• AndyGF

    I hate it when people use this acronym in normal conversation but I think this car warrants it; *OMG*

  • Jimmy

    Well done Porsche. Show the way!

  • Parma&Pot….

    Well Formula 1 cars are technically “hybrid” (with the kers system) and porsche is now showing it can be used to make a car more exciting than the vanilla-flavoured prius brigade…

    • PROJET L

      I think Hybrids have been tarnished by being associated with the Prius.
      A Hybrid has an image of a boring souless appliance. This is all down to Toyota.
      Every car in the past 15 years they have made has been a boring souless appliance.

  • Springvale Boi

    These cars will always sell more if they over price it by a huge amount :)

  • Jerrycan

    Best lookin’ MAD MAX car I have ever seen! Flaunt the technology! Don’t change a thing Porsche.

    The economy and performance potential is incredible.
    Now all those well meaning Hollywood stars that drive around in a Prius to ‘save the planet’ will be able to buy one of these instead ‘and save the planet’ even morer.

    But who exactly needs 573kw on the road? Oh silly me, that would be Paris Hilton

  • JHP

    ohh boy, can’t wait til i see the top gear presenters reviewing this car.