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The Subaru BRZ Concept–STI has been unveiled at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, revealing more pictures of a show car that hints at a potential future high-performance version of the new sports car.

The unveiling comes two weeks ahead of the highly anticipated world premiere of the Subaru BRZ production car. The all-new rear-wheel drive sports coupe will be revealed alongside its Toyota twin at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 30.

With Subaru tightly guarding many of the production car’s details and specifications, the BRZ Concept–STI gives us our clearest indication yet of what to expect from the new 2+2 sports car.

The front end is clean and uncluttered, and arguably what you would call enthusiastic rather than aggressive. The ‘smiling’ trapezoidal intake, sleek headlights and pumped front guards are reminiscent of a fellow Japanese sports car, the Mazda RX-8.

The muscular rear wheel-arches, high-mounted LED tail-lights, exaggerated diffuser with quad tailpipes and massive rear wing are a little more in your face, and are a clear demonstration of STI’s involvement in the concept’s design. Expect the production version to get a more subtle diffuser and exhaust layout, and do away with the spoiler and honeycomb numberplate backing detail.

Like the WRX STI, the BRZ Concept–STI features a carbonfibre roof designed to reduce weight and contribute to the car’s low centre of gravity, which promises to be one of the lowest of any car on the market.

Subaru is yet to officially reveal power figures for the 2.0-litre horizontally opposed four-cylinder boxer engine but we do know that it has a square bore and stroke of 86 X 86mm and when compared with other Subaru models (like the Impreza) it sits 120mm lower and 240mm closer to the centre of the chassis.

The link with Toyota has also helped Subaru implement the Big T’s D-4S direct injection technology (fuel injection system).

Leaked specifications of Toyota’s version of the sports coupe that surfaced earlier this month suggested both production models were likely to produce 147kW of power (at 7000rpm) and 205Nm of torque (at 6600rpm).

Subaru Australia is yet to finalise its plans for the BRZ and insists it will make an announcement in December. As previously reported, the rear-wheel drive sports car presents a philosophical dilemma for the local distributor, which has built its brand around all-wheel drive for the past 15 years.

Major specifications

  • Overall Length × Width × Height (mm): 4230 × 1800 × 1280
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2570
  • Engine: 2.0-litre direct fuel injection naturally-aspirated four-cylinder horizontally-opposed Boxer engine
  • Tyres: 215/45R18 (Front), 225/45R18 (Rear)

  • Flabby Chap

    Subaru have to take the front drive shafts out for Toyota.

  • veedubber

    it looks nice but im not completely sold on that front-end. the pic above looks like a photo of an RC car shell, everything looks so flat and painted on. the overall shape is nice but lets wait and see what Toyota will officially unveil so we can do a comparison.

  • SWE

    Sleek looking automobile!

  • GIG

    Yes Pls.

  • DeJaVu

    Nothing bad comes out from the Subaru factory. But i expected a little more flare than this. Sort of like when the 350z was released, it’s design was years ahead of other coupes.

    Sorry to say, Genesis isn’t looking too bad at all.

    • Jackson

      I agree with the 350Z comment, considering the 350Z has been around for 8 or so years, it is still a head turner, whilst this in 8 years may just be another car.

      But I still want one?

  • E85 lover


    i’ll wait for the turbo version thanks..

    • Flabby Chap

      Subaru have to take the front drive shafts out for Toyota.
      Subaru have to take the turbos out for Toyota.

      Reason: Conflict with the Toyota’s FT-86. In case you didn’t know, Toyota own a large chunk of Subaru.

      • Lukaas

        Are you forgetting Subaru’s Hero Cult car is the WRX and STI.

        Do you honestly think, WRX wont get affected if Subaru releases a COUPE 2+2 seater that has the same engine/turbo, but lighter, sleeker and RWD and sell it for the same or cheaper price than the WRX.

        Subaru will be shooting their own foot with that idea.

        Atleast this way, there are still incentives for the WRX/STI variants and also another market opens up for Subaru… which is a light weight NA RWD coupe.

        My thinking here is… Toyota will lose about 25% potential sales with the Subaru version next to it. Because around 25% of people interested in this project are willing to pay the extra 5-7K difference for a more mature looking version.

  • Showtime

    I think it looks great and hope Subaru bring this to Australia.

  • Tom

    Boost that bad boy and I’m sold

  • Baaron

    Doesnt do a thing for me

  • AndyGF

    Looks like the worst thing that ever happened to Subaru was its parent company.

    Its only a matter of time till we see the first Front Wheel Drive Subaru too?

    • Alan

      “only a matter of time till we see the first Front Wheel Drive Subaru”. Err wrong! early Liberty’s were avaliable FRONT and all wheel brive and the Sherpa was only front wheel drive.

      • AndyGF

        True… I also forgot about the Subaru R1 City car, on which the Prodrive P1 was based (from Top Gear all those years ago).

        Still, at the rate of philosophy change happening at Subaru at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next WRX is based on an FWD Auris. ^_^
        Wouldn’t it be better if the next Auris was based on the WRX, but you can bet your bottom dollar its parent company wont let that happen.

    • Lukaas

      Tell me the statistics for people who buy sports cars… then compare that to people who buy cars for daily driving, in which front wheel drive cars are decent.

      And last time I checked your beloved VW produces Front Wheel Drive cars….

      • AndyGF

        Im an advocate of FWD no doubt, but neither toyota nor subaru know how to make a good one (we can forgive subaru for that); so its more a matter of experience…

        My objection is more with ‘big business’ getting in the way of ‘good business’. This is possibly a good example of that…

        • Lukaas

          Define “good FWD”

          Good does not mean Sporty.

          In fact, I think the word Good is too subjective and depending on who you ask you will get many many answers.

          If I paid 25K for a brand new daily car, would I classify it as “bad” because it doesnt accelerate to 100 in 6 seconds?… or will I be realistic and say, well a 25K car that goes 0-100 in 6 seconds can only be a second hand sports car.

          The problem with people who complain so and so make boring cars, is simple, they expect sporty performance from a bargain price, which is almost asking for free lunch… meaning its very very rare.

          If there was an article about the new corolla or camry, why would I even bother talking about its sportiness?

          Think for a second.

          • AndyGF

            Does not matter what your perceptions are; you wouldnt mix the words ‘camry’ or ‘corolla’ with the words ‘wrx’ or ‘sti’, just like you wouldnt mix ‘subaru’ and ‘rear wheel drive’ or ‘normally aspirated’, which they are…
            Hence my point about changing philosophy and remembering what made you popular in the 1st place when choosing a new direction. Something Honda and a few others had to learn the hard way too…

            (And the fact that you even brought it up means you probably think the wrx or sti could do with a bit of FWD camry in the mix?? I rest my case…)

  • Shak

    Hmmm not bad at all. However considering that they have kept us waiting for so long…i was expecting a bit more flair in the design. Then again, this cars target market have never been one to care too much about design.

    • Hyundai Lover

      Buyers of sports cars don’t care about design? That’s half the reason they get them mate!

      • Shak

        Lol i meant if you look at the type of people who buy the current sporty Scooby range, they dont seem to be put off by the Temple of Design that is the Impreza.

  • Dragan

    I still think Scion FRS concept over this and toyota!!!

    Really interested to see how subaru treats its interior though?!

  • Matty B

    Be interesting to see it in the flesh, the pictures don’t make me go wow, but it might have some potential.

  • Rick

    I like it more than the Toyota

    • Harry

      100% agree, the nose in particular is far far nicer.

  • Steven

    Who cares what it looks like, as long as the drive is amazing which if the Toyota preview is anything to go in, it will be.

  • Mark B

    They should call it the SVX… 😉

  • Arnie

    Looks like a marriage of 350Z & mazda 3 smiley front bumper

  • http://www.formalcars.com.au Tony

    Its all about what price it will sell for, if they hit the sub $40k mark then its a winner, would compete against all the hot hatches. In my opinion they are better value but there is something about driving a hatch I can’t get over so I’d choose a coupe format any day of the week.

  • Altezza

    Make this car a 22B version like the older limited edition Subaru WRX 22B. I think it fits to this car and be named something like Subaru BR-Z 22B. Just my thoughts though.

  • Danno

    What’s the estimated price point for this thing. I’m guessing even the non STi will be $50K+ considering that the MX5 is $51K drive away (and who the hell would pay that much?)

  • Lukaas

    MX5 is not 51K driveaway…. 45K last time i checked.

    If so, The Toyota version is suppose to be 38K-44K, depending on trim level.

    Good spot I think, will steal away hot hatch, coupe buyers and will also entice current S2000/S15/celica etc owners to upgrade.