• Doctor

    The Japanese Mahindra (aka Hilux) beat Navara last monrth to be neck and neck YTD.

    • jr

      Hilux would smash Navara if there was any stock.

  • Ima_Hogg

    Go Mazda 3, beat that bogan commodore that is outdated.

    • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

      Yeah, but my Commodore has a spoiler ‘an that.

    • Anthony

      I’m sorry. Since when was having a family and not wanting an SUV being a bogan. your ignorance is mind numbing. People like you who can’t see past the tip of their nose are a dead weight to this country. Who are you to critisize a car that holds records in This country that may never be broken in our lifetime.

      • Robbo

        Commodore only gets up there due to fleet sales, the majority of private buyers are buying i30’s Corollas etc as proven in the results as those sized vehicles now can fit a family (well, kids in the back).  I guess the bogan phrase is always going to stick not because of new car sales but all the 10 year old Falcodores are the one’s we notice with supercheap loud mufflers and repco taillights!  But it cannot be continually ignored that customer’s are moving away from large sedans in favour of the above or SUV’s with more ‘wagon’ space.  Always have your devoted SS fans though, regardless of fuel, price or otherwise.

        • Des

          I wonder who buys all of these 2-4 yo ex-fleet cars. Oh private buyers ……
          There is a whole industry, not just new car sales. Fact is that MORE people choose to buy an ex-fleet falcon or commodore than any new small car. It still drives the auto industry – if fleets couldn’t offload any used cars they wouldn’t buy any new ones.

          • Phil

            It’s called a “no reserve” auction. A 2-4 year old car that is working and roadworthy is always going to have some value and at auction, it will always sell.

            Besides a lot of Falcoones (and some Crummers) never see a private buyer. Taxi fleets pick up nearly all their cars at the ex fleet auctions, then at the end of the cars life, they get scrapped.

      • JoeR_AUS

        There is a down shift in how much people spend on cars, the top 5 cars are priced in the 20-30k bracket except the Commodore

        So most buyers cannot afford a Commodore and this is why Holden is working hard on the Cruze

    • Karl Sass

      Yep, maybe the outdated commodore will get DI engines, touch screens and alternative fuel options like the 3. Oh wait…

      • Crikey

        Outdated or not … as per statistics released by FCAI, Commodores sales are predominately 80% fleet. Eitherway, the mainstream population DOES NOT WANT and DOES NOT BUY the Commorore (and Falcon) anymore bar in small numbers.

        • Karl Sass

          That’s such a silly argument. Are companies that require vehicles not allowed to purchase Falcadores? It’s still a market and companies are CHOOSING to buy these cars. It’s misleading to imply otherwise.
          A few years back, my dad purchased a new commodore under his business name. He still had to use it privately too. Whether or not it shows up as a private or business sale is irrelevant. 

          • Crikey

            att : Karl – Keep trying fella but reality doesn’t change, the Commodore (and Falcon) days are numbered. They once dominated the market but today, the private buyer couldn’t care-less about these historically poor quality, unreliable, trashy / bogon cars.

            Once upon a-time-ago … Holden and Ford alone (combined) commanded 50% of the Australian market. Today … combined – they struggle to achieve 20%. Says alot really !  

          • Anthonyberbari84

            Once appon a time there were not so many makes and models available in the country.
            Nowadays there are alot more options. The aussie builders are still 3 of the top 5 car manufacturers in the country. No one is claiming that the sales are as good as they used to be. nor will they every be that good again. but the product is good now.
            it’s as good as you can get in most imported cars at a fraction of the cost. stop hating for the sake of hating.
            your a fool.

          • Golfschwein

            Dingo, whatever happy tablets you’ve been on recently, they’ve worked. You need to trundle down the pharmacy for a refill of the prescription, as your agro is shining through again. As ‘Shane’, and a bunch of other names you’ve been using recently, your behaviour was immaculate. What happened?

          • proudaussie

            since 2004 i have owned a xr6 turbo,xr8 and now a gt. not once has any of these cars been returned to the dealer to have any repairs whatsover. All have been ultra reliable vehicles that have required only servicing by the dealer. I cover 20k on the roads a year in total comfort and wouldn’t swap my gt for any 80k euro crud

          • Golfschwein

            Spot on. A goal’s a goal, even if it’s soccered through.

          • Crikey

            att ; Golf – Remember your own statement next time you pass a negative comment about Toyota’s fleet sales. Incase you forget, no need to worry – i’ll highlight your comment on this topic for future reference … against you !  I don’t expect it will be long.

          • Golfschwein

            Dingo, why would I write that if I don’t believe it? I’ve never used that comment against Toyota. Never, ever, ever. Your search will be in vain.

          • Sydlocal

             In certain cases Karl there are a few Government fleets (Govt fleets make up a fair chunk of all fleet sales) that have to buy Australian made cars. Either that or small, economical cars under 2L. Having said that I am not saying that the Australian made cars are substandard, anything but.
            They do offer outstanding value for money and whilst not the best in quality, their durability is very well proven. However not everyone requires a car that big. Remember that a Commodore has a larger footprint on the road than many SUVs, including the Ford Territory and pretty much all other SUVs in that class. The only one with a larger footprint is the Kluger which only beats the Commodore when it comes to an extra few mm in width.

        • Anthonyberbari84

          Ummm… fleet cars go to people too. it’s not like they vanish into oblivion.
          Other than rentals every fleet car is alocated to a person who in 90% of the time chose that car.
          fleet companies now give their customers a choice of what they want to own.
          it’s simply being a hater for the sake of being a hater.

          • Crikey

            att : Anthony – i highlighted a reference (FCAI) to the percentage of Commodore sales. Supply me a reference that highlights 90% of people associated with fleet sales choose thier car. 

            Regardless … the overwhelming majority of the public will not (and do not) spend thier own money on a Commodore or Falcon particuarly when they have to maintain the car when the warranty expires. All-of-a-sudden, that’s when the ownership of these cars (Falcodores) often becomes a negative experiance.  

          • Anthonyberbari84

            Find me the stat showing the cost of ownership of a commodore outside of warranty is higher that an equivalant euro/asian sized car.
            Your argument it flawed. it’s one sided, its irrelevent.
            fact is over 150,000 people this year will take delivery of an aussie built car.

          • Dave S

            90% – you cant just go making numbers up.

            I thought most companies were downsizing, encouraging 4’s and choosing economy – see Ford’s Eco boost. How do you explain the prelevance of the SS Series 2 on the road. I doubt they are company cars.

            private sales, must be buying the V8 models. Holden claims 1 in 4 Ve’s are V8’s. So I think at least 25% have to be private sales.

        • Dave S

          Why the hate? We all know The Camy / Aurion would be very happy if they ever reached Commodore sale figures (even a commodore bad month is better than the best Aurion sales).

          We know Camry sales, are only because some fleets want 4 cylinders.

      • AMG63

        Not that I really care one way or another but Mazda 3 had a DI engine in 2006.  Its hardly something to crow about as if it was “new” tech.   See: Mazda 2.3 DISI

        • Karl Sass

          I am aware of that. I wasn’t trying to bag the 3, I genuinely like them.
          I was simply using a few examples to point out the obvious problems with the ‘commodores are low tech’ BS that commonly gets thrown around.

          • http://twitter.com/jackkl Jack Lewis

            But in saying that….the 3 is a small car, the Commodore is a large car – i.e. the Commodore is two classes above the 3. For the extra money that you are paying for the Commodore DI, touch screens should be as standard. The 3 is very well optioned as standard for what it is.

    • Dave S


      Is LPG  – outdated?
      Is E85 flex fuel – outdated?
      Are touch screens and incar media – outdated?
      Full size family Sedans and wagons – outdated?
      Sports orientated RWD sedans – outdated?

      I dont think so 

      • Crikey

        Ruff, gruff and unrefined engines are outdated. Pushrod V8 engines are outdated. Unreliable, troublesome and lesser quality cars are outdated. Market demand for the Commodore (and Falcon) ‘is’ outdated. 

        • Adam

          Because something has been around a while doesn’t necessarily make it outdated.

          Try one of those pushrod V8’s…it might put a smile on your face.

          • Crikey

            att : Adam – Trust me … an out-of-warranty Holden v8 does not put a smile on my face. It does however put a dirty-big hole in my pocket.

            Commodores wether inline6, V6 or V8 have historically been amoung the poorest quality, most unreliable and troublesome cars that have ever (unfortunately) graced Australian roads.

            Commodore engines old or new have always been amoung the roughest, harshest and most unrefined engines of all. Infact, they are down-right awful particuarly compared to the many highly refined and developed Japanese drivetrains.

          • Anthonyberbari84

            Could you please highlight for me the available V6 and V8 motors available for sale that are more refined than the current Falcadore offerings within a comparable price.
            Sharing your wisdom would be much appreciated.

          • Barry

            Drikey take a look at your local trading post.Lots of 20+30+40 year old Holdens for sale.If there was any truth to your crazy statement,you would only buy thoes cars from wreckers.

        • Drac

          Cricky has spoken. I guess we should give up that sweet sweet V8 unit for a 2.4 litre 4 cylinder with a 5 speed auto from the Euro.

        • Barry

          Drikey,are Bathurst and V8 supercars awards available in Weeties boxes?
          That outdated pushrod V8 is still a big winner on the track.The lower tech as in your outragious statements,means greater reliability.

      • O123

        But the car is 6 years old, What other brand stands around for 6 years and doesn’t change the external appearance. Heck Shoving in some LED headlights and new taillights would have gotten them another few hundred sales a month.

        Its all well and good to change the mechanical side but it needs to go with external upgrades as well.

        • Drac


    • Barry

      Hogg.The biggest Bogan car on the road is Mazda3.With its truck dynamics+wet sponge handling.

      • Ima_Hogg

        Just because it isn’t the best handling car doesn’t mean its for bogans. The commodore and my beloved falcon will always be bogan cars.

  • Ben

    Can’t understand Mazda 3’s success. Well, I guess I can. Good car. But, I just have not been able to get past the looks. All shades of UGLY to me.

    • http://viddesign.com.au/ Vid_Ghost

      In photo’s very much so… in the metal at a showroom in “black” with tinting … well its just drop dead gorgeous, very stealthy… the smiley grill is indistinguishable in black.

      Also you may be surprised to know that 75% of mazda 3’s are purchased by females… they do like a good interior and thats what the mazda 3 has. one of the best looking interiors around.

      • Drac

        Seriously? Inside and out I cannot stand it. I cannot stand the road and engine noise when it’s moving too.

        About the only good thing about it these days is the cheapness and thats why it is on top because for $21k it’s probably one of better (or least worst I should say) cars around.

        But to say best looking interiors around… come on…

    • Guest

      i agree with you Ben. Needed a smallish car early this year. Had a look at the Mazda 3 to see what the fuss is all about. In the flesh, its slightly better but the interior is just rather shoddy – cheap plastic everywhere.

  • Mighty Boy

    Well done Honda, introduce a diesel please…

  • Simon Dale

    Goodbye Falcon my old friend. You will be missed very much.

    • Tarquin, Hair Artiste

      Rear drive 6 cylinder cars with a monocoque body where cutting edge in their day… Back in 1948 the first Holden was brilliant from an engineering point of view.. The car was also similar in size to a Corolla and offered great fuel economy. Looks like the old formula on package size is still valid… Just not made by GM anymore.

      • Dave S

        Old formula, but still hard to beat.

  • Baji

    So what happened to the BT50 and not selling because its ugly??

    • Amlohac

      Theres supply issues with the BT50 apparently too, being out of thailand.

      • Ozmazda

        advertising might have someting to do with it as well…..Mazda have done their homework….there are plenty of new BT-50’s here in Orange….

        • Sumpguard

            I’ve only seen one in Cairns and he hid that ugly front end with a bullbar. Sadly the ugly rear end was still visible.

               There is no way on earth I’d be able to live with the styling of the mazda knowing there is a nuch better looking ranger just up the road of which I have seen plenty.

          • Ozmazda

            thats fine if you want a spewed up american styled ute….the new BT looks great and the 2nd biggest mine in Oz has plenty of them….and its the other way here in the central west NSW Mazda utes have it down pat……the tradies/miners and farmers have more taste in what they drive….
            Its all about personally choice….and the figures show that….
            The Mazda BT-50 outsold its mechanical twin, the Ford Ranger (1071 vs 796)

    • Ozmazda

      tradies have seen the light and realise that the BT-50 is a better package….

      • Amlohac

        The price difference alone is probably swaying a lot of them.

  • Crikey

    What can i say … Mazda3 predominately private sales, Crapodore predominately fleet.

    The Japanese car makers have this market wrapped-up. Good-bye and good-ridance to second rate cars from second rate US car companies. 

    Thank-god the dreaded days of Holden and Ford are gone … long gone !!

    Mazda has the biggest selling car, Toyota the biggest selling car company … Holden and Ford … nothing – the way it should be.  

    • Drac

      Since when does second place equal nothing? Was Mazda and the Mazda 3 nothing until last year?

    • Fan of Alan Kohler

      What can you say, I trust you don’t have family or friends
      who work for or supply to either of the two companies named, my guess is, you’re
      in finance or IT (sorry to the genuine IT and Finance car nuts) and think you’re
      invincible to what the world can do, just think of the 80’s 17-20% interest
      rates, the AUS$ at 60c US or worse, Gee lucky we had some manufacturing in
      Australia, oh wait your 23K Mazda 3 is now 33K still a private purchase bargain
      (well at least the residual value may go up short term).

      AS for the Fleet bashing I was a Fleet sales person for a
      Ford dealer in QLD, the biggest fleets up here don’t buy them (Q Fleet or the Charities,
      they love their white Toyota’s) most fleet sales go to the User chooser who
      want a Ford, the rest who don’t have a choice just get Toyota’s from the vast juggernaut
      that is Toyota fleet leasing (why earn market share when you can buy it)
      I like Mazda’s and well done to them here, shame the rest of the world don’t share that view.

  • Focuss93

    Simon Dale.. I think u mean goodbye ford aus ;( I mean I understand falcon- 6cyl are becoming outdated, ranger- completely overpriced, Mondeo- looks fantastic tho interior lacks premium feel and designl of acc euro and escape will soon be replaced by new model kuga ( don’t even count the first kuga to be brought here it’ll struggle to sell double digits. Tho one thing I can’t understand is the poor sales (compared to bland 2 i20 and girly barina) of the brilliant inside and out fiesta??…

    • Simon Dale

      It is because the Ford brand is tarnished – talk about Ford to most people and watch their eyes begin to glaze as they tune out.

      • Rocket

        There are plenty of desirable cars in the Ford range but they are priced above their traditional competitors eg Fiesta Zetec, Focus Titanium, Mondeo Ecoboost, G6E, Ranger XLT. It looks like they are happy to sell cars for a profit and let the price hunters run down the road to Hyundai and Mazda.

        • Focuss93

          I 100% agree mate though it is disappointing to see sales fall as their prices (and European quality) is on the rise. Ling way from the good old days of the “cheap and cheerful” laser and festiva

      • Focuss93

        You’re not the first to say that. How do you think ford will come back ?

  • BP

    I hate the smiley prick “Mazda 3″. Someone beat it already, but good effort for C’dore 😀

  • Marx

    The new CX5 will be topping the list soon, Mazda is making great, fun to drive, fuel effecient vehicles that’s top quality. Go Mazda!

  • nickdl

    That classification of SUVs is a bit weird. I thought an ix35 was supposed to be in the same class as a CX-7, Forester and co. It’s definitely bigger than a Dualis. I wouldn’t exactly call a Territory the same size as a Prado either.

  • Mick

    Well done Honda but it wont stop the knockers in this site!

  • BP

    Because I’m nice. Sorry it’s all cluttered, but first numbers are ’11 Feb & 2nd are ’12 Feb Figures.

    Ford 2012 2011
    Ford Escape 100 362
    Ford Falcon 1,192 1,572
    Ford Falcon Ute 403 591
    Ford Fiesta 869 1,160
    Ford Focus 1,524 1,050
    Ford Mondeo 511 735
    Ford Ranger 4X2 291 314
    Ford Ranger 4X4 505 894
    Ford Territory 1,400 779
    Ford Transit 134 49
    Ford Transit Bus 0 6
    Ford Transit Heavy 22 90
    Ford Total 6,951 7,602

    Change -8.6%

    Holden 2012 2011
    Holden Barina 1,023 551
    Holden Barina Spark 164 378
    Holden Caprice 161 168
    Holden Captiva 5 469 175
    Holden Captiva 7 859 704
    Holden Colorado 4X2 38 69
    Holden Colorado 4X4 465 923
    Holden Combo 34 44
    Holden Commodore 2,991 3,829
    Holden Cruze 2,880 2,582
    Holden Epica 3 77
    Holden Utility 4X2 601 814
    Holden Total 9,688 10,314

    change -6.1%

    Honda 2012 2011
    Honda Accord 22 219
    Honda Accord Euro 1,105 359
    Honda City 23 221
    Honda Civic 153 510
    Honda CR-V 165 520
    Honda CR-Z 42 0
    Honda Insight 35 90
    Honda Jazz 854 575
    Honda Legend 1 10
    Honda Odyssey 203 81
    Honda Total 2,603 2,585

    Change 0.7%

    Hyundai 2012 2011
    Hyundai Accent 487 0
    Hyundai Elantra 663 33
    Hyundai Getz 0 1,456
    Hyundai Grandeur 0 1
    Hyundai i20 1,093 479
    Hyundai i30 2,433 2,654
    Hyundai i40 113 0
    Hyundai I45 377 224
    Hyundai iLOAD 546 491
    Hyundai iMAX 148 138
    Hyundai ix35 845 795
    Hyundai Santa Fe 296 336
    Hyundai Veloster 411 0
    Hyundai Total 7,412 6,607

    change 12.2%

    Mazda 2012 2011
    Mazda BT-50 4X2 225 468
    Mazda BT-50 4X4 846 366
    Mazda CX-5 90 0
    Mazda CX-7 1,010 814
    Mazda CX-9 451 299
    Mazda MX5 13 26
    Mazda RX8 4 5
    Mazda2 1,771 1,572
    Mazda3 3,733 3,575
    Mazda6 546 519
    Mazda Total 8,689 7,644

    Change 13.7%

    Toyota 2012 2011
    Toyota Aurion 313 736
    Toyota Camry (4 cyl) 1,562 1,533
    Toyota Coaster 29 44
    Toyota Corolla 2,991 2,600
    Toyota FJ Cruiser 137 0
    Toyota Hiace Bus 288 162
    Toyota Hiace Van 530 463
    Toyota Hilux 4X2 803 1,075
    Toyota Hilux 4X4 1,469 1,817
    Toyota Kluger 939 997
    Toyota Landcruiser PU/CC 766 455
    Toyota Landcruiser Wagon 846 850
    Toyota Prado 1,424 1,215
    Toyota Prius 52 51
    Toyota RAV4 1,136 1,042
    Toyota Rukus 84 107
    Toyota Tarago 114 82
    Toyota Yaris 1,366 1,375
    Toyota Total 14,849 14,604

    Change 1.7%

    Volkswagen 2012 2011
    Volkswagen Amarok 4X2 52 8
    Volkswagen Amarok 4X4 394 56
    Volkswagen Caddy 158 108
    Volkswagen Caddy Life/Camper 21 11
    Volkswagen Caravelle 4 17
    Volkswagen Crafter 53 49
    Volkswagen Eos 67 31
    Volkswagen Golf 1,314 1,215
    Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 51 0
    Volkswagen Jetta 194 67
    Volkswagen Multivan 35 50
    Volkswagen New Beetle 0 45
    Volkswagen New Beetle Cabrio 1 21
    Volkswagen Passat 535 208
    Volkswagen Passat CC 92 60
    Volkswagen Polo 294 410
    Volkswagen Scirocco 84 0
    Volkswagen Tiguan 506 571
    Volkswagen Touareg 162 4
    Volkswagen Transporter 115 191
    Volkswagen Total 4,132 3,122

    • Taupo

       No surprise for Focus and Territory sales hikes, since I’ve been seeing a lot of their ads recently.

    • Antmindel

      Thank you,very interesting figures.

    • SP20

      90 CX5’s.
      In there 1st day???

      • Jinnzhang

         I thought the first shipment arrived a few days ago, which is in March.

      • Amlohac

        They are registered vehicles, not all of them would be sold. Just registered as demonstrators at dealerships, my local dealer has 3 registered demo CX5’s

        • Sydlocal

           Add to that the cars registered at head office etc for the “press fleet” for all of the pre-release reviews etc

  • BP


  • BP

    A guide to how Ford’s LPi has been selling YTD ’12.

    Passenger Private 2012 2011
    Diesel 2,053 1,682
    Hybrid 178 106
    LPG 32 5 – <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Only 32 LPi's, give or take 2-5 for C'dore's old LPG 
    Petrol 23,830 24,109

    Passenger Non-Private 2012 2011
    Diesel 2,284 2,277
    Electric 2 0
    Hybrid 363 341
    LPG 223 122 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Alright figures, but not enough!!!!
    Petrol 17,054 16,786

  • Pingr

    Accord Euro is very very nice.. Only if it came with the V6 like the U.S market TSX..

    It’s a car that suits V6

  • Jitb

    Funny thing.. When a Volkswagen, Mercedes or Audi drivers floor their cars, black smoke comes out the exhuast pipes..

    Where’s an Aurion smoothly runs and it flies when you floor it..

    • Antmindel

      Those are probably diesel cars,no petrol cars have smoke coming out of the exhausts.

    • Phil

      I floored a Aurion every time I set off last time I drove one.

      Torque steer, intrusive traction control, and axle tramp. Not at all smooth under full throttle from standing starts or from low speed.

      • Infraboy

        But they are smooth and fast..

        Floor an IS350 and that’s another story! 

  • Antmindel

    If Honda  get stocks of Civic,Jazz,and eventually CRV to sell as well as Accord Euro is selling,then Honda will once again be a force to be reckoned with…

  • Jinnzhang

    the car review favorite Ford Focus only had 1524 sales. This figure also includes fleet sales.

  • Andrew

    Subaru suffering a bit?  Only 2000 non XV sales. Looks like people are going elsewhere to get their diesel auto fix.

    • Amlohac

      The Subaru Diesel auto I drove last year was reaaaaaally bad (slow, loud, rattly). I love a good subaru too, but this certainly was NOT one of them. Not at all what a tdi auto should be

      • Sydlocal

         You drove a diesel auto Subaru last year? Do you work for Subaru and are developing a “not yet released” prototype? I am saying this because don’t have an automatic transmission with any diesel in their current line-up.

        • Sydlocal

           *they. Oh, and 😉 😉

      • Whitbomb07

        Maybe it was loud and slow beacuse you had it at 6000rpm in 1st……….That 3rd pedal is called a clutch……….

      • Car Fanatic

        Rotflmao, you’ve been busted telling porkies mate.