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Tesla Model 3 quick drive review

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated new car releases of 2017 - and we're here in California, among the first to drive it. Following the first 30 deliveries tonight, Tesla will begin mass producing the Model 3 for global markets with Australia expecting to get its first deliveries in early 2019. It should land here at around $50,000...

Tesla Model 3 News

Tesla Model 3 gets 'Summon' functionality

Tesla has wirelessly added its 'Summon' functionality to the Model 3, allowing owners of the affordable electric baby to remotely park their cars in tight spaces. The news was revealed on Twitter, but it wasn't announced on Elon Musk's feed. Instead, Tesla tweeted a video of an owner remotely parking his Model 3 in a very skinny garage, and said "Summon now available in Model 3"...

Tesla Model 3: 5000-car week achieved

Tesla has built 5000 Model 3s in a week – thanks in part to a hastily-erected tent in the brand's Fremont factory parking lots – marking the completion of an Elon Musk promise. The strong Model 3 output, combined with good demand for Model S/X, drove second-quarter production to 53,339 vehicles, a new record. Meeting the goal hasn't been easy for Tesla...

Tesla Model 3: Deposit refund data revealed, teardown shows production cost

Tesla's profit margins – or rather, its constant losses – have been the subject of countless column inches, but no-one has done the maths on what a Model 3 actually costs to build. That is, no one had until WirtschaftsWoche broke down four Model 3s in what Elon Musk described as the "best analysis of Model 3 to date"...

Tesla Model 3: Consumer Reports backflips on 'don't buy' verdict

It's amazing what difference a week can make in motoring. Just last week, Consumer Reports said it wouldn't recommend the Tesla Model 3, after testing revealed some strange behaviour under brakes. Elon Musk responded quickly, telling the world he – or rather, Tesla – could fix the problem with an over-the-air update...

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