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Volkswagen was founded in 1937 and became famous for the Beetle (which was designed by Ferdinand Porsche). Today the German company owns Audi, Bugatti, Skoda, Lamborghini, SEAT and Porsche. Volkswagen has managed to grow its marketshare in Australia substantially over the last decade to take 9th position ahead of Honda with models such as the Golf, Passat, Polo, Touareg & Tiguan. Volkswagen aims to become the world's largest manufacturer and currently sells 14 different models in Australia.

Volkswagen Reviews

2020 Volkswagen T-Roc review

Volkswagen is finally fighting in the small-SUV battleground. Is the T-Roc too late to the party?

2020 Volkswagen T-Cross review

Volkswagen’s T-Cross represents one part of a two-prong attack on the compact-SUV space. Is the cheaper, smaller SUV the better pick?

Cars you didn’t know you want: Volkswagen SP2

The early 1970s were an interesting time for car enthusiasts in Brazil. The importation of cars had been banned, leaving those lusting for a sports car with limited options. Sure, there was the locally built-Puma, but it was little more than a kit car with engines sourced from DKW, Volkswagen and General Motors and with production numbers in the hundreds...

The car names you've probably been mispronouncing this whole time

Fancy yourself a car enthusiast? While being an enthusiastic car owner and a good driver are both part of your overall street cred, a lot of it comes down to being able to talk the torque. And where many of us can come undone when showing off our automotive prowess is butchering the pronunciation of brand or model names as badly as Kim from Kath & Kim used to pronounce 'chardonnay' (she said 'kar-don-aye', for the record)...

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Volkswagen Videos

2020 Ford Fiesta ST v Volkswagen Polo GTI comparison

SToush: Ford's new pocket rocket takes on the Polo GTI...

Video review: 2020 VW T-Roc

Given an unprecedented demand globally, it has taken the local subsidiary a couple of years to convince Germany to send a few small SUVs over to wee-old Australia. This does happen quite a bit, as European manufacturers often allocate hot product to the most profitable markets, which is usually not Australia. Either way, they’re late to the party...

2020 Volkswagen Amarok review: V6 Core manual

Along with three pedals and six ratios, this base-specification Amarok also gets a more ubiquitous part-time 4x4 system with a low-range transfer case compared to the single-range, all-wheel-drive automatic Amarok.

REVIEW: 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan 110TSI Trendline

Volkswagen's cheapest Tiguan, the 110 TSI Trendline is back on the showroom floor, sporting a price of $34,490 (before on-roads). Is the Tiguan 110 TSI Trendline a value-for-money, feature-packed family SUV? Sam Purcell takes a look, and finds out.

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Volkswagen Comparisons

2020 Ford Fiesta ST v Volkswagen Polo GTI comparison

Same size. Same 147kW of turbocharged power. The new Fiesta ST and Polo GTI are members of a dwindling ‘pocket rocket’ breed of city-sized performance cars. Thankfully, both are great – but for differing reasons.

2020 Toyota RAV4 v Volkswagen Tiguan comparison

The Toyota RAV4 and Volkswagen Tiguan are two of the best mid-sized SUVs you can buy right now. But which model appeals the most in entry-level guise?

2019 BMW X5 xDrive30d v Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d v Volkswagen Touareg Launch Edition comparison

Prospective buyers of big luxury SUVs are spoiled for choice, and here are three of the best. The BMW X5 is an enduring top seller and almost certainly the storied Bavarian brand’s most important model, offering an unmistakable look with dynamic handling...

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Volkswagen News

Used car sales recover after COVID-19 lockdowns

The used-car market is showing signs of recovery as lending restrictions – and coronavirus lockdowns – begin to ease. In the grip of the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic in March and April, many used-car dealers, wholesalers, and new-car lots were offering lower-than-normal trade-in values – or refusing to buy stock...

Volkswagen Touareg V8 confirmed for Australia

Volkswagen Australia has secured a limited run of what will be the German brand’s fastest full-size SUV to date in this country – 10 years since it last built a high-performance family four-wheel-drive. The Volkswagen Touareg will be available with a twin turbo 4.0-litre V8 diesel later this year, but at this stage it is only planned to be in production for 12 months or so and be phased out at the end of 2021...

Volkswagen Golf name to be retired in the electric-car age?

One of the world's most popular cars, the Volkswagen Golf, could be retired in certain markets as the automotive industry and customers embrace the electric age. However, the Golf badge still has at least two generations of life left in it – the current Golf 8 and the next Golf 9 – that would run until at least 2035...

Volkswagen launches its first electric van, but it's not coming to Australia

Volkswagen has launched its first fully-electric version of the iconic Transporter van, but it has presumably been designed for short trips only. The maximum driving range is just 132km – a fraction of the 600km or more a diesel Volkswagen Transporter can travel on one tank The eTransporter 6...

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Volkswagen Owner Reviews

2004 Volkswagen Bora 2.3l V5 review

A few years ago, we had owned a 2004 Volkswagen Bora V5. It has been 3 years since we let this car go, and I still miss it. It was by far one of the best vehicles I have owned. With plenty of standard equipment, there wasn’t much to fault with the car. This car definitely looked good, especially with the rims that were fitted to mine, which were the same year Audi S4 rims...

2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 132 TSI Premium review

Golf Alltrack. I was on the fence since it was launched years ago. The look and the practicality ticked all the boxes for me, but the haunting DSG saga stopped my desire dead on track. Since then, I have had an XV and the latest Impreza, but the "just enough" power in the Subaru was annoying at best and made my soul screaming for more...

2014 Volkswagen Polo 81TSI Comfortline review

Trying to surprise your wife is not always an easy job. I promised that I would get her a "good" car on the day I set out to find her new wheels. I also proclaimed to her that I would have this sorted in time to be back home by lunch. When we met, she owned a Holden Epica...

2019 Volkswagen Touareg Launch Edition review

This adventure began with a push from Mercedes. As the owner of a 2015 mid-life upgrade GLE 350d, I was at the top of the list for info on the new replacement models. Somehow things went bang quietly before stock was available, and my only choice in the showroom was the four pot 180kW without air suspension. This was a yawn-worthy experience...

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