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2018 Toyota Camry SL Hybrid review

The imported Toyota Camry SL Hybrid is actually – shock, horror – a desirable offering that is far more than a mere sensible choice. Who'd have thought we'd ever see the day?

2018 Toyota Camry SL review

The 2018 Toyota Camry range is a huge step up, and while the SL flagship may not be the one we'd buy, commendations are due regardless.

2018 Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid review

In the ultimate ride-share specification – white, base-model hybrid – does the all-new Toyota Camry Ascent represent good value for a sub-$30K large car?

2018 Toyota Camry review: First Australian drive

Can a Toyota Camry be more than 'just' reliable, safe and conservative? And does anybody care? The eighth-generation model, imported from Japan rather than made here, is launching now with a mind to answering these questions in the affirmative.

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Toyota Camry Videos

Toyota Hybrid: The silent majority

Sponsored by: Toyota Hybrids... what even are they? Today,  just about any mention of the word 'hybrid' should bring to mind a vehicle that combines an internal-combustion engine with advanced electrification – designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and increase driving range...

2018 Toyota Camry SL review

Toyota is pretty fed up with the Camry's iconography: whitegoods, cardigans and bowls clubs. So it claims to have made a clean break with this new one.

2016 Toyota Camry Atara SX Review

Read the full review here There has been a lot said about the demise of the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore, but Australia will also say goodbye to another Aussie-built sedan icon – the Toyota Camry. With its final full-range update having just hit showroom floors, we thought we’d find out if the locally-made Camry is going out on a high note...

2015 Toyota Camry : Design Interview with Kevin Hunter

Read the article here. The US-designed Camry range has been given such a substantial tweak because Toyota admits it needed a sharper design to compete with a number of desirable rivals globally, and to fit its new corporate direction towards creating more attractive and characterful vehicles...

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Toyota Camry Comparisons

$30k Family car comparison

While the car industry seems intent on reinventing and cross-pollinating shapes, sizes and themes to create a different family vehicle, equally families who buy and use such vehicles can be incredibly diverse in terms of needs and wants...

Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL v Honda Accord Sport Hybrid v Lexus IS300h F Sport : Hybrid sedan comparison

Hybrid cars are not exactly a big ticket item in Australia, especially when you compare our market to somewhere such as Japan or the US. Nevertheless, there are options from Toyota, Honda and Lexus for those with green-tinged glasses. Out of the 260,000-odd passenger cars registered to fleets and private buyers alike over the first half of 2015, fewer than 5000 were petrol-electric hybrids...

Medium Sedan Comparison : Toyota Camry v Mazda 6 v Hyundai Sonata v Subaru Liberty

Medium cars are struggling in the face of an SUV uprising. Quite literally, the raising-up of body height and seating position has allowed the sport utility vehicle to act both like a magician entrancing customers, and a grim reaper destroying traditional sedan and wagons. There are massive upsides for those buyers who are determined to fly in the face of fashion, however...

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Toyota Camry News

2018 Ward's 10 Best Interiors List announced

Forty new or significantly upgraded interiors were nominated and tested for the 2018Ward's Auto best interior list, with American vehicles taking three spots, two hailing from Europe, and five from Asia. Again a sizeable proportion of the winners are luxury models, but mainstream vehicles were represented by the Hyundai Kona, Chevrolet Equinox, and Toyota Camry...

CarAdvice podcast 85: Oh how easy it can be to steal your modern car

We are back for 2018! This week it's Mandy Turner and Mike Stevens in the studio. In car news, the Toyota HiLux Rogue, Rugged and Rugged X are coming to Australia, as is the Mazda CX-8. Over to Korea and Hyundai has announced it is building a two-seater sports car, right after revealing the hydrogen-powered Nexo...

CarAdvice podcast 80: BMW M4 Pure v M4 CS

Joining Mandy Turner this week is Mike Costello and Alborz Fallah. It's been a big week in car news, with the Tesla Semi and Roadster being revealed, Hyundai still undecided on its i30 N line-up, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS has been teased, and pricing for the new imported Toyota Camry has been announced...

Hotted-up Toyota Camry: Chief engineer loves the idea

Toyota’s chief engineer for the eighth-generation Camry program says he loves the idea of a proper performance-focused version, to capitalise on its much more dynamically-able new platform. Japan-based Masato Katsumata, who has spent time working with Toyota Europe but now runs a team of a few thousand, and who spent his youth doing rallies and driving an AE86, told us this week that there might just be a market for such a previously unlikely offering...

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Toyota Camry Owner Reviews

2017 Toyota Camry Altise review

At some point, every motoring enthusiast has experienced the discomfort of being stuck behind a Camry driver. That maddening pain of being held back by someone completely oblivious to their surroundings, meandering through traffic (and life) slowly but surely as others (and life) pass them (and now you) by...

2017 Toyota Camry RZ SE review

I purchased my 2017 Camry RZ due to the pure fact that it’s a lot of car for $30,000, and the zero per cent finance that the Australian-built Camrys were selling with was a drawcard that turned out to be too good to resist. It looks sporty, and I get a few people looking at me as I drive past (which is odd as it is a Camry)...

2018 Toyota Camry Ascent Sport review

I took delivery of my new Camry in March. It replaced a 2010 Honda Accord Euro that I loved, and I considered many other cars, including the previous Camry SL, Corolla ZR sedan, and Mazda 3 and 6 sedans. I didn’t think any of them matched up to the Euro, and I would have loved it if Honda had the new version available locally, but as it didn’t, I had to get another option...

2003 Toyota Crown Estate Athlete V review

My car actually is a 2003 Toyota Crown Estate Athlete V. Quite a mouthful, I know, but you'll want to get used to it, because I guarantee you won't be able to leave the house in it without someone asking you what on Earth it is. The Crown was only released in Australia in the late ’80s, but the production of this car didn't stop in Japan, though, hence I had to buy one that was freshly imported...

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Toyota Camry Galleries

2018 Toyota Camry SL Hybrid review

2018 Toyota Camry SL Hybrid review

2018 Toyota Camry SL review

2018 Toyota Camry SL review

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