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    That looks Badasss.
    Nice evolution.
    Looks like the Italians had some input…

    • James

      i doubt they would have input into an american muscle car…

  • TUGA

    “SRT Viper unveiled in New York, but won’t come to Australia”
    Well that’s what happens when you follow the Pommies, like they are an example for any modern civilization…

  • Dave S

    Love to see these in Australia. Chrysler, Fiat  why should the italians and the Germans have all the sales here in top end supercars?

    • Thrillhouse

      Did you even read the article? The reason is quite clearly explained.

    • Rick

      They wont sell them here because dodge only won’t to sell crap here ,look at their current lineup , the journey, even then they only sent the front drive model , meanwhile they have the Durango and soon the dart both of which would sell great here but wont be comming . Dodge is a bit like ford is with the falcon they want to fail so they can justify leaving

      • iheartnj

        The Viper isn’t a Dodge anymore. It’s sold under a different brand new, SRT, presumably one of the reasons why was so Chrysler/Fiat could sell it in international markets where the Dodge brand was discontinued.

        • Rick

          Call it what you like but it’s still “dodge” viper

      • dr crowe

        Dodge isnt well enough established business to begin to import more models of the same car, i am just as annoyed as you are sir but a business in negative spending in order to please coustimers will end up in the same current finacial deficate as greece. Maximixing spending to please coustimers with no additional profit margin estimated is nick named greekonomics, and with a gdp as average as Australias we have a fat chance.

  • Blair Waldorf.

    I have no doubt some of these will still make it to Australia, although expensively converted to RHD by conversion workshops like Camaros, Chellengers and Mustangs are…

    • Faye Shysim

      Paying 100K for a 30-40k car, (that has been butchered) … that’s the Australian way!

      Cant imagine what the viper would end up costing, but it would be alot of money forked out just to pose.

      This viper is kind of useless in oz anyway, americans can actually drive their cars without fear of having them taken away for the most part, so I agree with the SRT guy, they belong where they belong.

  • 20bSigma

    It will come to Australia, but only on Forza 4!

  • Peanut

    Why even publish this here, if they can’t be bothered to make a RHD, I can’t be bothered even checking it out.

  • Yawn

    Bunch of pansies Chrysler. All I hear is blah blah blah we are too lazy to make a right hand drive. Just do it already…

  • Chucky

    Of course they won’t sell many here if they plan on selling them for $250k like last time. Price it reasonably and then we’ll see how well it sells.

    • Mark

      won’t it be legal to grey import it as it won’t be officially sold here?

  • 351

    Shame we wont get it here, but we will get GTHO later this year, 600 limited release 400+kw and 1650kg.  Should fly and give this a run for its money when its exported whink whink

  • peter swanson

    Australian tax laws on cars is the reason we will not see them here.

  • dr crowe

    I was interested in buying one but with austrlian roads being right hand drive this is a devestating end to a childhood dream. Lets just hope the future comes before i decide to stretch the budget to a db9