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Toyota has provided us with teaser images of two vehicles set to expand its family of Hybrid Synergy Drive vehicles: the Toyota Prius+ and the Toyota Yaris HSD Concept.

The latter of the two is the most intriguing, as the Yaris HSD Concept appears to be an almost-production-ready design of the brand’s first B-segment hybrid.

Toyota says the concept will give a good insight into the final design of the micro-hybrid, which will become the next vehicle in Toyota Europe’s strategy to introduce a hybrid model into every nameplate in the range.

The Yaris HSD Concept embraces the familiar Toyota hybrid features of a rounded nose with blue-tinged badge, strong vertical lower-front side air intakes and headlights stretching deep into the bonnet.

The central lower air intake has a revised, more modern design, and could point to future hybrid styling from the Japanese manufacturer.

The Prius+ will debut alongside the Yaris at Geneva, and will become the first seven-seat full hybrid available in Europe.

Based on the Prius V unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last month, the Prius+ promises more room and storage space than the Prius hatch without compromising on fuel efficiency and emissions.

Alternative energy will be the focus of the Toyota stand at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which commences on March 1. Also on show will be plug-in hybrids, electric vehicles and fuel cell hybrid vehicles, all of which Toyota says feature in its product strategy for this decade.

  • Alexander

    The front of that Yaris screams Citroen DS3!

    It’s consumption should be interesting, it’s a fair bit smaller/lighter than a Prius & is rumored to have the EU spec 1.33 engine from the Toyota iQ, so i’d say consumption should be around 3.3-3.5l/100km?

    • Baddass

      I reckon the lights look like a Renaultsport Clio.

      • Crownleyian

        You mentioned Renault Clio Rs you get thumbs down!


        RENAULT SPORT CLIO RS 200 light years ahead of this crapster!

  • Naughtyius Maximus

    I reckon the car looks like all cars – it has round wheels! Gee whiz their is some rubbish on here = get a life and get over your nothing comments!

  • MF

    Pretty handsome looking headlights there

  • F1MotoGP

    I missed out that all instrument are back to its normal place.

  • Nick K

    This version averages around 6.5 L per 100Kms and still does not allow for a towbar to be fitted due to possible battery overheating. The lack of a towbar reduces its real world practicality, a shame really as this would be a practical and fuel efficient family car. If Toyota can refine this technology further we may yet see a non compromise hybrid… for now hybrid technology is still a niche one.

    • ST

      It’s only Australians and Europeans tow with passenger cars if at all but when was the last time you even see a Lancer/Focus/Corolla towing anything? If you want to use it as a bike holder, then stick it on the roof or there are many European brands that have hatch bike holders.

      Real world? The only time my family has ever towed anything was >10 years ago and in the 27 years I’ve been in this country, we’ve only seen a trailer attached to our car twice. I’m sure if I really need to tow anything I can afford to just hire a ute from the servos to save dragging the ballast for the life of the car for just that moment thinking I could tow something. Therefore, my real world does not need any towbar and hybrids are not a compromise for me to use in everyday driving.

      Also how do you know it does 6.5L/100km? Yaris non hybrid already betters this.

      • Nick K

        The 6.5L/100 is the official figure for the Prius V. As for a towbar I need it to occasionally pull a small trailer… I can’t put the rubbish on the roof. If this was my prime transport the lack of a towbar would be a deal killer. Sorry, I simply do not agree with what you are saying.

        • ST

          How often is often to have a 100kg ballast fitted 100% of the time to use less than 5% of the time (if even)?

          Surely one could consolidate them all in one time big load to go to the tip? Hiring a 2T tipper cost $200 from Kennards for 24 hrs. Halve that if you’re just after a 1T ute. That’s a lot of rubbish one could cart away pretty quickly in one go without breaking your back and you wouldn’t have to figure out a way to store the trailer at home (Unless you’ve got a McMansion with a mega garage) and then add pay any rego. Unless you’ve got a boat that you take fishing most weekends, then fine. Hybrids wouldn’t even be in your mind in the first place. Box trailer??

          With manufacturers like Mazda focusing on lightweight materials for the car for better fuel economy, acceleration, braking, cornering etc, it seems pretty silly to just undo it by putting a heavy ballast for the sake of “occasionally”.

          You add whatever you want to the car but saying it’s a compromise in that way is just saying it’s no good for anyone.

  • F1MotoGP

    My first comment was removed because there was the Toyota Vitz (Yaris) webpage from Japan where you can see the car inside and outside.

  • Octavian

    I fully agree with ST, if I want to go to Fraser Island once or even twice per year with friends I’ll hire a 4WD and keep my metropolitan-centric car.

    People just have to adapt their lives to accept tradeoffs if they’re wanting to purchase an unpowerful hybrid. Perhaps people should just buy a more powerful diesel or hybrid.

    Toyota’s French design studio got a bit of inspiration from Citroen, but that been the case for a long time for many Japanese cars. Europeans create most of the design and most innovation in cars, the east mostley copies, then Australia and now America consumes the bulk of the end product. Except it, it’s how the auto business works.

  • Nick K

    ST, each to their own views and priorities. I demand much more from my investment. It’s great you are okay with the Prius the way it is. I am actually planning to buy a used Prius as a second car… I’d love to have a seven seater also, alas no towbar means no second Prius.