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2017 Toyota HiLux TRD review

The 2017 Toyota HiLux TRD ute adds some styling extras to the range-topping SR5 dual-cab diesel 4x4 ute. Is it worth the extra cash?

Playtime in the Toyota HiLux Tonka concept and 2017 Toyota HiLux TRD

You're never too old to play with toys, we say - and Toyota has given us all a nice reminder with the release of the full-size HiLux Tonka concept. Billed as the "dream toy for adults", this collaborative 'Toyonka' (Tonkota?) made its global debut in Sydney recently...

2016 Toyota HiLux SR5 Double Cab review

Despite remaining atop the sales charts, the HiLux is no longer the best dual cab 4WD in Australia. It's still as tough as it has always been though, not that many owners of brand new SR5s would ever know.

2016 Toyota Hilux WorkMate 4x4 review

Toyota has gone back to basics with the entry-level HiLux Workmate. James has a look to see if there is still plenty of ute behind the black bumper and steel wheels.

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Toyota HiLux Videos

2018 Dual-cab ute mega test

Dual-cab utes are expected to be more versatile today than ever before. Rough and tough is not enough. The flagship versions must be comfortable inside, safe, and look the part because people want show ponies as well as workhorses. Our team have tested eight key contenders (LDV wouldn't give us a T60, and the X-Class hadn't launched in time for this test), to see how they all stack up...

2017 Toyota Hilux TRD review

Read the full article here. Today we’re going to take a look at something truly exciting that’s been developed by Toyota’s go-fast team, TRD. It’s the 2017 Toyota HiLux TRD. Wait, what? Toyota Racing Development hasn’t really worked this new model over to within an inch of its life, and it really hasn’t done anything to make it a much sportier than the standard vehicle...

Playtime in the Toyota HiLux Tonka concept and 2017 Toyota HiLux TRD

Read the full article here. We’re in the exhibition hall at Australian Technology Park in Sydney for the global unveiling of the Toyota HiLux Tonka concept, which is based on the top-spec double-cab SR5, A little playground with dirt, hills and giant building bricks has been set up inside the massive building to show off its capabilities...

Ute comparison: Ford Ranger v Holden Colorado v Isuzu D-MAX v Mitsubishi Triton v Toyota HiLux v Volkswagen Amarok

Read the full review here  There are work utes – you know, the single-cab budget-focused models aimed at tradies specifically – and there are lifestyle utes, those that cost $60,000 to $70,000 that are more often seen with a dude in a suit driving them rather than a bloke in overalls...

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Toyota HiLux Comparisons

Ute comparison 2018: Ford Ranger v Toyota HiLux v Mitsubishi Triton v Nissan Navara v Holden Colorado v Isuzu D-MAX v Mazda BT-50 v Volkswagen Amarok

Dual-cab utes are expected to be more versatile today than ever before. Rough and tough is not enough. The flagship versions must be comfortable inside, safe, and look the part because people want show ponies as well as workhorses. Consider, for a moment, that the eight most popular dual-cab models managed 193,000 sales in Australia last year, which equals 16 per cent of the entire new vehicle market...

Ute mega test: How do the tubs stack up?

They’re more likely to carry dirty nappies and road bikes than a bale of hay, but all eight of the cars on our 2018 dual-cab mega test are, you know, dual-cab utes. That means they still need to be fit for hard work. Has the transition to a life of luxury undermined the inherent practicality of these one-time work vehicles? Here’s a look at how the tray on each stacks up...

Ute mega test: Bluetooth comparison

In such a competitive segment, there can be a lot to take in when purchasing your next ute. As a result, Bluetooth user-friendliness and quality often gets overlooked, but generally, it is one of the most used features for drivers - especially tradies - as a lot of business calls are conducted while on the move...

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Toyota HiLux News

2018 Toyota HiLux Rugged, Rugged X and Rogue - image gallery

Toyota today took the wraps off the 2018 HiLux Rugged, Rugged X and Rogue, all of which go on sale in late April. With a starting price of $54,990 before on-road costs, the three models will offer buyers off-road oriented vehicles covered by factory warranty. You can read our full pricing and specifications article here...

2018 Toyota HiLux Rogue, Rugged and Rugged X pricing and specifications

Pricing and specifications have been announced for Toyota's all-new HiLux variants, the Rogue, Rugged and Rugged X. Toyota insists these new models are not just accessory packs, but fully fledged and engineered new models. With customers spending an average of $2000 accessorising their new HiLux, the company thinks it has hit the sweet spot when it comes to meeting a range of needs...

Toyota talks Australian vehicle development, new HiLux editions

How much do you know about Toyota Motor Australia’s Product Planning and Development division in Port Melbourne? Apparently the answer for most of us is ‘not enough’. Which goes a long way to explaining why Australia’s dominant vehicle brand opened its doors a little wider than usual, and showed a number of media outlets around on the proviso it put stickers over our smartphone lenses...

Toyota recalls 24,000 vehicles for airbag fix

Toyota has issued a recall for 23,964 vehicles across its 2015 Corolla, Fortuner, HiLux and Prius model lines over concerns a faulty sensor could cause the airbags to deactivate. According to the Japanese automotive giant, the insulations on the IC chips peel over time on affected cars, creating an open circuit...

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Toyota HiLux Owner Reviews

2007 Toyota HiLux SR review

I bought the car off my dad, as I needed a new car and I work as a tradie. I wasn't the biggest fan of it at first, mainly the looks and how it drove, but over time I added my own touches to the exterior. The car is rather basic in terms of technology for its year, however it has all the main things you want in a car: AUX and Bluetooth, a semi-decent stereo system, ABS, and two airbags...

2016 Toyota HiLux SR (4x4) Review

With the new crop of dual cab utes around, it is hard to decide which ones suits you better. Do I go for engine power, features, size or name? Mid-2016 I picked up my 2016 HiLux in hope that it would satisfy everything that I need. I loved the standard rear-view camera and the cool box that comes standard with the SR as well as the 7-inch touch screen...

2006 Toyota HiLux SR5 Review

The high-spec SR5 looks staunch with big roll bars and chrome trim. Mine's in silver. It's a big truck, and handles like a truck! I love the simplicity of my 2006 model. There are no chimes or annoying bells, and the quiet engine is very easy to work on and maintain. I don't like the plastic headlights, but I'll upgrade these to LED soon...

2002 Toyota HiLux SR5 (4x4) Review

When I see advertisements of the latest dual-cab utes (that's 'trucks' to Holden and Ford ad gurus), I take it as fact that if you don't tow a jetski/skidsteer/bull to market at least every weekend, you might as well hand in your man license and let your mum tow 3.5 ton on your behalf...

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Toyota HiLux Galleries

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