UPDATE: 2012 Proton Preve: small flagship sedan debuts

Proton’s new flagship sedan will be called the Proton Preve when it is unveiled in Malaysia next month.

Although still unofficial at this stage, the ‘Prevé’ name has appeared in leaked Proton marketing material together with the first clear image of the production car.

The Prevé will replace the Persona in Proton Australia’s line-up in September, although it promises to be larger and significantly better equipped, according to a leaked specification sheet posted on TriStupe blog.

At 4543mm long, 1786mm wide, 1524mm tall and with a wheelbase of 2650mm, the Prevé has similar external dimensions to the Mazda3 sedan, and a 508-litre boot will give it one of the largest cargo capacities in its class.

The top-spec Prevé GXR will be powered by a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine that produces 103kW of power (at 5000rpm) and 205Nm of torque (2000-4000rpm) – a considerable increase from the outgoing 82kW/148Nm motor in the Persona. Fuel consumption is rated at 6.5 litres per 100km according to the Malaysian specification sheet, while the sprint from 0-100km/h takes 9.6 seconds.

The entry-level Prevé GX will get an 80kW/150Nm naturally aspirated version of the powerplant, which uses 5.8-6.1L/100km and takes 12.0-12.5 seconds to hit triple figures.

The GXR will come standard with a ‘seven-speed’ Protronic paddle-shift CVT transmission, while the GX will get the option of a five-speed manual or a ‘six-speed’ CVT.


Proton Australia has previously confirmed both models will get six airbags, electronic stability control and alloy wheels.

According to the Malaysian specification sheet, the GX will get front fog lamps, USB/iPod/Bluetooth connectivity and steering wheel audio controls, while the GXR will add auto headlights and wipers, leather-wrapped steering wheel, paddle shifters, climate control, cruise control and push-button start.

Local specification and pricing details will be revealed closer to the launch of the Proton Prevé in September. Expect a starting price below $20,000 for the GX manual.

  • O123

    Looks like a commodore from the side

    • F1MotoGP

       …..or Honda City!

      • Tom


      • Henry Toussaint

         Or Renault Fluence! haha it look’s like a lot of Sedans…

    • http://www.derekweaver.com/ Car Lifts

      The Prevé will replace the Persona in Proton Australia’s line-up in
      September, although it promises to be larger and significantly better
      equipped, according to a leaked specification sheet posted on TriStupe

  • 42 = The Answer

    Love the name for the transmission “Protronic” …. It’s just ooozing with originality!

    • 42 = The Answer

      And just to add: Hi-5’s all around to Proton, they’ve finally got a decent car in their lineup

  • klowik

    Even Proton is now  better than Toyota, Turbo charge engine with high low end torque and 7-speed automatic!!

    • cowlick

      Indeed. Better than Mazda 3, Commodore, Falcon and most of the other best-selling cars too. Won’t be long ’til Proton beats Nissan to number one spot for top full line importer…

    • Tctcal

      I don’t get how you guys drive, a corolla has heaps of torque for city driving.. I don’t even rev above 2500 in city and it gets up to 80Km with relative ease..

      So your telling me that this proton will not be required to be revved over 1500? Lol?

      Another way to look at it that this proton needs turbo to get moving..

      • Guest2000

        well then, its even sadder for VW as they need 2 chargers (turbo and super) to get their car moving….

  • MisterZed

    I thought the Proton flagship was the Inspira (i.e. rebadged CJ Lancer)?

    • Hkhasnan

      It cannot be exported from malaysia…i believe proton will stop production of the rebadged lancer

      • MisterZed

        Are you sure they will stop making the Inspira?  It was only introduced last year!  It replaced the Waja, which was the previous Proton flagship for 11 years.

        • kadajawi

          Protons flagship was the Perdana, and I believe it still is. At least in terms of size.

          However the Preve is their own car, they have developed it, and in terms of tech it is probably their most advanced car (next to the Inspira, which is not really a Proton though).

  • JHP

    good, finally, some proper car from proton, now that they have created a decent transmission.
    all they gotta do now is develop some proper engine.
    honestly, 80kw base engine and 103kw turbo engine?
    thats not enough, if they want to play in global market, they’ll have to do better than that.

  • kivatt0024

    thanks for all of your positive feedback…4 ur information…the proton preve lil brother is on his way..under code name of p3-22a…it’s a 4door hatchback version of preve…expected to enter malaysian market on 2013…

  • Kaka

    Sometimes you can’t blame msians for criticizing Proton. They’ve given their citizens at least 2 decades of pain and misery. Living through the years of non stop break down and horrible services. Given only few affordable choices because the import fees on cars are so freaking high. Take all the recent series for example and tell which of the cars have really satisfied their customers. Don’t be so naive and grow up yourself. 

    • kivatt0024

      as a malaysian i would like to inform u…most of our people still having the JDM (Japam Domestics Market) fever….i admit that Proton have their dark era…until the new boss in charge..lots of improvement had been done….even though with the tight budget…Proton still trying to give their best in developing Preve…the development cost were less the RM500million….(aus dollar = 157,205,739.22600)

    • Spiraleoracle

      No pain or misery here..Im an expat lived in Malaysian…I drive a persona…2 and a half years almost 117k km no problemo..I think most malaysian think they can afford to drive porkers without proton…
      Those locally assembled toyata and Honda do have a low tax….

    • rosdi

       I am a Malaysian, been driving Protons all this while, never had a breakdown for the past 10 years, really.. the services certainly aren’t five star but are not horrible either. Oh.. they do need to make ABS/EBD and Airbag as standard.

  • james

    proton preve? fckin serious ? perve?? fken lol! 

    • kivatt0024

      preve = to prove in spanish word

    • Ariffudin_rawa93

      haha…think before write…

    • Ikhwan


    • kadajawi

      I agree. It’s not smart to give a car a name that can be so easily (intentionally) misspelled.

      So are Preve drivers preverts?

  • Mike

    I love it.. 7-speed Protonic

  • https://www.facebook.com/protonlotusiast Protonlotusiast

    Drive it to believe it =)

  • Bachman Turner Overdrive

    Hey, Proton, charge $40k for this and say its as good as a BMW… I dare you!

    • kivatt0024

      no need to charge too high…even lots of cheaper cars were on par as BMW…

      • ZZzzz

        Please stare which are those cars….

        • Khylie

          tata nano!

    • JHP

      haha, instant pathway to failure… i would give both of my kidneys away if they actually do that

  • Bob


  • https://www.facebook.com/protonlotusiast Protonlotusiast

    i think those malaysian who bash proton is still in 90’s..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1736302065 Arzaq Ahmad

    I am gonna sell my old v8 7series and buy this new Proton Preve! 

  • Noob

    As everyone know, proton work hard to ensure this product came forward. as a title 3rd world country, i think this product not bad to compete with europe and japan automotive. maybe our fellow in australia can consider car in their car list to buy. 😉

    • Hkhasnan

      Proton is now privatised…already bought by a local conglomorate..whether proton goes bust or not its none of the givt business…

      Proton had band management in the 90s up to early 2000s under tengku mahaleel..new mangememt afyer mahaleel was agressive and recovered quickly with the lame platform such as the waja and gen-2…the persona and saga basically save proton thanks to management result driven mantra..they even pulled in an xperienced auto huy from germany(forgot his mae,he left already) who imposed a tight reign on quality and thanks to him the exora people mover won over malaysians.

      Some malaysian like me see proton as a securoty to our industrial base, i always think having all those toyota and fod and gm plants (if we did ifthey didnt go to thailand) would not guarantee lomg term securoty for the auto industry..even if we had captured the jap and us auto plants in malaysia. 10 years ago..i het they would have moved to thailand anuway and maybe indonesia due to cheaper labour, honda is already transferring production lines to indonesia for some of its model after the great floods such as the civic which will be made in indonesia, i mean look at detroit..abandoned and that can happen..with proton i believe malaysia can develop local auto
      talent in the long run…now we have volkswagen and peugeot cars being assembled in malaysia..and proton was a factor to lure them in

      • nas-T

         Man! you typo is annoying.

        • Vader Constantine

          yours too.

          • nas-T

             hahaha…damn keyboard!

  • Daven

     this car got 5 stars australian ncap . just wait for the crash test video to be released . not bad for malaysian car

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705641281 Ibnu Asad Zulfahri

      NCAP or ANCAP? Either way, can’t wait to see it!

      • Daven

         A for Australian .

    • Ancap

      The Preve has not been rated by ANCAP

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=705641281 Ibnu Asad Zulfahri

        I thought they were gonna reveal the ANCAP video at the launch. But they revealed the local MyVAP rating instead which I doubt is on par with ANCAP.

  • MisterZed

    Proton are doing very well in Australia.  Last year, combined sales of Gen. 2, Persona, Satria and Savvy came to 325.

    • fakeaustralian

      you call 325 doing well? what fantasy live u living in

      • MISTER

         sarcasm its called mate

      • sd7

        ha ha

  • Khylie

    Ahh,Malaysians,they even say bad things about their own product in foreign websites.

    • Plxfm3

      Those are Chinese Malaysians!

  • Syedtemin

    Proton cars was so astounding…………..the pretty one.^_^

  • Swift

    I’m so impressed !
    Proton best.

  • Pegasus

    Never had any issue with my Proton so far. Given the price, i wont hesitate for another Proton.

  • Troy

    this IS based on the current lancer. even the door skins are the same, pretty good job of disguising it though.

    • kivatt0024

      dear mr.troy, actually this proton preve was based on exora platform….MMC didn’t give their permission for taking the inspira / lancer platform…this is another way for proton to reduce cost on model development. as we already know, the lancer was in C-D segment car…this proton preve is in C segment category….maybe on ur eyes u see some design cues from the lancer…so in terms of exterior design its too subjective to judge…just my 2cents….

    • MisterZed

      No the doors are not exactly the same.  They look quite similiar but if you look at the back of the rear door, where it meets the C-pillar, it’s very different to Lancer.  On the Lancer, the rear door (or glass, rather) is curved where it meets the C pillar.  On this car, the rear glass is more vertical, with a blacked out bit of plastic behind it to give the illusion that it’s curved.

      • Disqus

        No dude this Pervy is based on the Mazda 3.

        • ONESiX design

          No..they spend a year with a design team in italy..its using exora platform

  • Koolim240

    Guys..Nowadays car’s design,specs etc are much depend on the budget they got from their makers…Even luxury car makers now are calculating their budgets….

  • Gohkokooijeffrey

    Not proton again. Nightmare. Car that Only last one to two year.

  • Umasangkar Govindasamy

    Hope this Perve is as good as claimed by Proton,if not you cannot blame the people for dissapointment,hope it’s really tested for it QUALITY.They should price it much lower as its a Malaysian car…the government should lower its TAX…seems to be one of the highest in the world.What happen to AFTA and all those things…the people were dissapointed and cheated I suppose.

  • NeoGentleman

    To Malaysians who bash Proton, look yar self in the mirror, do you look like a world class face ???

    • Gg

      Yes :)

      • NeoGentleman

        LOL! did you took drugs ???

        • Drug_Bar

          Huarghhh.. i just woke up from my 90’s proton era… hey.. i just noticed it’s 2012… hmmm… a lot of improvement…

  • zamnor

    proton preve no 1MALAYSIA TOP 10

  • Lewes

    Test drove the car… very comfortable… value for money.

  • Izzatdgreat

    Bought a preve. And is the best car in its category..just can’t help my self fm speeding all the time ..lol

  • Jack

    You feel very confident when driving in the rain with ESP and Traction Control (Preve have both).