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2021 Toyota 86 GTS Dynamic Performance Pack review

Ahead of the hotly anticipated next-generation Toyota 86, we take one last spin in its predecessor to send off a sports car icon.

2019 Toyota 86 GT manual review: Dynamic Performance Pack

The Toyota 86 GT manual is the perfect pure enthusiast's sports car, but is its age starting to show?

2019 Toyota 86 GTS Apollo Blue review

Rear-drive, front-engined with a manual transmission. The 86 GTS Apollo Blue is fundamentally a driver's car. But it's also pricey...

2019 Toyota 86 GTS auto review

Can the Dynamic Performance Pack lift the Toyota 86 GTS's credentials as a proper driver's sports car?

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Toyota 86 Videos

On board with Keiichi Tsuchiya at WTAC 2016

Read the full article here. Jump on board the Toyota Genuine Parts AE86 for some drift action with the father of modern drifting, the Drift King himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya, as he slides Australian drift veteran Beau Yates’s rebuilt Hachi-Roku around Sydney Motorsport Park for World Time Attack Challenge 2016. Strap in!

2017 Toyota 86 Track Review

Read the full article here There aren't too many dramatic changes with the 2017 Toyota 86 – rather it’s a mid-life facelift (or refresh in manufacturer terms) for a vehicle that’s already been around for nearly five years. First launched locally in 2012, the 86 has been a supremely popular vehicle – a fact mirrored around the world – so you can understand Toyota’s reluctance to make sweeping, wholesale changes...

Drifting: How do you drift and can anyone do it?

Read the full article here. Since the Toyota 86 launched back in 2012, interest in the smokey sport of drifting has only grown. And why wouldn’t it? The sight, the sound, the smell – it’s a spectacle. But how do you actually drift? And can anyone do it?    ...

2016 Toyota 86 T86RS Track Test Review

Read the article here. We’ve all dreamed of being a racing driver. And now, thanks to Toyota Australia and the Toyota 86 Racing Series, you can compete in your very own Toyota 86 racing car… Based on either an entry-level GT or a flagship GTS, each T86RS race car is prepared identically...

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Toyota 86 Comparisons

2017 Subaru BRZ v Toyota 86 GT comparison

Deciding to buy a brand new car can be a tough decision. And deciding exactly which brand new car to buy can be even more difficult. So what happens when the two cars you're looking at share the same engine, gearbox, platform, and damn near the same looks? What happens when the two cars you're looking at are the 2017 Subaru BRZ and 2017 Toyota 86 GT? Which do you pick then? We hit the road, and the track, to find out...

What's the best fun car? 17 'hot' cars under $60k tested!

We assembled 17 of fittest 'fun cars' under $60k at Sydney Motorsport Park at the recent MotorWorld event and there you, our readers, into the test seats. And we gave the mega test field a spin ourselves. Together, we decide what's hot, what's fun and what is exception value for money...

Toyota 86 vs Subaru BRZ Comparison Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito were easy. But is it possible to pick the difference between another set of twins, the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ? That’s the question CarAdvice set to answer across a range of beautifully sunlit country roads. Our BRZ test car is in silver while the 86 is in red – good colours, even if we would have preferred brand-signature hues of WR Blue for the Subaru and white for the Toyota...

Toyota 86 News

New Toyota GR 86 due in Australia in 2022

The 2022 Toyota GR 86 will arrive in Australia no earlier than late 2021 or early 2022, new details confirmed today by Toyota Australia indicate. Toyota Australia has confirmed launch timing for the new GR 86 will be announced in the fourth quarter of 2021 (October to December inclusive) – meaning it's highly unlikely the new sports coupe will hit Australian showrooms before 2022...

End of an era: Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ sports cars sold out in Australia, new models inbound

The current-generation Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ sports-car twins have sold out in Australia, CarAdvice understands. While limited dealer and demo supply may remain on some showroom floors, both manufacturers suggest their respective national dealer networks have cleared out stock and are awaiting next-generation replacements...

2022 Toyota GR 86 Convertible rendered: New sports coupe gets the angle-grinder treatment

A convertible variant of the Toyota GR 86 and twin under the skin Subaru BRZ has long been rumoured – now we know what one could look like. Following its recent and highly-publicised launch, our in-house Photoshop whiz Alex Misoyannis took the liberty of rendering a roofless rendition of the all-new sports coupe...

2022 Toyota GR 86 officially revealed, Australian launch confirmed

This is it: the 2022 Toyota GR 86 has been officially revealed, close to six months after the unveiling of its Subaru relative. Twin under the skin to the new Subaru BRZ, the second-generation 86 sports car joins the GR Supra and GR Yaris under the wing of Toyota’s Gazoo Racing performance arm – with a notable performance bump to match its hi-po GR 86 name...

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Toyota 86 Owner Reviews

2016 Toyota 86 GTS review

86 / BRZ. At its best it's brilliant and an epic amount of fun, and at its worst it's a noisy car that can be tiresome. This is the trade off; the key is figuring out if it will work for you and if you will work for it. Used buying tip: I know they don't line up exactly, but spec-for-spec the 86's are cheaper than the BRZ's for some reason...

2012 Toyota 86 GT review

NOTE: CarAdvice editorial image used as none provided by the writer After 3 years in an old, beat-up Lancer with no air con, I wanted what every teen wants: A fun, reliable and sporty car with good fuel consumption that won't cost me more than what my part-time job could afford. Enter the Toyota GT86...

2016 Toyota 86 GTS review

I get some strange looks each week from the new parents as I pull in to drop off or pick up my two little girls from kindergarten. One Dad got out of his SUV (looking a little depressed) and as we walked to drop our kids off he commented to me, "you realize that is not a family car don't you?" (gesturing to my orange 2+2 seater Toyota 86)...

2016 Toyota 86 GTS Review

I bought this car nearly 3 years ago as my trusty family XR8 had completed its family duties and it was time to buy Dad something that he’d coveted for a while now. Some might call it a mid-life crisis, but I’m now having more fun with my car in my late forties, than I ever did in my late teens. For me, I have always enjoyed driving...

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