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  • Bachman Turner Overdrive

    Damn… This will keep the good ‘ol boys happy!

  • Mcl334

    some great work there Jeep. well done

    luv-in the  Apache!

  • Spectre

    Jeep seem to be able to out-cool everybody with concepts that have a touch of reality and daring about them – like Ford and GM could do back in the early 60′s

    • Noddy

       No brand would be daring enough to make such daring concepts: the J-12 and Mighty FC look almost nothing like regular models, but they still make the concepts. Very cool.

  • Unkown

    Groovy Jeep…Loved it:)

  • Dman

    That Jeep Mighty FC would be fantastic during a zombie apocalypse! 

  • Ben

    Six shades of ugly though. Already if you love your trucks I suppose.

  • clint

    Its a Jeep Thing!!