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Day one of the Car Advice supercar odyssey began with an official tour of the Bugatti factory and a quick drive.

There is much to say here and we will get to that in detail when we get back, but there is nothing more unbelievable than seeing and walking around the factory that makes the world’s best, fastest and most expensive car.

Bugatti Veyron

The factory is actually quite small, with a production capacity of around 2 cars per week, each car taking in excess of 300 hours.

Bugatti Veyron

We saw things we shouldn’t have seen, the Bugatti Veyron Hermes and even a more special-edition model that we are not allowed to name (it looked stunning).


We learnt a few things too. For a start, Bugatti doesn’t lose money on every Veyron they make, they actually make a profit. A set of replacement wheels & tyres will set you back around 52,000 Euros.

Bugatti Veyron

Every car is the responsibility of five perfectionists at Bugatti, with one assigned each to interior, exterior, chassis, electrics or engine.

Bugatti Veyron

After the tour we turned the car on and drove it around Bugatti’s test facility. The sound is simply astounding, not Zonda loud, but much deeper.

Bugatti Veyron

Without giving too much away (prior to our autobahn test drive tomorrow), let’s just say, not only does it sound astonishing, but the road presence is second to none.

Bugatti Veyron

Tomorrow, Bugatti hands over the keys, opens the gates and lets us loose – so check back in around 24hrs for our thoughts. Keep in mind that we are video taping the whole event so there is a lot more to come.

  • Adam J

    Aw man, that is insane.

  • Daniel

    Awesome guys. Can’t wait to see pics and video of the drive.


  • MJ

    How many cars could have an interior that colour and still be cool?

  • Frugal One

    “world’s best, fastest and most expensive car.”

    Big fat W R O N G on every count!!

    Ever wondered why TopGear is NOT allowed to track test it?



    • Monkeys

      errm yea they have mate! :p

  • jbot

    What is better/more expensive then F-O??

  • Lcat

    fantastic! brilliant pics. love to see 1 taken with the veyron on rue ettore bugatti – that would be cool.

  • http://www.antilag.com Tom Jakovljevic

    It hasnt had to stand up to the challenge presented by my Subaru yet guys!

    Seriously, what a way to start the trip. Karl’s late night mms’s drove me slightly insane with jealousy!

  • http://antilag.com Joe

    Thanks for the MMS Karl. I hate you, seriously..

  • Mitch

    There is no denying its the most expensive

  • joober

    Most expensive yes, unless you count those bulletproof limited edition maybachs but their customised.

    Best car always debatable, but certainly an extraordinary car, But at that price its something youd expect anyway…

  • Tranquillizer

    Alright, I have started hating you guys. And I am jealous already.
    Strange to see a chick next to the Engine. Does that mean engines are built by chicks with their soft hands?

    Are you guys going to do 407? πŸ˜€

  • Tranquillizer

    we dont have one in australia, i think they only make it left hand drive(obviously the wrong side).
    but hey there is one comming on Melbourne Motor Show for first three days. that would be fun, i hope they bring two tone. not a black one(i think black are their promotional and journalist cars)

    • Monkeys

      they have got some made on the right too :)

  • BMWsauberF1

    ^^If i had to buy one i’d get the black one any day.. the two tone looks more like something on a matchbox car.

  • Lcat

    ^ bmwsauberf1 – apparently there is an all black one (including black wheels) on ebay at the moment… real one that is, not matchbox! let me know if you need a link…

  • Bavarian Missile

    Frugal One cant you just let us enjoy. Geez I bet If you had the chance you would relish in the experience.Know I would!!

    Accept that this car is a work of art and is a real production car in every way.

    Stop being so bloody negative.

  • Lcat

    if anyone (and could only be 1!) needs convincing of the status of this living beauty.
    Top Gear Season 9 Episode 2, James May drives the Bugatti Veyron at 400+kph (7mins available on you tube)

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ORDER ORDER ORDER IN THE WEBSITE….I vote we get FRUGAL ONE to not be a grumpy old bugger as he is so dam negative. All those in favour for him to be as he….what no response. Well its official that you go on with stupid negative comments.


    NM (not to confuse the F*** O**)

  • Oz.

    Look at the pics of Alborz and the rest in the Bugatti! me is Jealous

  • Oz.


    I agree NM, “Freckle-one” is negative on everything …END_OF_STORY




  • Foggy

    Quote(Tranquilizer): “Are you guys going to do 407? ”

    In one of their earlier posts from this trip, they did a 307 (Estate) ;-p

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ********Jack arse********

    Yes he is!!!!

    If it was a Toyota Yaris he would say “I QUICKEST”…. or “BEST QUALITY” or some other drivel! He thinks humour is the bone in his leg, laugh and be funny FO,TP as yes you do state some great stuff (like we all do) – but you have no H-U-M-O-U-R!



  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Ha Ha Ha….yes ALBORZ does have the whites of his teeth heaps exposed as stoked he is. Lucky sod! Like his fighter pilot style leather jacket (bomber by the looks), looks like he is going to nudge the 407kms an hour mark???

  • Bucket (Formerly Known as Chris)

    LOL- F-0 is PWNED

    Guyz, enjoy your time in Europe and make the most of that bloody Veyron!!

  • phaeton

    Cool coverage πŸ˜€

    Quick question, the special unnamed car when is that going to be shown ? eg next month/year ?

  • phaeton

    Forgot to ask did you guys get to ride in the Bugatti van aka Multivan Business ?

  • Allan

    hmm 52k Euro for a new set of wheels and tyres ?!?!

    i’m guess you don’t wanna be grinding those wheels on any gutters πŸ˜›

  • Andrew M

    is it just me or does the seating position look odd.
    im sure its actually a good position but it looks like the driver is hunched over the wheel in the same manner a grandma would be whilst doing 75 in a 100k zone on the motorway

  • Joober

    Allan even more so stacking the car… Youd better kill yourself if you survive hahaha j/k.

    haha and down below of the page Ads by google: “bugatti expresso from 560 euros” haha

  • Joober

    Andrew, probably lumbar needs to be adjusted, or perhaps on purpose because the sheer acceleration will pull you back real hard, and it offers support to your lower back whilst your stomach goes rocketing back lol

  • http://www.fpv.com.au Ray

    I’d take my 600kw gtp over this anyday,

    Ford is no 1.

  • Andrew M

    mate i dont think its the lumber,
    im sure it offers great control from that seating position but just to look at it the top of the steering wheel seems to hit at eyebrow level.

    have a look at the 12th pic it shows a good profile

  • joober

    perhaps that position is inline to an f1 ? There must be a benefit with your arms stretched upwards never been in that position so would not know otherwise perhaps its like that due to the inherent lowness of the car? Any lower and the steering will hit your thighs

  • Joober

    Sorry lowness of the car cabin…

    Ray, your the man lol

  • Andrew M

    im sure it is beneficial too but at first it looks odd.

    i was thinking perhaps it keeps the elbows locked into the body a bit better

  • Andrew M

    i know for eg when you drive a go kart it helps to lock the elbows into the body

  • Bavarian Missile

    I guess you do Andrew…….body of what though?hahaha

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey babe Fat Cats gone to bed what you doing here still………..just jokes.

  • Andrew M

    fat cat???

    ah im still on here tryin to finish My BAS. its due in a couple of days…….

  • Bavarian Missile


    You need an accountant ……..maybe TP ??

    BAS suck! Try doing it monthly! Thats worse!

    Or do you?

  • Punko

    Two words……
    Absolutely Stunning

    Fantastic photo’s. Can’t wait for the video when you come back.

    Very Very Very Jealous.

  • Andrew M

    nah just QTRly.
    i dont mind doing some of my figures i just always leave it till the last minute.

    yeah i should hit TP up hey ha ha ha
    i actually could do with some help with my MYOB software too

  • Joober

    Andrew, check out img_35 you can see that the cabin is short lenghth wise as well (front to back), if you couple this with a very short cabin/car, then its going to pose a problem for tall people, meaning that they would have to fold their legs up a bit to fit, I think that the steering is placed high to cater for the taller people.

    And yep as you said there could be dynamic benefits to having it positioned this way.

  • No Name

    Joober – Clarkson didn’t have a problems getting in and out and he’s huge.

  • Reggiani

    This is fantastic! The Bugatti Veyron is my favourite car for me is superb and I love the Bugatti’s brand! So I can’t wait to see other fantastic photo and videos! πŸ˜‰

    Really great work! πŸ˜‰

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Sweet as pics and ALBORZ looks like a cheshire cat or the joker off BATMAN as always smiling (as one would there). ALBORZ THE JOKER IS HAPPY AS A PIG IN MUD!

    Love the tailpipe setup….nearly as good as the TRD Aurion……HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Maybe Toyota and TRD could learn the finer art of perfection! Cant see any splutter around the end of the exhaust outlet! Iam sure this will be queried!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    ANDREW M….does TP do accounting as I remember nurse assistant or engineering being mooted in chat we had with him ages ago? Begs the question what is behind those real thick out of focus lensed bottle rimmed glasses and cardigan???

  • Hendrik

    Absolutely fantastic piece of technology and raw power…

    when are you guys going to start taking pictures of the european women? dont leave us hanging guys!

  • paradise_man

    hi,i’ve seen one of the pictures wich has a pearl white with light gold veyron it’s exactly like mine,i did’nt know that there is another one with the same colour!!can you tell me plz if this car is new or one of the customers had it sent to the factory?thanks a lot and good luck.(very nice pictures)

  • BMWsauberF1

    Excuse the late reply Lcat, I would’nt mind a link to that black veyron on ebay and it better be a real one!

  • joober

    Noname, Tight packages doesnt mean its going to be hard to get in or out from, if the car is designed well such as this they would have catered for easy escape.

  • No Name

    Joober – don’t see what your getting at dude. Up there you saying the driving position would make it diffucult get in/out. Now yer saying the oposite. Uh Confused dude.

  • No Name

    Hey Folks – Given that we have not heard from Alborz and Co that they may have wrapped the Bugatti around a lamp post.
    Seriously lets hope they are still having fun.

  • Westy

    Couldn’t help jumping in here and commenting. Spam word is ford…..hey where are the comments on the drive. Waiting to see/hear how it went! Top gear special with the Veyron was awesome so hopefully your drive was as special as watching Clarkeson fang it!

  • Frugal One

    I am with Hendrik, what he said! :-)


    Go test the car that beats this, the Ultima GTR720, and @ a fraction of the price!Did you know that is what McLaren copied when it made its own uber sportscar the F1??



  • Hisroyaldadness

    Hey Karl, wipe that silly grin off your face and get yourself back here in the real world. I’ll take you for a ride on the back of the ZX14 and then you’ll know what scared really is πŸ˜‰

  • http://www.autoblog.it Bugatti&91

    hi i’m italian, i’m a fanatic fan on bugatti….
    you are the best!!!!

  • JPL

    I spose it would be fun to drive that thing around a race track, but you wouldnt let your mrs or your mates drive it, so it would just be you and the car… Na i would rather buy myself 20 clubsports..