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  • m2m

    Top of the range model is pretty decent value with all those features! Not a big fan of the side profile but it should be a little more successful than the current model on its value alone.

  • Lachy

    Looks kind of nice, although it appears to have lost much of the flair and character of the previous C4. That said, most people would swap the original fixed-hub steering wheel and other cool features for better performance and build quality.

    I do wonder however if a 4-speed automatic still has a place in 2011 (especially when the base model has only 88kW/160Nm)

    • Philthy

      I reckon the base model pricing is a carrot to get people into the showroom. The 1.6 turbo petrol sounds like a good deal.

    • Myke

      I think they lost a lot of the flair so it wouldn’t steal focus from the DS4.

    • Wil-son

      Toyota still has the 4 speed auto, and Mazda has only just recently gone 5speed, so as long as it works.

  • Ox

    Great value. Goes to show how much a European built mid sized hatch should cost.

  • Jake Williams

    I’m pretty underwhelmed by the new C4, I hope the DS4 and DS5 are better cars…

    • Bangel

      Better looking than a SKODA .

  • Gan Tan

    Geez the base model is a slug. Will sell well though considering its priced under Mazda 3 base auto

    • David

      Wrong. Base Mazda3 auto is $22,330.

  • Shak

    Seems like an all together solid little car. Although build quality may be a slight worry, but then again if the Koreans can equal the Japanese, then why not the French.

    • o

      Looks fine, much more germanic, only thing i hate is the half assed screen in the car makes it look downmarket

  • Adam

    The large colour screen that Europe gets seems to make the interior. Why do we get some small calculator screen afterthought. Oh well Ateco motors have failed again.

  • abc123

    the headlights look identical to the a1′s…

  • delux

    It looks like a the previous generation Kia Cerato. What happened to french style?

  • Alexander

    It’s a pity the e-HDI micro hybrid start/stop system is only available with the horrible automated manual…

  • Car Fanatic

    Base model is a bit pricey

    • nickdl

      Yes I agree. Considering the lack of performance, you’d think that Citroen would make up for it with the inclusion of more standard features. It’s pretty poor in 2011 to have a small car without rear power windows, cruise control, iPod connectivity or Bluetooth as standard.

      While the DS models of Citroen are great, and genuinely exciting, the standard models appear to have been left behind a bit. Nothing about the C4 stands out in the way of flair or style, and it’s not good value. I’d have a base Renault Megane if I wanted a slightly dull French hatchback – it has a larger engine and much more standard features for the same price. Otherwise a Mazda 3, a Cruze or a Focus are all better.

  • Gianni

    Among the first good cars from Citroen since they dropt the VTS.

  • Peugeot Dealer

    I think it looks great and priced very well considering it’s a Euro hatch. Engines are a strong point as usual and the EGC gearbox, while it may take time getting used to, is not a bad option either.