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Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 Review

Swift, silent and seriously quick...

Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5 Review

The only thing I can liken it to is a roller-coaster stuck on full throttle.

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Tesla Roadster returns, Musk calls it world's fastest car

Tesla has pulled an old school 'surprise reveal' today, wheeling out a second iteration of the Roadster that originally made the company's name. We thought we were just going to be watching the web reveal of its new electric truck..

Tesla Roadster 3.0 upgrade priced at $47,000

The Telsa Roadster 3.0 upgrade has begun its slow roll out, with local owners set to pay just a little over $47,000 if they want the revised battery pack.

Tesla Roadster successor confirmed for 2019

A new-generation Tesla Roadster will launch before the end of the decade with acceleration to rival the world’s quickest performance cars. Buried in a press release about the upgraded 2016 Tesla Model S and its new ‘Ludicrous’ drive mode is confirmation of the forthcoming convertible sports car, which the California-based electric car company promises will be even more hardcore than its sub-3...

Tesla Roadster 3.0 update improves range to at least 550km

American electric car company Tesla has announced major details for the 3.0 update for its Roadster, a model that went out of production at the beginning of 2012. As expected, a major component of the update is a new battery pack, which can now store 31 per cent more energy. The new cells fit into the same space as the car's original pack, but instead of delivering 53kWh, the new design delivers around 70kWh...

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