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Ford Australia has today announced that all new FG Falcon XT models built from September onwards (MY09) will come standard with 16-inch alloy wheels which replace the 16-inch steel wheels.

This is an added bonus of $500, but Ford has only increased the price by $300 to $36,790, effective from September 1, 2008.

Additional upgrades for the FG Falcon range include the availability of a reverse camera ($500) and premium audio system ($1,100) on G6 models, available now.

The premium audio system has a respectable 262-watt total power output and comes with a six-disc, in-dash CD/MP3 player, eight speakers, 150-watt amplifier and sub-woofer plus a seven-inch colour TFT display screen.

As mentioned before All FG Falcon Utes will come standard with Ford’s Dynamic Stability Control (ESC), effective from September 1.

However, the ‘standard’ specification upgrade, comes at a cost. RRP for the FG Falcon XR range, which includes the XR6 Cab Chassis and Styleside Box, XR6 Turbo Styleside Box and XR8 Styleside Box models, has gone up by $500.

New pricing for FG Falcon Ute XR models is as follows:

  • XR6 (CC) $34,590
  • XR6 (SSB) $34,990
  • XR6 Turbo $38,990
  • XR8 $38,990

Additionally, there will now be a new colour for the FG Falcon, SY Territory and FPV vehicle lines to spice up things a little. The colour, named Velvet, is a dark chocolate cherry paint colour with an intense red/copper metallic highlight. XT buyers shouldn’t get their hopes up as its only available for sports/luxury models across the locally-produced Ford and FPV model line-ups.

The new car is available on G6, G6E and G6E Turbo, Territory Ghia, Territory Turbo and Territory Ghia Turbo, and FPV GTE models.

Last month Ford sold 2708 Falcons, compared to Holden, which found 4,814 buyers for its Commodore. In total, Ford sold 8603 vehicles last month, down from 9,544 in the same period last year.  The blue oval holds 11.1 per cent of the Australian market share.

  • http://integra Limited Slip

    sales figures just show people dont want to drive the best car……..drive an FG XT back to back with an Omega or Berlina VE and you will be shocked at how much better the FG is……..support Australia and the best and safest car ever built here !!!!

  • Dlr1

    Sure the extra equipment is great but the price keeps going up too. With used Falcon prices continuing to fall it only makes it harder for private buyers to upgrade their older Falcons for a new one. For a private buyer trying to upgrade a low km 2 y.o. BF XT into a FG XT the change over cost is easily 20K. Its not hard to see why many private buyers are opting out of this market, no matter how good the large 6 cylinder cars have become.

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Limited Slip…

    I couldn’t agree more, i drive different makes and models and the FG is significantly better than the VE.

    Holden markets better than Ford while Holden had special edition VEs on sale last month also.

  • Golfschwein

    I don’t see a funeral notice for the BF’s plastic wheel covers. These new alloys look good, better than the low design effort alloys chucked on the Omega.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    It never should have had the old wheel covers in the first place. It really undermined the “all new” message of the launch, because it looked quite familiar to casual observers.


    Frankly with only a tiny export program, the Falcon is doomed, no matter how good a vehicle it is/isnt.

    The customers wallets make the final choice, not the manufacturer, marketing dept. or COTY awards etc.

    The market is simply not buying them in the numbers required, its 380 all over again.

    The Commodore *should* be ok, they have a strong export program, as has Toyota.I read that in the end only 2 car manufactures will be in Oz, we know who they will be!

    A good article on Drive . com about this actual issue.

    I am satisfied with my Falcon Ute, and its actual running cost is ~ 8c/km, a bit more than a high-tech small Prius so its very cheap to fuel/run.

    People think Falcons are expensive to own, they are not on LPG, FOMOCO needs to promote it in a different way



  • Frosty

    I bet you now had ANCRAP tested the MY09 VE it would have been awarded the 5 star rating so I would safely say the VE would have been first with the 5 star rating. I think it should be compulsory to have all cars which may have a safety upgrade even if during a model cycle get a New ANCRAP test. And people must realise that Holden have been the first company to install essential safety gear in Aussie built cars eg. VR was the first with Drivers side airbag, VS with dual airbags, VT with 4 airbags, VZ with ESP and the VE with 6 airbags and now since early this year all models of the VE range apart from utes (which will soon have them) 6 airbags on every single model. Naybe if Ford were inovative with being the first to include safety features they would sell better.

  • Richo

    its a good point Frosty, yes Ford is the first with 5 stars, but this is actually the FIRST time they have been ahead of holden when it comes to safety, in the past holden has always led the way, but that doesn’t stop people absolutely caneing holden which seems to be the flavor of the month atm.

  • alec

    Frosty & Richo, off the top of my head……

    Ford were the first to provide lap sash seat belts for all passengers.

    They also had passenger airbags with teh EF2 before Holden, not to mention the first aussie car with a STANDARD Driver airbag (holdens was optional)

    Territory had Curtain Airbags before the VE as well as the first aussie built car with ESP

    Frosty, the updated VE CANNOT get 5 stars from ANCAP due to its frontal design, check the scores it has received & read on ANCAP website how ratings are achieved and then you will understand why. Airbags aren\’t everything (as ford proved achieveing 5 stars with no curtains), you need top notch engineering to start with.

    How can you \’safely say\’ the 09 VE would have been the first with a 5 star safety rating??????? when the 08 Falcon has already got 5 stars (without curtains)


    5-STAR-RATING is now to low and easy to reach, talk around Europe and NCAP, is that the rating will be 6 or 7 star.

    Anyway, all the manufacturers have to do is design a car so it can beat the test for a 5 star result, not that hard in this day and age with a clean sheet design, they are all reaching it.

    Should make it 10 star and 100kmh impact!!



  • Glenn

    I am a car nut and have been for as long as I can remember i have owned both Ford and Holdens [mainly Holdens for the last twenty years]I currently own a VE R8 and love it. Competition makes the world go round and I would be very dissapointed to see Ford Australia pack up their bat and ball but I fear that is what is going to happen becuase Ford have made a fatal error, that is they did not take the opportuntiy to signicantly change the look of the FG over the BF, Holden still maintains a contemporary look and now with the spectacular Sportwagon have ensured that their increaed volumes will enable the Commodore to remain the number selling car in this country for the forseeable future and make no mistake they will introduce direct injection, dedicated LPG and E85 ethanol versions to keep in front of the game with continued export success they cant lose.

  • Minnow

    lol @ F-0, i dont think it would make much difference being in a 10 star car crashing at 100km/h. you would be a red mash on an airbag.

  • Joober

    Glenn, I would think its more they don’t have a export program for the Falcon, unlike Holden or Toyota, That saying if they can hold out till 2010 or so when the new model goes out, perhaps with a LHD compatibility perhaps it may save their ar se somehow…

    But then again 2010 who knows whats economic climate is like then…

  • Richo

    Joober – they aren’t even looking at exports for the falcon in 2010, they are concentrating on local production of the focus instead. Which all sounds very well and good, except the fact that small cars have inherently smaller profit margins then large cars (for example it actually costs slightly more for Toyota to build a corolla then it does a camry, believe it or not). So what that means is they have to sell nearly 2 focus’s to make the same amount of money as 1 XR6… as I said, all sounds very well and good saying we are going to produce smaller cars for a more fuel conscious market, but in reality both holden and Toyota know that in a “niche” manufacturing market like Australia you need to concentrate on large cars where you have greater profit margins, which means offcourse you need exports to get the necessary sales volume. Ford selling 60,000 focus’s and 40,000 falcons in Australia won’t yield anywhere near as much money as Holden selling 100,000 commodores and statesmans around the world.

  • phillip

    I have often knocked Ford in the past, but geez, it’s really hard to believe that the Falcon is selling less than the Commodore, considering just how much better the Falcon obviously is.

    I guess that because the Holden badge is, how can I say, a touch more working-class than Ford, their follows are thick-skinned loyalists who would never consider buying anything else (Barina sales prove this too), whereas a traditional Falcon buyer has possibly moved up to a Honda or something European by now.

  • Reckless1

    Holden is more “working class” than falcon????? Holden buyers are more “thick skinned” than the Falcon buyers?????

    Man, you should take up comedy.

    People do not base their buying decisions on what is the best car. They buy what they perceive they need to solve their transport problem.

    For some it’s a Prius, others get a Navara, others get a Captiva.

    Problem for Ford is, no-one’s getting a Falcon, or a Focus, or a Mondeo, or a Fiesta because for some reason, those cars aren’t perceived as meeting the customers’ needs.

    Ford’s marketing is completely to blame for this. But when you have chosen the god-awful style of the AU and are still using the same failed basic shape, you see part of the reason, maybe a large part of the reason.

  • http://integra Limited Slip

    Reckless1……are you stupid? you said” still using the same failed basic shape” as the AU !!! are you blind?? their is nothing the same or even similar to the FG …..it is totally new !! TOTALLY NEW !! The new shape and design is fantastic It looks nothing like the AU or BA……IT MAKES THEM LOOK OLD AND SLABBY. have you even seen an FG ?? VE is way off getting 5 stars because the body is too weak and the forward vision problems due to the A pillars is a bad problem. The reason they wont pole test the VE and the Camry\Aurion (same car different name) is that their bodies are way too weak.

  • Andrew M

    get your hand off it.
    ford was the first to introduce………
    drivers airbags as standard,
    duel airbags as standard,
    ABS as standard,
    5 star safety rating as standard,
    central locking as standard,
    lap sash seat belt as standard,
    remote boot release as standard,

    ford has always had a better safety rating to the equivalent commodore.
    i came across a chart a while ago on used cars that will prove exactlly what i just said.

    and back on to the 5 star rating,
    the commodore in its current form cannot achieve 5 stars.
    it scored too far off the mark in the frontal crashes to a point that even if it achieved top marks possible for the side impacts, it still wouldnt rack enough points to jump into the 5 star club.

    the only reason you think holden is superior and more innovative is because you only know the Holden tune.

    holden build cars for fans, and thats it.
    thats why they sell more, because they develop a fan base and do a mighty fine job at keeping it or growing it.
    and i dont mean a fan base as in a loyal customer fanbase,
    but rather the racing “hoonised” image sort of a fan base

  • Andrew M

    oh and on the subject of the article,

    i bought my new XR UTE on the 30th of august.
    i paid the pre september price, but will get a september spec build.
    i didnt realise that until i had already bargained a price, and neither did the dealer

    seems like i got a better deal for not holding off another day

  • Oz.

    Those alloy wheels are ugly, I wouldn’t care if I had an XT with alloy wheels or if it had hubcaps.

    Oh and Andrew M, Ford was also the first to have disk brakes as standard…
    And what XR Ute did you get, Is it an XR6, XR6T or XR8?

  • Andrew M

    from what i understand the FG was engineered to be LHD, RHD compatible.
    the export program was canned after the engineering base for the FG had already been done.

    contrary to what yourself and others may think, an export program WONT secure the falcons future.
    even the current Holden export program doesnt cement the commodores future.
    the first of the aussie made sedans will only be secured once they start making them in another country on top of still here in OZ.

    what im getting at is how much holden is, or should is say isnt making on the exports.
    sure your thoughts on smaller cars yeild smaller margins may be correct (ill take your wor on that),
    but you forget that an exported vehicle also yeilds a smaller margin.
    so in a nut shell,
    the combined margin of fords falcons and focus’s would equal the total of holdens home and away sold commodores

  • PoisonEagle

    Personally, if the Falcon doesn’t stay profitable, I think manufacturing should be contracted to China or Thailand (with ALL the R&D done here). it’s not like we are sending profits overseas ( except for the fact its a US company). Seems like the only chance we have. Besides the Focus (and it’s flexible platform) will probably keep Ford Oz afloat anyway.


    I reckon this will be the last Aust Falcon. With these volumes, I can’t see Ford putting in the money to produce another local large car.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice The Salesman

    Face it guys and girls. Ford and Holden are dying a slow and horrible death. There is next to no breath left in them. Most of the sales rely on fleet deals. The top of the shopping list now is space, economy and price, enter Japan and Korea with India and China hot on the heals of an ever changing market.

  • Bret

    Of course this will be the last “Aussie only” Falcon. The next one will be built of off a global platform, wherever that may be developed.
    And if you look at the numbers, it is only the massive development costs of designing a car for a single market that affects Ford Aus. bottom line.

    Holden haven’t had a uniquely 100% Australian product since the Kingswood was canned in the late 70’s. Even the VE is a global platform, developed here, but driven by GM’s global requirements.

    Ammortising the development costs over a much larger sales volume (of a global platform) will ensure that Ford will be manufacturing cars in Australia for as long as the rest stay here – cause it’s now all in or nothing, if 1 goes the rest won’t survive.

    Richo/Andrew, the profits on building the Focus here will be quite high, considering that there are no or very little, local development overhead costs to be factored in. eg. Every VE sold (here and OS) must have x% of $1Bill added to cover costs before any profits are made.

  • Bret

    The Salesperson,
    Empty retohric. Ford and Holden are just as profitable as Toyota (manufacturing), and with ongoing cost savongs with globalisation of model platforms will continue to be strong.
    Both Holden and Ford sell double the number of Australian built cars in Australia that Toyota.
    “India and China” still only rate in the “Other” category of country of origin, ie. they DON’T rate.

  • http://AustralianCarAdvice The Salesman

    Struck a raw nerve there. I wont argue that Holden and Ford are just as profitable as Toyota. That was not my point. I have spent a considerable amount of time with a Toyota dealer and through dealer conferences I can tell you that Toyota are not concerned with Holden or Ford. In fact they have enough revenue to buy them both out. They wont because they want them there in the market as they are. Toyota are watching the business model of Hyundai – Kia very closely as the Koreans pose the biggest threat over the long term scale. India and China is the next big thing. Just because they are not in the Australian market yet does not mean they present no threat.

  • Reckless1

    “Limited Slip Says:
    September 8th, 2008 at 5:51 pm
    Reckless1……are you stupid? you said” still using the same failed basic shape” as the AU !!! are you blind?? their is nothing the same or even similar to the FG …..it is totally new !! TOTALLY NEW !! The new shape and design is fantastic It looks nothing like the AU or BA……IT MAKES THEM LOOK OLD AND SLABBY. have you even seen an FG ?? VE is way off getting 5 stars because the body is too weak and the forward vision problems due to the A pillars is a bad problem. The reason they wont pole test the VE and the Camry\Aurion (same car different name) is that their bodies are way too weak.

    Oh, sorry – silly me. I must have missed the bit where Ford can’t keep up with demand for the Falcon – can you show me the link, bro – for I am surely not smart enough to find it. Must be the appeal of that “TOTALLY NEW” design, I guess.

    Then again, perhaps you’re shrieking hysterically because you don’t want to face up to reality.

  • Andrew M

    please show me the link to where it says that the biggest seller means the best vehicle for i am surely not smart enough to find it.

    who ever claimed there was a “link”
    all i know is that i was quoted 6-8 weeks for my FG.
    either way, i couldnt care less if they had truck loads of them sitting to go.
    what does that prove??…… SFA.

    all i care is that i have ended up with the better vehicle, and it will be something that i will enjoy to drive

  • Andrew

    It comes down to the old saying “McDonalds is the most popular restaurant, so therefore it must be the best food in the world huh?”
    And in this case McDonalds is a Commodore…

    Ford needs to learn how to market, and Holden needs to learn how to design their own bodies and engines.

  • Andrew M

    Not telling anyone!!……especially you. ha ha ha ha ha

  • Oz.

    I agree Andrew. McDonald’s must sell very healthy Big Macs because of their popularity and that means the Holden Commodore is better than the newly released Falcon because they still out-sell it. The reason Falcon doesn’t suddenly out sell Holden’s Commie is because Ford didn’t properly market the new Falcon at all, only some finger walking with a brain-dead voice-over saying at the end: “The new Ford G Series, see the possibilities – The new Falcon XR range, see the possibilities”. Also another advantage Holden has over Ford is as someone on this site described awhile ago, Holden is Australia’s default vehicle.

    Although, Ford have recently released an ad stating that it’s the first Australian-built sedan to receive 5 stars and the Ute ad is very good too, they never seem to air their ads much. At the moment, the only Ford ads you see are “the big spring clean” clearance and no Falcon ads.

    Andrew M – ok then.

  • Darryl

    I believe Ford Falcons are Better cars than Holden Commodores Solider Structures Safer in real Life crashes the BF falcon scores more highly than the VZ Commodore The VE Commodore looks and feels Tinny to me i have been on one.Also i Like the Torque of the inline six Ef idrive a wagon gets 15 km per litre open road Ford Drivers Drive more Sensibly i get around NZ and Holden VE drivers have something to Prove drive like Idiots mainly Because they have Small weaners

  • Darryl

    Aha Volvo i had to Type Volvo 850 my Favourite Real car,New FG Falcon that is a Real car is a lot more Sophisticated than VE Holden which is clumsy Plasticy VE only got 4 stars Safety because side is stronger than VZ front is weaker.However up till now Commodores retain there Value Better,but tht wont save your life in a Serious Frontal Crash

    • nickdl

      I think I agree with what you’re saying… The Falcon’s a better car than the Commodore?

      Bit of punctuation would be nice.