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2021 Toyota GR Yaris Rallye launch review

The Toyota GR Yaris is the hot hatch of the moment, but there are two models – and we reckon this is the real one. Here’s why.

Behind the scenes of the world's first factory-backed GR Yaris rally car

A group of five shuffle alongside a hugely modified Toyota GR Yaris. "It's no different from building a V8 Supercar," says Neal Bates, boss and owner of factory-backed Toyota motorsport outfit Neal Bates Motorsport. "Look at how many people there are here, one... two... five I think? Not bad, considering the output...

A quick guide to vehicle coatings.

Australia has one of the highest ultraviolet (UV) indexes in the world. Overexposure to high levels of UV is dangerous – be it to humans, natural materials, and even man-made finishes like your vehicle's paint. Modern surface technology has come a long way in recent years, especially in terms of protective coatings...

2021 Toyota GR Yaris review

We've studied the GR Yaris in light of its initial $39,990 drive-away price, but now we take a look with the lens of the full retail price for the second batch.

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Toyota GR Yaris Videos

Video: 2021 Toyota GR Yaris Rallye launch review

We test the Toyota GR Yaris Rallye edition, and explain why we reckon it's the 'real' one.

Video: Behind The Scenes With The Neal Bates Motorsport GR Yaris Rally Car

We go behind the scenes at Neal Bates Motorsport to get a glimpse of what goes into creating the world's first factory-backed GR Yaris rally car.

REVIEW: 2020 Toyota Yaris GR: Prototype Drive

When it arrives in local showrooms in 2020, the Yaris GR will be the first Toyota hot hatch of any kind sold in Australia since the high-revving Celica-powered Corolla Sportivo bowed out in 2006.

Toyota GR Yaris Comparisons

Toyota city car performance comparison

The gamut of Toyota’s fast car alumni is wide. It has placed a sports variant, or even dedicated option, in nearly every segment. Let's talk about sports cars first. If you're into grand touring, there were options like the Supra, and Soarer. Both late-model versions were powered by the brand's legendary JZ family of engines – straight-six brutes with either single- or twin-turbos...

Toyota GR Yaris News

Toyota GR Yaris order books temporarily shut due to high demand

Toyota has placed a pause on new orders for its 2021 Toyota GR Yaris hot hatch, as customer interest has seen demand outstrip supply, pushing wait times back into 2022. Effective from 1 July 2021 (this Thursday), Toyota Australia will no longer receive new GR Yaris orders – and it's unclear how long order books will be closed for, with the brand stating it will "announce a recommencement of [orders]...

Vote for the Drive 2021 BP Ultimate Driver’s Car of the Year

Barely a day passes in the automotive world we don’t hear news about 'autonomous this' and 'assistance that', and you could be forgiven for thinking that the role of the driver is becoming less relevant than it once was. While technology is working on making routine driving easier and safer, we can see manufacturers also using technology to make driving more fun...

Toyota Australia orders more GR Yaris and Rallye stock, but deliveries pushed to 2022

Toyota Australia has put in an urgent call to Japan for a larger allocation of the GR Yaris and limited-edition GR Yaris Rallye in the next production run – after both models sold out within days of going on sale last year. The first 1000 examples of the regular Toyota GR Yaris sold out within a week when the company announced an introductory price of $39,950 drive-away...

New cars launching in Australia in April 2021

The Australian new-car market is a crowded one, with dozens of manufacturers offering hundreds of models in different segments and body styles. Over 100 all-new, updated or expanded model ranges are due to launch throughout 2021, as chronicled in CarAdvice's 2021 New Car Calendar – but what's there to look forward to this month? Here's a look at every new vehicle launching in Australia in April 2021...

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Toyota GR Yaris Owner Reviews

2020 Toyota GR Yaris review

There have been many truly outstanding car names over the years. Who can forget the Mighty Boy from Suzuki, the Lettuce from Mitsubishi and Great Wall's Wingle, whatever that means. My personal favourite is the Ford Probe. You just know that the car was named after whoever Ford's “Vice President in Charge Of Car Names” was at the time returned from his annual medical, saw the long nose on that Ford/ Mazda creation and immediately knew it had to be called the Probe...

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