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Volkswagen debuts updated 'R' logo
8th Oct 2019
1 min read

Volkswagen debuts updated 'R' logo

R is for “revamped” and “refreshed”, even a little bit “rakish”. Those words describe the new logo for Volkswagen’s R and R-Line models. Another descriptor would be “heavily stylised” as some observers mightn’t immediately recognise it as being a letter 'R'. Designed in-house, it’s intended to be “modern, distinct and sleek”. It arguably meets those criteria and is also reportedly more suitable for digital media.
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William Stopford
The automotive name of thrones: Conventions
18th Aug 2018
5 min read

The automotive name of thrones: Conventions

Car companies put a lot of time and effort into the names of their vehicles. Some are overnight successes, while others are more of a slow road to success and others still are just plain embarrassing. There’s no doubt some car names have become icons unto themselves to the point where they almost overshadow the brands they come from. Take Mustang and Corvette for instance, which have broken the bonds of their Ford and Chevrolet parents and grown into brands of their own.
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Kez Casey
Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept revealed
27th Mar 2018
2 min read

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept revealed

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport concept has been revealed for the 2018 New York motor show, hinting at a production model due sometime next year. Essentially a five-seat version of the Atlas SUV sold in North America, the Atlas Cross Sport concept is 7.5in (190.5mm) shorter than the vehicle currently on sale, though retains the same wheelbase.
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James Wong
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