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There wasn't much wrong with the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf, but the new 7.5 version borders on perfection. It's quite possibly the best all-round hatchback ever built.
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LIST PRICE From $34,490
FUEL ECONOMY 5.2/100km

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 could drop wagon variant - report

The next-generation Volkswagen Golf, due to commence production next year, looks set to shake up the small car segment with cutting-edge technology and powertrains, though the model range could look a little different to what's currently available. A new report by the UK's Autocar claims the Mk8 Golf could have some big things in the works, and move further upmarket in terms of available technologies and interior ambience...

CarAdvice podcast 118: The man who put an R32 V6 engine into a Kombi

Joining Mandy Turner this week is Mike Stevens and Scott Collie. In car news, Jaguar Land Rover has designed a self-driving pod with 'virtual eyes', Honda has decided to take a step back from electric cars, Audi has halted production of the RS3, and the 2019 Kia ProCeed has been teased...

2019 Volkswagen Golf R, Golf R Special Edition pricing and specs

Volkswagen Australia has announced pricing and specs for the 2019 Golf R, revealing it will also offer a limited-run Golf R Special Edition from November with a louder exhaust and a few choice performance upgrades. The headline act in the Special Edition, of which just 400 units will be available locally, is a titanium exhaust from Akrapovic...

Hot hatches have jumped the shark, and we deserve better

I despise the phrase 'jumped the shark'. It comes from a late episode of Happy Days, where Fonzie literally jumps over a shark on water skis – at least, that's what Wikipedia told me. I wasn't born when the shark was first jumped, you see, but the expression still lingers like a bad smell over pop culture...

2018 Volkswagen Golf R drive-away pricing announced

Volkswagen has announced drive-away pricing for the 2018 Golf R hatch and wagon, as it prepares to bring the MY19 range into showrooms. The drive-away Golf R range will kick off at $48,490 drive-away in Grid Edition Manual guise, jumping to $50,990 for the DSG. Volkswagen previously priced the two from $47,490 and $49,990 before on-road costs respectively...

2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI pricing and specs

Volkswagen Australia has released pricing and specifications for the upgraded 2019 Golf GTI, which will kick off from $45,490 plus on-road costs when it lands in October. UPDATE, 18/2/2019: Volkswagen has announced drive-away pricing for the MY19 Golf GTI, now advertised from $47,990 drive-away...

Volkswagen GTI family faces off - video

With the recent addition of the Up! GTI, Volkswagen has hot hatch for essentially all tastes. But which one is quickest in a straight line? Along with the current Golf, Polo and Up! GTI, this video throws a bit of a curveball into the mix, in the form of a pre-facelift Golf GTI Clubsport S...

Volkswagen Golf R gets a European power cut

Volkswagen has followed Seat in cutting power from its range-topping hot hatch, slicing 8kW from the Golf R's outputs in light of WLTP testing. Whereas the Golf R gets a watered-down 'hot-weather tune' in Australia, producing 213kW from its 2.0-litre displacement, cooler European climes were granted access to the full 228kW available from the EA888 turbocharged engine...

Elderly man builds 447kW Golf R - Video

The Volkswagen Golf R is hardly what you'd call slow, but imagine doubling the amount of power it produces. Well, a 75-year-old man in the UK has done just that. His Mk7 Golf R has been tuned to deliver just under 600bhp (447kW), not that you'd be able to tell by looking at it...

CarAdvice podcast 108: What to know when buying a new car at EOFY

Joining Mandy Turner this week are Kez Casey and James Wong. In car news, the Australian details for the 2019 BMW X4 have been revealed, the Audi A1 has been unveiled, along with the Suzuki Jimny, and the Ford Mustang Bullitt will start at $73,688. In Volkswagen news, the Amarok Core V6 will be priced at under $50,000, while the 213kW GTI TCR has been confirmed for Australia...

2019 Volkswagen Golf updates detailed

Volkswagen Australia has detailed the updated MY19 Golf range this week, with a smaller model range and a new base trim set to arrive in dealerships this October. The 110TSI base model has been culled, along with the manual Golf R, with the Trendline grade serving as the new entry point to the revised range...