The Suzuki Swift S-Concept has debuted at the Geneva Motor Show overnight, with enhanced sports styling pointing towards the upcoming Swift Sport successor.

Suzuki was light on the details of the Swift S-Concept, with the Japanese manufacturer maintaining that it is a design study only.

The Swift S-Concept is powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine like the current-generation Swift Sport, although Suzuki would not elaborate on power outputs or performance data.

Also featured is a six-speed manual transmission, a feature unique to the S-Concept and not currently found in either the current Swift Sport or the all-new standard Swift hatch.

Visually, the Swift S-Concept means business, although expect the production version of the Swift Sport to be tamed down considerably.

Highlights include the Kizashi-inspired plunging black grille, brushed metallic bumper inserts and claws around the chrome fog lights, red Brembo brake calipers screaming from behind 18-inch 15-spoke alloy wheels, large roof-mounted rear wing, rear diffuser with twin exhaust pipes, and smoky tinting on the headlights and taillights.

Inside, the Swift S-Concept features black and yellow leather Recaro sports seats; leather sports steering wheel and gearstick; metallic pedals and piano black dashboard surfaces.

Suzuki Australia’s Andrew Ellis said despite the unveiling of the Swift S-Concept, there was no more news about the new Swift Sport.

Mr Ellis confirmed the next generation sports model was under development and he expected it to follow a similar timeline to the previous Swift range in Australia.

The Swift was initially launched in Australia in February 2005 and the Sport joined the range in September 2006. The wait for the new Sport is expected to be slightly shorter, although don’t expect to get behind the wheel of one until at least early next year.

Mr Ellis said the Swift S-Concept was designed to gather feedback from the public that would help shape Suzuki’s future small sports models.

The previous generation Swift Sport currently sells alongside the updated Swift in Australia and sits at the top of the range despite offering an older package.

Mr Ellis said this had not deterred Australians from ordering it in their usual numbers.

“We recently ordered extra stock of the Swift Sport, so we’re in pretty good shape,” Mr Ellis said.

“It’s selling at the same rate as it has been, so we’re happy with it.”

  • coconut

    if the price and performance is right, count me in :)

  • Hung Low

    Looks stunning, apart from the plastic body add-ons, this concept looks exactly like the production model. Suzuki would be nuts to tone this dowm like they usually do. C’mon Suzuki do it and give it at least 110kw to play with!

    • Adstar63

      I would have money that you are on the money, with the Kw’s

  • crouchy

    Am I the only one that thinks there’s a lot of RenaultSport about that?

    • Grammar Nazi

      I was just about to comment on that – looks a lot like the recently superseded Megane. A very healthy rear-end.

      Looks good!

      • Leyianart

        This thing look like the Renault Clio RS 200.

        Doesn’t surprise me Japs always imitate Europeans.

        Clio RS 200 will eat this thing alive.

        Looks great thou because it looks like a Clio Rs 200.

  • matt

    want feedback suki? make this!!! 3 door n all :)

  • ElecEng

    Would be great if they fitted a torque tuned 1.6l motorbike engine in it (maybe from their hayabusa bike?). With free revving engine to at least 10,000rpm it’ll be a screamer!!

    Very agressive look, I like it!!

    • t39

      My guess is it would drink around 15 litres per 100km with a motobike engine.

  • Toxic_Horse

    I think those seats and brembo’s would push the price to high. Maybe they could release a toned down suzuki sport and a special edition with the full works.
    The only think letting down the prvious sport was a lack of power. It needs a extra 20Kw to match its image.

  • Hansome_AL

    Match the power output to Mini Cooper S, Put pricing 10 grand lower than Mini Coooper S, everyone will buy this over Mini Cooper S.

    The reliability of Suzuki is out of this world compared to Mini.. That’s another selling point..

    Just do it already!!

  • Sam 300TD

    Yes, I agree with with everyone else, it looks terrific. If it arrives here in looking like that in the price range the current model is sold in it will sell like hot cakes. Bravo

  • samson

    i have been selling suzukis for 7 years now and i absolutly love the brand. they really really should bring this baby out to australia without toning it down and as everyone else is saying beef up the engine to match the look of this. if they could only put something like a 2.0 turbo onto this i am absloutly sure we could not fill the orders quick enough… but i can guarantee they will not because they are soft sorry but its true. p.s i hope i get proven wrong please.

    • Adstar63

      Really? A 2.0Lt turbo engine, come on what planet are you on?? you know this baby will have a 1.6, with six slot box, maybe auto for those lazy city slickers so as to take it up to the VW buff’s, keep in mind where this car is developed and built, Japan! where size doesn’t really matter! you yourself know, that the power to ratio from this thing can be wicked and that will bring people to your (your bosses I suppose) dealership and give you the chance to make money by selling the car on its merits, not your wishes!!!


    It looks awesome!! i cant wait for the final design, if this is anything to go by. Count me in!! Awesome little car, just needed a little bit more power. Had the previous sport model and it was very enjoyable to drive indeed.

  • Valet Dabess

    omg… if that came out now i would sell my current swift sport and buy it. it looks perfect the way it is DO NOT CHANGE IT SUZUKI. hope the power to weight ratio is at least 100 kw to the tonne

  • Leyianart

    Looks awesome because it looks like the Renault Clio RS 200!

    Suzuki couldn’t you imitate a little more?

    Even the Recaro’s are the same!

  • ddd

    HELL YES!!

    id even part with my jazz for that!

  • Shak

    I think this is one concept that should be toned down when it goes to production. If they remove all the HSV add-ons then it will be perfect just like the old one.

  • toni_wolfdale

    i thing this car will be most sporty swift al all :)

  • don

    give it another two doors and throw in the 6 speed transmission and damn, am i in!

  • Neo

    I currently own an 05 swift the greatest shortcoming in a higher powered front wheel drive car is a lack of an LSD – limited slip differential – all the extra power in this baby will come to nothing without an LSD! Come on Suzuki batter up , listen to the people that drive cars and give the other car makers a real serve of humble pie not a half baked donk and differential make this car go and handle like its looks! Btw 6 speed is sweet! The Swift in all its years is the greatest and best selling product Suzuki have ever produced make this one a classic and never to be forgotten in years to come.

  • Bill

    Looks awesome. It should come out like this. Keep the interior keep the brakes, get rid of the rear ironing board (spoiler). Drop in a 1.4 liter low pressure turbo (can be the current 1.4 being used) this will up the torque which will make it zippy (the polo/golf tsi will be better :p). 0-100 in 7-7.5 seconds will be great (it is a road car after all and most of the driving will be done on 40-60kph roads)

    Handling is very important. Eliminate torque steer and body roll. Then retail it for 29990. For 30 grand it will come in cheaper then the Polo Gti and this should have more usable space i.e. bigger.

    Just hope they dont take the old 1.5 liter engine and throw it in. If so make it a premium model i.e. Swift Luxury Dont put a sports badge on a car that takes more then 8 seconds flat to 100.

    This could make suzuki great. Or it can make it mediocre. The kizashi promised so much. Concept was awesome, reality sub standard.

  • Arron

    take the rear wing off keep the 1.6 but supercharge it and put a AWD system in it and i will pay upto $35k for one. :)

  • Oscar

    eventually Swift Sport will be produced: D

  • Jenn77

    OMGGG I WANT THIS ONE RIGHT NOWWW!!!! How do I get my hands on this beauty ?

  • F Y Lim

    A Japanese Suzuki is always more reliable than Renault and cheaper to maintain. Let us hope they will bring in this model to Brunei.