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2016 Suzuki Vitara Range Review

The 2016 Suzuki Vitara has been a bit of a hit for the Japanese brand – it seemingly has the right blend of pricing, styling and robustness that buyers are warming to. The range of Suzuki Vitara models is expansive, with three engine options, front- and all-wheel-drive derivatives, and pricing ranging from just over twenty grand all the way up to the mid thirties, so your budget may dictate which Vitara you buy...

2016 Suzuki Vitara S Turbo Review

Read article here. It’s been more than six months since the famous Suzuki Vitara badge returned to Australia. Over that time, this boxy little crossover has cemented itself as Suzuki’s top-selling model here after the Swift. But while the Vitara hasn’t been on sale all that long, a major improvement has already been introduced...

2016 Suzuki Vitara Review

Read the article here. The Suzuki Vitara was a 90s staple, a fixture in driveways everywhere before the small SUV boom that defines the motoring scene today really took hold. Chances are if you’re of a certain generation, the either you, or someone close to you, had one. Or their friend. Or their friend’s friend. You get the point...