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2011 Toyota Yaris YR review

A Note from the Editor: A stock image has been supplied. I was really worried about the size of the Yaris, as I had never owned one beforehand. After driving one, it was hard to believe it was a small car. It has lots of leg room in both the front and back seats – and I'm just on 180cm tall – with lots of head room...

2007 Toyota Yaris YRS Review

When I came back from Canada in 2006, I was looking for value and economy. I'd had a Mazda MX5 there, but couldn't afford the Australian equivalent. I compared small cars and the Yaris came out on top. It's a great car and I've had a lot of fun in it. It just hit the 113600 mark (5 trips to QLD from VIC and back) and I've never crawled out of this car in agony...

2005 Toyota Yaris Yr Review

just a great reliable car, starts 365 days a year, good on gas, modern style, well serviced it will run forever nice non polish paint job, smooth ride, ease of steering, reasonable service costs, good backup from local agents toyota. looked for price, reliability, good trade in value. smooth cruising ride at 90 km a ? hour speed. what else can i say...

2012 Toyota Yaris Yrs Review

Fuel usage is good. Ride ok. Space good. Gearbox is good and so is the 1.5ltr engine. The boot can hold a good side suit case and the seats being able to be put down or split is a good thing. Engine runs well around city and also at 100kmph. cruise control is a great feature. Safety is good in this car. Colouring is a bit out there...

2014 Toyota Yaris Ascent Review

I was recently in the market for a new, more economical car when I stumbled upon the redesigned Toyota Yaris Ascent at my local Toyota Dealer. On the outside it is a great looking little car with its big grill, it sort of gives it a mean look and in my opinion it looks better the previous generations...

2013 Toyota Yaris YRX Review

Bought in January, I got a great deal on my Toyota Yaris after using CarAdvice. It has all the features you need. It plays music and navigates with GPS well, while also being economical with fuel. It can be just a little sluggish sometimes, though, especially going up hills.


Had the car since new, I have nothing but praise on the reliability of the Yaris. I give it TLC whenever I can but during my lean times the Yaris stayed strong and gives whatever I demand from her, yes clear coast is failing, head unit's sound is appalling and it can be drone-ly on B grade roads but the car still goes on and on and one..