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There wasn't much wrong with the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf, but the new 7.5 version borders on perfection. It's quite possibly the best all-round hatchback ever built.
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LIST PRICE From $34,490
FUEL ECONOMY 5.2/100km

2013 Volkswagen Golf 118 TSI Comfortline Review

To some the Golf is the king of the C Segment while to others they are a ticking time bomb. These differing opinions aren’t surpising when over 30 million Golf's having been built globally. To add my 2 cents I thought I would share my past year and a half experience with my 2013 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon 118TSI Comfortline. The 118TSI Comfortline has a 1...

2013 Volkswagen Golf GTi Review

I've come from the big and heavy side of cars, so going from a "boat" to this MK6 GTI was quite a drastic change. One thing I must point out is the fact that there is A LOT more room inside than it looks like from the outside. I am 6'6 and not only do I fit comfortably, I can also have an average sized person behind me...

2015 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Review

When it came to buying my first car, I was looking for a nice, small compact car, with either turbo petrol or turbo diesel. After looking around at other similar cars, I came across a 2015 vw golf demo base model with a price that was to good to ignore. I have had the car for just under a year...

2014 Volkswagen Golf R Review

The new Golf R is lighter, faster, more efficient and bigger than its predecessor and comes packed with technology (like an ESP system you can fully disengage). On paper, what is essentially a Golf GTI with more power and four-wheel drive doesn’t sound all that exciting yet, in the R, VW has made a genuinely rapid car with that rare knack of feeling totally secure and, at the same time, fantastically biddable, as if it were always working out the best way to extract the most pace from any given input on any given road...

2012 Volkswagen Golf GTd Review

Purchased new in 2012 GTD AUTO now 83000km on clock great power and handling comfortable ride in most cases, not a great ride on country roads with 18 inch low profile tyres very choppy but stable. Draw back expensive service costs from vw expensive parts overall wiper blades unless you buy on ebay $ 100 plus fitting but its vw what else can you expect...

2015 Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Review

Six weeks down and 2200km on the clock, and this car is utterly enjoyable! Tweaked the audio eq, played with cruise control, had a look for hidden buttons and features that may not get a usual mention...

2009 Volkswagen Golf Review

My dear mother, bless her, had managed to implant a nail into the sidewall of the rear left tyre on my R32 down at the local shops, a feat I'm still unsure is physically possible. At the tyre shop later that day I was surprised not by the price of a replacement ContiSport 5 (very high if you were wondering), but more by the fact that in little under an hour three different people had offered to buy the car from me...

2011 Volkswagen Golf Review

What if someone said to you, if you were to buy ONE car, one car to do everything, what would you choose? For many, the answer would be different based off their needs and lifestyles. But what if you're a motoring enthusiast, like me? We're often misunderstood for indulging in cars but at the end of the day we still need something to rely on a day-to-day basis...

2013 Volkswagen Golf Review

Mindspace – Year 2000 The journey began when our family buz decided to take a turn south and my beloved 2012 Range Rover Sport had to go! The period of austerity was to begin, sensible, practical, reliable was to take place, but how this was to be executed was the overarch question? Many years prior to the family buz was my advertising life, which included quite a few years of scooting around Melbourne in the latest offering from Germany, at the time this meant Volkswagen Golfs, coated either in silver/ black/ or white, all agreed… the best value for the new millennium! Fast Forward – Facebook New Volkswagen Golf 7 pops up in my feed; the sleek new body (yet distinctively Golf) instantly draws my attention, a click through to the VW site for more info! It's lighter, safer, more economical, and best of all; my obsession with brand image isn't going to be completely stripped once the Rangie goes (so I keep reminding myself)...

2012 Volkswagen Golf Review

The “R” as it's affectionately known by its owners is a 188 kilowatt, 2-litre turbocharged pocket rocket in semi conservative attire. The R sits at the top of the Golf range, with subtle styling cues hinting that it's something more special than your neighbour's base model Golf...

2012 Volkswagen Golf Review

Back in 2012 after we'd paid off the “family” car, I was given the OK to find my fun car. Budget was around $40k, and after eliminating the Mazda 3 MPS (old model, scratchy plastics) it was down to the Renault Megane RS265 or the Volkswagen Golf GTI. With our 2nd child on the way and a wife that wanted back doors, the GTI won out...