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2019 Toyota Corolla ZR petrol review

Despite the increasing popularity of hybrid motivation, two out of three Corollas remain pure petrol power. And while the flagship ZR four-banger mightn't be the shrewdest choice in the hatchback range, we discover it's oh-so likeable indeed.

The CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018, James Wong: Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid

My winning pick for 2018 is the new Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Shortly after the all-new model launched locally in August I reviewed the mid-spec SX variant. Why a Corolla? The new-generation model is such a leap forward in so many ways, and personally I believe it’s a genuine top pick in the small-car segment...

The CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018

Welcome to the inaugural CarAdvice Winners Circle, our debut annual award program showcasing our editorial team’s motoring highlight releases of the year. After some long and hard consideration of the pros and cons of more traditional award formats, it was ultimately reader and car industry feedback – through surveys, garage day chats and even a focus group – that moulded exactly the form Winners Circle would take...

2019 Toyota Corolla ZR hybrid review

Tech like a Prius, but at a much sharper price and in a much sharper suit. A hybrid might not be the first thing you think of when looking for a small car, but the Corolla hybrid makes a compelling case for itself.

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2019 Small Car Comparison

It's time. We've put the 10 most popular small cars together, priced between $30,000 and $40,000, to see which are most deserving of your attention.

2019 Toyota Corolla range review: Where's the sweet spot?

Alright, you've decided you're buying a new-generation 2019 Toyota Corolla, but which should you get? To help you decide, we've put a number of models to the test – Corolla Ascent Sport, Corolla SX Hybrid and Corolla ZR Hybrid – head-to-head.

CarAdvice Winners Circle 2018: Our favourites

You told us you don't trust the traditional 'Car of the Year' format favoured by most publishers, and you wanted to know more about our own personal faves, objectivity be damned. Well, here it is. Get the full story right here. NOTE: This video was first published on December 18.

2019 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport review

Toyota's new Corolla is bolder and sportier than ever before - perhaps more even than we could have ever imagined - but has it lost some practicality in the process? Jez Spinks drives. MORE: Corolla v Mazda 3 v Hyundai i30 comparison...

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Toyota Corolla Comparisons

2019 small car comparison

While buyers continue to gravitate toward SUVs, small cars haven’t entirely lost their appeal. They account for about one-in-seven new vehicles sold this year, with this cluster of models forming the vast majority of the segment’s sales. We’re testing flagship variants here, with sticker prices between $30,000 and $40,000...

2019 Toyota Corolla range review

Believe it or not, I’m pretty excited at the prospect of this 2019 Toyota Corolla range review. Not so long ago, you’d have thought I was mad for making that statement, but stay with me for a minute… The Corolla looks better than it has for a long time, it’s more accomplished than it’s ever been in an engineering sense, and there is more than one engine variant worth considering – one an excellent hybrid drive system...

2018 Toyota Corolla v Volkswagen Golf comparison

The new Toyota Corolla took us aback when it arrived a few months ago. Far from familiar, its maker has driven the market's top-selling passenger car down a bolder path. Its design is edgier, its handling sharper, its safety tech leads the class, and a hybrid drivetrain is available at all specification levels. And it’s more expensive...

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Toyota Corolla News

Toyota and Lexus halt sales of select hybrids over brake issue

Toyota and Lexus Australia have put sales of various hybrid models on hold over an issue related to the regenerative braking system. “At this stage the Toyota vehicles affected are Camry, Corolla Hatch, RAV4 and Prius. For Lexus the models affected are Lexus ES and UX,” the company said in a statement...

Restored WRC Toyota Corolla tackles Sydney road rally - video

Remember the WRC Toyota Corolla from the late 1990s? Well, rally fans and the like can watch the old race car compete once more. At a recent round of the Whiteline Tarmac Rally Series in New South Wales, a special example of the old rally car hit Western Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek, to compete...

Toyota Corolla GR Sport, Trek revealed

Toyota Europe has revealed a pair of new Corolla variants for the Geneva motor show, offering two very different flavours depending on buyer preference. First up is the Corolla GR Sport (pictured in silver), which in concept is in a similar vein to the Ford Focus ST-Line – offering sporty looks and equipment without any powertrain upgrades...

Toyota confirms Corolla GRMN, sorta - report

Toyota has pretty much confirmed it will produce a proper hot hatch based on the new Corolla, according to a new report out of Europe. Speaking with Dutch publication Toyota's deputy chief designer, Toshio Kanei, said a fully-fledged Corolla GRMN is "certainly realistic". "We are already working on that...

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Toyota Corolla Owner Reviews

2018 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport review

Well, the time to upgrade my beloved Holden Cruze had come. A couple of issues with my Cruze allowed me to scrap Holden from the consideration. In the end, I had three cars I was seriously interested in: Hyundai i30 Toyota Corolla Mazda 3 Funnily enough, they were the best three selling cars at the time, so I thought it didn’t really matter what I chose, because they were all very good cars...

2008 Toyota Corolla Conquest review

My Australian motoring experience started early one morning at Kingsford Smith Airport in a rented BA Ford Falcon XR6. I remember my wife looking at the purple (ish) car with its added aerodynamic features and then back at me with an “Ooookay”, a bit of a pause and then with her best newly-found Australian accent, “Let’s go, mate!”...

2018 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport (Hybrid) review

I write from the perspective of an Uber driver. I have been driving a 2016 Corolla Hybrid for the past year, and decided to take a look at the new 2019 model that was launched last week. I was able to take the car for a short test drive around the Gosford area north of Sydney. The test drive included some regular city streets as well as a freeway section...

2006 Toyota Corolla Ascent Seca review

In the last six months, my wife and I traded our 11-year-old white automatic ex-rental Toyota Corolla Ascent and upgraded to a much nicer (and car enthusiast aligned) manual Mazda 3 SP25 GT sedan in Soul Red. Obviously, loving the new car and will write a review once I have done 5000km on the clock, but today's review is all about the trusty old Corolla...

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2019 small car comparison

2019 Toyota Corolla ZR petrol review

2019 Toyota Corolla range review

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