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This is the first time ever that anyone has shot the upcoming and now-global “Fiesta” sedan driving on public roads! This 4-door sedan was caught while going under hot weather testing in the United States.

We have to admit, we like the fact that it’s looking a lot like a toned-down Verve concept. Codenamed BE2, the new Fiesta will go on sale in 2009-2010. Other variants should include 3 and 5-door hatchbacks, and maybe even a small SUV or ‘people mover’.

new Ford Fiesta sedan

Production for the American market is rumoured to be in Mexico, however we are still not sure where Australian delivered vehicles will be built. Perhaps in Europe or Ford’s plant in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil?

new Ford Fiesta sedan

We have already seen official pictures of the new Fiesta in 3-door guise and we definitely like what we see.

new Ford Fiesta sedan

Our American photographer, however, can’t seem to get enough, taking advantage of flat tyre for some close up shots.

new Ford Fiesta sedan

The two Ford staff couldn’t believe their eyes as our photographer subtly ran across the road to take some interior shots!



    The door gap looks like what you get on a LandRover! :-)

    Wonder if sometimes these cars are just dummy to send you guys on a wild goose chase?



  • Reckless1

    Love the redhead complete with freckles :)

    The dash looks pretty poxy though.

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    Wow, the experts have come out to play!

    Yeah, it drives pretty average too…

  • Joober

    I dunno theres somethign I just plain dislike about micro cars coming in sedan packages, IMO I think microsmall cars should only come as a hatchback.

  • Adam (aka Mada)

    I actually agree with you about that…

  • Oz.

    Hello Car Advice! I’m back again, after a huge absence.

    When ever I think Fiesta, (yawn) I never get too excited, although it would be interesting to find out when it will go on sale here. Is this model the next update for the the Fiesta we have here? If so I’m tired of all this Verve concept crap, the sooner they bring it out the better but as far as I know it could be half way through 2009 when it’s finally shown public.


    Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie oi oi oi !!!!!!!!! lucky for your absence OZ, most of the garbage Dingo and Co been spilled here are finally been deleted so fortunatly missed most insults, but be careful though he keeps changing names and ISP numbers also resorting 2 internet cafe’s just to stir up trouble, how sad is that..

    The faster ford bring out updated small car’s here the better, new Fiesta should be a breath of fresh air.

  • Oz.

    Hi AC Cobra. Yes, I know what you mean! It looks like he’s now changed his name to Jeffro, I wonder what’s next LOL. It’s good to know this site hasn’t change a bit. :)

  • http://aca Bavarian Missile

    AC Cobra – i think it is sad how you keep going on about Dingo, haven’t you got a life.

  • http://aca Bavarian Missile

    Oz – go back to were you have been, we don’t need any more trouble makers on this site.

  • Ben

    Hopefully it looks EXACTLY like the Verve Sedan concept – but that is only wishful thinking on my behalf! :( Still, it’ll look good anyways! ;) And with the kit that the hatch already has, it’s gonna be a no-brainer over it’s competitors!

  • Oz.

    LOL this is funny!

    Dingo, I know it’s you using Bavarian Missile’s name and I am not going to be a trouble maker. The old me is dead ;)

  • Realcars

    Yeah the Rangas not bad.

    Not very good fit and finish.LoL

    Dingo has turned into a thread poltergeist it would seem!

  • http://aca Bavarian Missile

    Oz, calling me Dingo is not a good way of suggesting you ain’t here to start trouble. Get over yourself, got it.

  • Wheelnut

    Dingo youre now using My name GBavarian Missiles and Golfies – among others

    People can tell its you.. I think its your writing style and structure that gives you away.

    Yet when peiopel say that its you using somebody elses name you come back and say “Don’t you ever call me Dingo!”

    Are you really that ashamed of yourself?
    People know its you because they know the real Bavarian Missile or Golfie would never say the things you say etc.

    I mean at the time you wrote

    Bavarian Missile Says: August 29th, 2008 at 9:38 pm
    Oz, calling me Dingo is not a good way of suggesting you ain’t here to start trouble. Get over yourself, got it.

    the real BM was out having dinner with her brother [she still is]

  • http://aca Golfschwein

    Wheelnut, you should learn to spell. It is people not peiople.

  • Bavarian Missile

    He types fast,big deal Dingo…………..your embarrassing yourself more than anyone else here!

  • http://aca Bavarian Missile

    8.02pm is not me but we know who it is, go away Dingo.

  • o

    well about the fiesta sedan i like it but not the tail lamps it my one issue witht eh new fiesta asweell its jsut a vivd red i would have prefeered a pinker colour

  • http://. Naughtyius Maxiumus

    1. Cant tell enough to say rear lights look bad
    2. Pinker colour…..LMAO. As fi you can decipher that on a camofluaged mule!


  • Andrew M

    why have the got the front covered up??
    the hatch has already been revealed to the public which shows the front 3/4 of the design

  • TP

    Looks like another boring Ford.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Boring, haha. You know everyone applies that to Toyota products and you just aren’t happy about it.

  • TP

    I know boring cars and Ford are the new boring brand. Toyota are starting to turn it up with TRD and more creative designs. Ford on the other hand, talking about dumping the Falcon as the marquee vehicle for Ford and all their vehicles having the same look. Boring.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Delude yourself if you wish.


    TP >>>> you and TOYODA are boring, very bland and dull, at least Ford can change more than just headlight design’s…

  • Bret

    Yes Toyota are getting quite creative:
    Take a US spec V6 Camry, change the front & rear bumpers and lights, whack on a new bonnet & grill to match, and hey presto the Camry is now a large car??
    Oh, I nearly forgot, a NEW BADGE.