I’m not sure staring at it longer helps. I’m trying to enjoy it, but…. No. I just don’t see it.

  • Paul

     It’s just thoroughly disgusting. Now I was always told as a kid “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.  Right then, er, well, the tyres look nice (not the wheels themselves), and um, oh yes – I like the Bently logo in the centre of the wheel.
    There – I said something nice.  The rest of it is utterly disgusting.

  • Peanut

    I like the 1st Picture. You can push a button on the dashboard and the vehicle creates a smoke screen so that no one can see how ugly it is.

    Why isn’t the grille 24k gold. The surrounds of the headlights should also be encrusted in diamonds :)

    • Joker

      I actually thought it was emerging from the pits of Hell. The driver should hit reverse and send it right back there 

  • Daniel

    I actually don’t mind it. And the pictures of the actual car at Geneva are far better than the official pictures published yesterday. I think they should have used a different exterior colour, too. I can imagine this looking much better in a grey, a navy blue or even silver. But if I had the money, I’d buy a Vogue. 

  • Ima_Hogg

    Silly rich people will buy it no matter how it drives or what it looks like.

  • Drkcaey

    The only reason I’ll ditch the Range Rover for this is it’s off road capability.

    • Robj

      Ha, yeah right. Off to the outback in this..

    • Martin Bristow

       * its

  • Yungnatty

    Front end is ugly, up close I like the design of then headlights but as soon as you step back and see the whole front end you cringe again. Slap a more curved continental gt esque front end with the same dual headlight set up on and tweak it so it’s unique from the cont gt and it will be good. thing is they better price this thing right, range rover people are not going to want to spend a extra 100k just to get a Bentley suv, just looking at it you can tell the depreciation on this thing will be horrendous

  • Robj

    omg, why???

  • Don

    Audi Q7, but much more uglier. 

  • John

    is it true all purchases come with a seeing eye dog for free

  • marc

    it looks like Chinese imitation of X5 i saw on Top Gear – but this is no joke

  • marc

    i bet this ugly design language goes hand in hand with Anti-handshake Poms just announced – the monarchy breathes freely again “we will embrace embarrassment with chin up” funnily the best new thing coming from UK is brand new album of Napalm Death – at least these guys did not sell their soul to money

  • marc

    cant wait for Top Gear to comment on this… hope they did not sell their wit for British pride… after ridiculing Cayen i would not expect much positive on this one… Clarkson show your tru face 😉

  • Able

    How the hell the designer could be so proud of design is well beyond me… It really looks like a Frankenstein car! It’s just terrible… 

  • WayneTSV

    This. Is. REVOLTING.

    It looks like a Chinese copy of a Porche Cayenne…

  • Des KSA

    From the pics the other day the inside will be awesome. But the outside????  Oh dear.
    The wheels look like galvanised garbage can lids. The lights are hideous and look like there’s something missing, they might work great but look bloody awful. If Bentley wanted feedback then they have it in all these comments here. It’s a shocker, FAIL. That Ssangyong concept looks better, who would have thunk that?

  • fSquared

    Love it. Order one in black and you have your very own London cab. Order one with optional flag poles up the front and two red flags and you have a mid last century communist official transport.

  • Robin_Graves

    Looks like the poms will need Tata to sort out Bentley like they did with Landrover. What a pig.

  • Force-15

    Instead of ‘evolving’ the EXP 9F, Bentley should just kill it off now (or never mention it again like with Aston Martin’s Lagonda SUV concept, which was almost as hideous). The last thing the world needs is another vulgar ‘luxury SUV’ like this one. That said, there are plenty of other people (with large sums of disposable income) who will disagree.

  • Kyle

    I actually don’t see whats so bad about it. Definitely what i’d excpect a Bentley SUV to look like, could be a good challenger to the range rover.

  • They Can’t b Serious

    Why do I keep seeing a London Taxi when I look at this thing….

  • JHP

    i guess its just me, but i absolutely love the way it looks.
    except for that hideous wheel rims, and that rear parts somehow reminds me of range rover.

  • klowik

    Bentley as a brand name represents luxury, comfort and quality and status. Style is not their main concern. Rich people don’t care about the look. They care about only what represents them.

  • Jimmy James

    An affront to the Bentley tradition. And not because its an SUV, but rather because its bereft of style, class, panache and presence. It’s ten pounds of dung in a five pound bag.

  • Gus

    Revolting, horrible… 

  • Westie

    I see how they created it so quickly!
    It’s an 1959 Studebaker Lark front clip hung on a Q7 with left over Bentley bits inside.
    The Stude front is uncanny – same light position, same eyebrows, same shape grill.
    Will they do an Avanti when this flops? Is anyone else old enough to get my comment?

  • http://twitter.com/Mr_Hooges Hooges

    This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. If you buy this, you’re rich – and mental.

  • beetle

    this is a very beautiful car… just look at it, no pretentious lines and curves to deceive the eye…just pure artistry.