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REVISIT: 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 review

For World Electric Vehicle Day, we're winding the clock back to where it all began for the Tesla brand with another look at the crucial Roadster. This story was first published in 2010.

Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 Review

The only thing I can liken it to is a roller-coaster stuck on full throttle.

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Tesla Roadster launch delayed again says Elon Musk

The second-generation Tesla Roadster has been delayed for a second time, according to CEO Elon Musk. Production – and the first round of deliveries – are now reportedly scheduled for 2022. Announced in 2017 and originally slated for launch in mid-2020, the new Roadster was previously pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic...

Tesla Roadster’s rocket propulsion explained

A new video by a popular automotive YouTube channel has gone to lengths to work out how Tesla’s proposed rocket propulsion system may work on its upcoming Roadster electric sports car. The video, posted by channel Engineering Explained, discusses how Tesla’s ‘SpaceX’ option – which sees the Roadster’s rear seats removed in favour of a large tank with highly-pressurised air inside, able to vent pressure to 10 jets located on the car’s exterior – might affect performance figures...

Jay Leno samples the Tesla Roadster and Model 3 - video

Jay Leno has a massive collection of fuel-guzzling supercars, but his taste for power and speed mean he's also keen on the electric hypercars of tomorrow. In the latest instalment of Jay Leno's Garage, the TV personality swaps out of a first-generation Tesla Roadster into the new Model 3 and the wild second-gen Roadster...

Tesla Roadster returns, Musk calls it world's fastest car

Tesla has pulled an old school 'surprise reveal' today, wheeling out a second iteration of the Roadster that originally made the company's name. We thought we were just going to be watching the web reveal of its new electric truck..

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