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Sports Cars Under $80k

Mazda MX-5
  • Willing, free-revving 2.0-litre engine; Brilliant manual shift action; Agility and stability through corners; Quality ride; Good pricing

  • Some major ergonomics issues in the cabin; Lots of hard plastics; Engine doesn't sound very sporty; No standard reverse-view camera on any variant

Subaru BRZ
  • Chassis still beautifully balanced; Long overdue new infotainment system; Dynamically adept; Beautifully tactile

  • Still suffers from mid-range torque drain; More power... More power!; Needs its neck wrung to extract its best; Lack of modern active safety tech

Renault Megane
  • Quiet ride; Performs best at country cruising; Great fuel economy; Four USB connections

  • Lurchy transmission; Is uncomfortable in peak hour traffic; Infotainment has some flaws

Toyota 86
  • Braking has more power, durability and precision; Handling is more lively and responsive; Cabin feels more upmarket

  • No gain in outputs for the struggling engine; No improvement in grip to match suspension updates; Solar Orange will polarise buyers and 86 fans alike

Ford Mustang
  • Good boost to outputs; More noise from both ends; Cheaper alternative to the naturally-aspirated V8

  • Ticking all available Tickford boxes quickly gets expensive; Tuning ‘dead holes’ are disappointing and frustrating; Modifications can feel a touch Fast and Furious-spec

Sports Cars Between $80k-$200k

Porsche 718
  • The blackout 'GTS' highlights make for sinister appearances; A hike in power really suits the Boxster/Cayman chassis; Pure driving focus without the 911 excess and premium price

  • Regardless of hi-po GTS upgrades, they still cop the 'poor man's Porsche' stigma; Limited practicality of the small sports car format; Cabin design still a bit old school



  • Simply sublime handling; Jekyll/Hyde characteristics, a proper daily; Crisp and aurally satisfying six-pot; Looks to make a BMW fan cry (happily)

  • Sneaky price hikes with LCI; M240i is still better bang-for-buck; BMW made me give the key back

Audi A5
  • Excellent cabin quality; great dynamic ability for its class; very refined; great infotainment system; comfortable ride

  • Still needs a few option packages to make it ideal; S5 lacking steering feedback; big weight disadvantage over coupe

Mercedes-Benz C300
  • Turns heads like a car twice the price; feels special to sit in, after you've finished just looking at it; loads of standard kit

  • C300 badge needs more performance to support its six-cylinder provenance; ride not consistent, suspension feels overworked; tiny back seats

Jaguar F-TYPE
  • Best front-end response of any F-Type; Engine’s mid-range muscularity; Great roadholding doesn’t compromise comfort; Makes F-Type more attainable; Still looks handsome – especially coupe’s rear;

  • Still heavy for its size; Rivals are faster; V6s and V8s sound more thrilling; No manual gearbox option; Limited cargo capacity in both; coupe and convertible;

Sports Cars Over $200k

Porsche 911
  • Faster, more dynamically capable than a Carrera S for a little more $; exterior look; uprated exhaust note; GTS badge appeal

  • Not as emotionally appealing as its predecessor; Targa variant too quiet; interior arguably showing its age;

Mercedes-AMG GT
  • Glorious twin-turbo V8; Sumptuous interior feels quality; Improved steering precision; Road presence; Suspension tune has done the trick

  • Infotainment a little lacklustre; no Apple CarPlay!; Engine note could be more theatrical; Road noise

McLaren 570S
  • Extraordinarily capable; Able to carry big speeds in the bends; Flawless handling; Dual-clutch gearbox is refined and fast; First-class materials and build quality; Huge stopping power; Ride comfort

  • Exhaust note still lacking; Infotainment screen difficult to read in sunlight

Audi R8
  • Jekyll and Hyde duality; V10 character and soundtrack; genuinely daily driver friendly; true fire breather (in the right driving mode)

  • Convoluted array of modes; it's no lightweight; limited storage and luggage space

Lamborghini Huracan
  • Class-leading dynamics; Track-ready and usable as a daily; Incredible use of active aero technologies; Ride comfort and engine noise; Exterior design; Emotionally gratifying

  • Major step up in price from regular Huracan; Too many options that need to be standard;