricant.

        • AndyGF

          “incorrect application of lubricating grease”, whether it is applied by yourself, a backyard mechanic, your local dodgy toyota dealer or the factory that made the rubbish thing in the first place…

          IS (in context) the reason why they are recalling the cars. No manufacturer, even daft toyota, would recall over 7 million cars (internationally) to prevent people backyard jimmy-fixing, it’s the fact that their rubbish design could “overheat and melt”.

          READ: fire! ^_^

          Quality, both design and build is called into question when your local trashy dealer has to open thousands of door panels. And then Toyota fans on this forum permanently bash other brands for having rattles, me-thinks its just toyota fans are getting a bit deaf, the geriatric ole wind-bags have such double standards.

          • Kaas

            lol AndyGF known toyota hater.. no credence come from your post about toyota…none.

          • Gugliotta

            rubbish design?

            if you know anything, the electronic parts of any cars tend to be standard and available to other OEMs… and are designed by external suppliers.

            fail again AndyGF.

          • AndyGF

            LOL; I don’t see 7 million subarus being recalled? (aren’t they partially owned by toyota too)

            They obviously “dont know anything” about “electronic parts of any cars” either?


          • VEEDUD

            Recalls are a good thing you idiot..

            You rather the brand of your car just leave you with a dud such as what Veduds are known for practising

      • Barry on the tray top .

        And the record goes to ford and the cheap tyre roll overs in the US , how many deaths? and of course GM and the chevy corvair which had terminal oversteer , flip , how many deaths ? .

        • Poison_Eagle

          Grim desperation is evident here. You have to exhume something from the late 90s, something from the 60s Nader era to try and defend your mundane German hatch. 
          You should tolerate and enjoy the cars others want to in peace. If someone absolutely loves their Chery J1 then more power to them. Doesn’t mean they’re wrong, just means they have different priorities in life.
           Trying to brainwash people into VW, especially when you lack the right information ends up putting people off. Try a new hobby buddy.

  • James Cortez

    Very good news. It tells you that they are no better than the big tree GM, Ford, Chrysler.


    The TV Ad always said “There is nothing like a Golf”
    Haha finally Toyota…this time their reliability is exacty like a Golf~~

  • AJS

    As someone mentioned before. Its a switch, not some major mechanical issue. Yes, its big numbers of cars, but I don’t see how it affects ‘reliability’. Obviously everyone has too many #firstworlproblems. I’m happy if I can go out to my car and the old girl starts everyday (VT Commodore) lol. Saves me walking. 

    So lets say the small number of cars affected are unable to open their windows, put the aircon on. Smokers (not unfairly targeting you all, I just know some smoke in the car), just take it in to Toyota asap, I’m sure they would be happy to ferry you to where you need to go, that or provide you with a courtesy car if you can’t part with your Camry. Simple. 

  • jr

    Toyota get 300,000 potential customers to cycle back through their dealerships for a cost of 10 minutes of labour charges from the dealer .

    No wonder they are number 1.

    • Barry on the tray top .

      I like your thinking  jr , turn a negative into a positive .

      • AndyGF

        That only works if you have nothing to do all day… typical toyota target market, sounds about right.

        Stop stalking the toyota dealership, they are not your ‘friends’, they just work there.

    • Simon

      “While you are here, have you seen the new Camry/Aurion/Kluger/RAV4/Corolla/Yaris?  We do on the spot finance..(With their low comparison rate that in the ads now).  We took the details from when you booked in your car to replace the switch and have pre-filled this form with those details so all you have to do is sign, and you could drive away today in a brand new Toyota!”

      • jr

        They are smart operators , the more you come back to the dealership the stronger the relationship with the brand . Most customers will be more than happy with their Toyota and will have no problems with buying another Toyota.

  • trololololol

    Well at least they admit the car has faults. Unlike VW which never have problems…….Says nobody, EVER!!!

    • Matt

      They say they don’t have problems.

  • Sumpguard

      It is an unfortunate recall, however, suggesting that is only a 10 cent item is missing the fact that each client has to be processed and it takes time. Even if it takes only 10 minutes to do each one that equates to over 1.2 million hours world wide. It’s expensive! 

        Kudos to toyota for coughing up! 

  • JHP

    at least they are honest about it, better than not going through any recall, knowing that their cars have huge problem, i mean, look at mitsubishi

  • AlanG

    Small correction to the article. The recall only affects vehicles made from June 2006 to April 2009, not 2010 (check the government’s official web site). The only reason this is such a large recall is because exactly the same part is used in so many different models from Yaris to Kluger.
    How did this article turn into hate VW blog? Anyhow, here is my two bobs worth. Wife and I had a couple of manual Passat’s a few years ago and they were bl00dy awful. Gearbox bearings pooped themselves just out of warrantee, head gasket blew, wheel bearings (rear) kept dying, both dashes cracked to blazes and the gearbox linkage was rubbery and loose. Just awful!
    The Toyota’s we have owned since have been much more reliable and vastly cheaper to run and service.

    • Robin_Graves

      Oh no, that cant possibly be true, you must be lying, or work for a Toyota dealer, or you drive an Aussie car, or you fuelled it out of jerry cans and had it serviced by cleetus at the farm.  VeeDud’s are bulletproof

      • Golfmother

        Yer he had a couple of 1978 passats with 260,000 k plus on them, just out of warranty , he should write harry potter novels his imagination is unbelievable , bit like dobin a grinding grave digger .

        • Gtr-xu1

          You have added some new names to your phone book of trolling names,barry,legnad,bangel,julia,ram,spellbound.now golf mother and gtroxu1.your jobs pots and pans,plumbing supplies,medical supplies,now you drive a flat top blasting through the adelaide hills….

          • Golfmother

            So true was out this morning blasting down B roads , back home wash and polish , now off to BBQ and down some quality SA riesling , lifes good in a golf .

            Robin the possessor of so many names you forget who you are sometimes or is it nemo/barry/gary/.

  • R10RRK

    Seriously, people still buy this junk yard of a brand ? Please, 

    Do yourself a favour and buy a REAL driving machine: BMW. Made in Germany.

  • Vince

    I have a melting dashboard. When will Toyota call for repair?