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  • Lawrencetlc

    Still unchanged 5 speed auto???

    • Jekyls & His Mum

      whats wrong with the 5speed?

      6 & 8 dont seem to work as great off road.

  • lazyboneslewis

    Still unchanged period! Not exactly a mind blowing concept. 

  • MattSingleton

    just looks like some put a new grill on and some black rims. not a concept at all

  • Chocolatemoose

    6 speed according to silly amounts of posts on JGC forums is out for the 2013 model year. with 8 speed looking likley in this versions lifespan . looking forward to these being in reasonable 2nd hard prices. australian vs usa “i know i know” prices are criminal. especially asking for some of the interior enhancements seen in the US. that dont get pushed much here. 

  • Tangelo

    I thought ZF new factory in USA open next year.
    So, we need more patient.

    Hey Jeep AUS, 2.2l Diesel Compas (with decent Automatic) would be great in OZ market.

  • Sumpguard

      I’m a tad confused. Are those the actual vehicles that will be “unveiled” at the show. You article says they will be “unveiled” at the show but then says they have been revealed.

       Please clarify for me!

  • Rick

    The jeeps seem to be great cars and a lot better than some australian publications would have you believe . The concepts look pretty cool and will no doubt be popular , shame jeep still don’t have a 7 seat option

    • Chocolatemoose

      because in USDM they have the dodge durango as the 7 seater option.