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  • Chucky

    It will be interesting to see how much the options go for. As usual, Im sure that $37,000 116i will end up being at least $50,000 driveaway with a couple of options. Although at least it is much better value now.

  • Bravv

    Please don’t tell me Audi A3 & BMW 1 series outsell the Lexus CT200H in Australia? Because if they do then it seriously makes Australia a dud for BMW’s & AUdi’s..

    In USA & Canada the Lexus CT200H outdoes the 1 series & A3 by a long shot.. And even in EUrope the Lexus CT200H is doing very well and better then expected..

    • scottjames_12

      Yuck, the CT200H is just a tarted up Prius. You can keep your FWD, 0-100 in 10.3 seconds hybrid! I’d much rather pay for the extra fuel!

      • Qwer

        Scott I suggest you take a glance at perfection before you criticize..

      • Qwer

        Scott I suggest you take a glance at persuit of perfection before you criticize

        • Golfschwein

          pursuing perfection now!!!…..neaarly there….doh!!!….slipped away.

          Mate, stop trolling with your perplexus link. We know it has a nice interior, as nice interiors go, but it’s Cressida writ large at the end of the day. No great shakes.

      • Bangel

        PRETTY ugly thing , really just a corolla with a badly designed C pillar , and performance , well lets not go there , snail pace .
        Americans love it , and that says it all .

    • F1MotoGP

      Where you get your figures for Lexus sale in Europe. I just checked in Germany May 2011 110 CT200 was sold compared to Audi A3 4491, BMW 1 series 5483.


      • F1MotoGP

        Lexus Europe have reported their 2011 first quarter sales
        Model Sales
        CT 2,199
        IS 1,514
        GS (including GS Hybrid) 257
        GS Hybrid 143
        LS (including LS Hybrid) 135
        LS Hybrid 69
        RX (including RX Hybrid) 3,758
        RX Hybrid 2,451
        Other models 1,695
        Total 1st Quarter Sales 10,254

        Global Insight analysts Phillip Rosengarten and Christopher Stuermer have written a new book titled “Premium Power, The Secret Of Success Of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche And Audi.” In it, they describe how “premium” brands of BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Range Rover, and Volvo are superior to “mere luxury cars” from Lexus, Infiniti, Cadillac, Jaguar, and Rolls Royce, because they continuously set new high standards. Rosengarten calls Lexus’ European sales of about 20,000 cars a year “pitiful.” He also says a brand’s history is important to prestige. “Without heritage, which means a glorious history and brand tradition, it will not be easy to establish a successful luxury brand in Europe, not to mention establish a premium brand. All the more so as Lexus has many American luxury-style elements with its design orientation geared towards other premium brands instead of creating its own unique elements, and it cannot showcase any important innovations,” he said.

        • Pdd

          WHo cares how many cars Lexus sells in EUrope.. All their models are larger and more expensive then what the local europeans offer.. In Europe you get Mercdes, BMW & AUdis which are comparable and lesser in class to the Toyota yaris we get in AUstralia.. That’s why they sell so many.. The E-class in Germany is what a Camry is for us.. Lexus doesn’t offer that low end cars hence why their sales numbers are low in Europe..

          FYI Lexus sold 1601 Vehicles last month in U.K.. which isn’t bad..

          ANd that book is old and doesn’t matter.. because in U.S a important market and Lexus is #1..

          • F1MotoGP

            Mercedes E class is bigger than Lexus GS 460
            4868 v 4850 lenght
            1854 v 1820 width
            2874 v 2850 wheelbase

            “E class Mercedes is low end class” you are joking!

            Maybe for Lexus US market is important because they can sell only there. Mercedes sells around world and well.

          • Damian

            “Maybe for Lexus US market is important because they can sell only there. Mercedes sells around world and well.”

            And which car company is the most profitable in the world? It certainly isn’t Mercedes, BMW, or VAG (which Audi is part of).

            All that bullsh*t rhetoric, yet, the final figures tell a different story. You want prestige – buy a BMW or Mercedes. Bystanders and fellow motorists will be admiring you in your “prestigious” 116i.

    • Golfschwein

      Perhaps Australian buyers take more frequent eye tests. I love CAR Magazine’s Good Bad Ugly segment, where the CT200h is briefly summarised, “OR TRY THIS Golf Bluemotion, Nissan Leaf, eye test”.

      I do like the look of this very much and there’s no way I’d give a CT200h precedent over this. I’d go a Prius, if I was hybrid inclined, as they don’t hurt the eyes like the Lexus does, but with the 1′s diesel figure of 4.5l/100 km, sheesh, it’s a winner!

      • Alexander

        If i were to choose between a CT200 or a 118d i’d probably still go for the CT200h, i commute at snail pace in inner city and city traffic at a very low average speed where a CT200h would shine, i very rarely get to highways and fast country roads where a diesel would have an advantage over a CT200h. I think hybrids make sense for a dense city traffic commuting, diesels for highway and country driving.

      • Horizone

        You German car fanboys are a bunch of sh*t talkers.. The CT200 has- combined 4.5L/100km consumption and producing 100Kw of power.. Also the Lexus CT200 has the advantage of total zero emissions when driving this car where it will be driven that is in city driving..

        In reality the Lexus CT200H is a better buy because it’s more efficient, more comfortable, technologicially more advanced, more loaded and better car in general then 1 series.. And the sales stats reflect that..

        • Horizone

          ** 4.1L/100Km **

          • Mad Max

            Horizone, you also forgot to mention some other facts about the CT200H.
            It looks crap, drives craps, is noísey, the petrol engine kicks in with to much noise and NVH, the rear seat is set too high giving poor rear head room, it handles poorly, the suspension is too harsh and looking at overseas statistics, it has crap reseale value as everybody knows that a Lexus is just a tarted up TOYOTA. Unlike most people, I drive cars before I right garbage about them.
            The utter crap you mention about the CT200H having zero emmission is correct until you reach about 20kmh and then the PETROL engine kicks in so the ZERO emmission is crap that Toyota (oops sorry Lexus) puts out.

  • JonnyBravo

    “The second-generation compact luxury hatch has been completely redesigned inside and out, taking styling cues from the larger 5 and 7 Series models”

    dont forget to include the VW Polo as well

    • Jim Sim

      And the ugly stick….. Three times.

  • TJ

    Will be interesting to see if that unresolved front end works out well in the flesh.

    • Matty B

      Hopefully the pictures don’t do it justice, cause I thought I would never utter these words, but I think the old 1 looks better.

  • Mad Max

    These have been on sale in Europe and South Africa for a few weeks now. In the metal, its a great looking car although the back seat space is still a bit tight. Why though are we only getting the low output diesel? In Europe and South Africa you can have the 120kw diesel with 320nmof torque. In a small car weighing around 1400kg it makes fr a great drive.

    • Matty B

      I’d say they’ll launch the 120 or 123d later on down the track along with a performance petrol.

  • David

    The previous model 116i (when last available) was $34,900.

    • Drac

      Yea but the new 116i has a nicer engine than even the old 120i.

  • Nada

    Not convinced by the new look, a bit 3 eyed fish from the Simpsons for me… will wait to see it in the metal.

  • Miop

    Lexus will need to upgrade the ct 200 to a ct 240 or slash its price by 10%. How can it continue to justify such extreme pricing with such a slug of an engine. Especially given the fact that most of the premium Germans are slashing prices in reflection of a persistently strong Aussie Dollar.

  • F1MotoGP

    I like the new BMW and what I like is that you got 220Nm from 1400 rpm in the 116i and 250Nm from 1500 rpm in the 118i. The 116i top speed is 210km/h and city fuel economy 7.2L/100km for auto. 118i top speed 222km/h, 0-100 in 7.5sec, city fuel economy 7.2L/100km. What fuel economy and acceleration like this who wants a Lexus CT200.

    • Fovcd

      F1MotoGP; The Lexus CT200 is suited towards the real world, it has an output of 100Kw & 202Nm instant as the electric motor provides instant toque.. The Lexus CT200 has combined cycle of 4.1L/100Km and 100% emission free when driving in city, where your nasty diesel will be rattling and guzzling..

      Also the Lexus CT200 is a better package overall, it is more expensive but it comes loaded with everything, not to mention it has a more complex superior Hybrid drivetrain..

      Also the interior of the Lexus blows the BMW’s interior.. BMW interior is drab, bland and messy in general.. And even the exterior styling, the CT200 looks sporty and youthful, BMW is bland and boring..

      Lexus CT200H interior;

      • F1MotoGP

        Lexus CT200h is a nice car but hybrid still not as good as should be. Maybe in 2-6 years time will be perfect.

        Today I still prefer petrol or diesel. Long distance and pulling diesel cars are excellent. New Passat auto diesel city fuel economy is 6.3 and hwy 4.5l/100km and Passat is a big car 4769mm long and 565 liter boot.

        and about the figures if you check US website there is no figures on Nm. On UK website and here is 142Nm at 4000rpm.
        Instant torque is 207Nm from 0-940 rpm.

      • Golfschwein

        Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!! You sell Lexuses! And you’ve already posted as Horizone.

        I bet you and your colleagues are all secretly dissed that the boss made the CT200h so goddamned ugly.

  • Mr Gaspo

    Yuk, I hate the front styling. One to ignore as far as I am concerned.

  • Martin

    Back and sides looks a treat and the front is starting to grow on me. The chrome grill looks really smart with the navy blue paint, and kudos to BMW for smartening up the 1 series interior – the previous gen didn’t quite live up to the badge but this generation does!

  • http://Caradvice Onepoppa

    Why is everyone talking about the Lexus? That is a car based on the US spec hybrid Corolla – except that it lacks the integrity of design of Corolla – it is covered with discordant cliched bits.

    The 1 Series still seems to suffer from the same old bugbear that afflicts all small RWD cars – very tight in the rear because of the transmission tunnel. Why BMW persists I will never know – hardly anyone knows or cares which end drives their cars. In the mind of the buyers Audi or BMW is not a matter decided by FWD or RWD.

    • Alexander

      The US doesnt have a hybrid Rolla, it’s closer to the Prius and EU Auris hyrbid.

  • whatthe..

    The good thing about a car like this is that you can’t see the outside while you enjoy driving it.

  • Alexander

    Considering BMW engineered an amazing FWD in the current Mini range, i don’t know why they they didn’t just make the this a FWD and actually have a decent rear seat.

    The naming convention is also a tad weird, the 116 is what i’d consider a 118 (power wise) and the 118 is what i’d market as a 120?

    • Drac

      If you want a FWD small car buy any one of every other small car there is available. Why ask for the ONLY RWD small hatch to be made into FWD?

      There are some people that want a RWD small car and the 1 series is the only choice. Do you really need another choice in the FWD small car market?

      • scottjames_12

        This – I applaud BMW for sticking to their guns and only releasing RWD cars!

      • Alexander

        Your logic is right, for sure, but BMW would definitely make the best FWD small car chassis if they were to do so. I cant remember exactly but a while back a survey found that 75% (or something like that) of 1 series owners didn’t realise their car was RWD – dont think rwd is necessary or the best solution for a car this size considering the BMW did so well at the Mini’s fwd chassis.

  • Dilligaf


  • PeterG

    Great engines lousy build quality slight improvement in looks.
    You buy BMWs for performance and handling.If the BMW model ain’t got that go Japanese and try to stay awake .No risk with falling asleep with the BMW 1 cause the rattles will always keep you on edge.

    • Go9

      Yeah Jaoanese cars, specially Lexus are very quiet & refined..

    • Go9

      Yeah Japanese cars, especially Lexus are very quiet & refined..

  • j

    so how much will it cost to retune the 116 to 118 spec power (or more)?

  • Richard

    I own a Lexus is250 and a CT200h. Different cars, some similar qualities. Specifically, the CT is beautifully and solidly built, quiet and comfortable, and performance in the real world is surprising. People who experience Lexus warranty, service and running costs will find that Lexus excel, especially compared with the Europeans. Over fifty years of driving, I have had the best service ever at my Lexus dealer and driven the most lovely cars of my life.

  • Richard

    Say what you will, the CT200h is beautifully and solidly built, quiet and very comfortable to drive, and performs surprisingly well in the real world. Add 5-6 l/100km economy and Lexus dealer service, and buy a BMW if you want.