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2018 Suzuki Swift Sport review

The new Suzuki Swift Sport is a significantly better car than its predecessor. This 970kg turbocharged terrier may be a literal lightweight, but it's not a figurative one.

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport review

Fans of old school hot hatches will be delighted that the new 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport adheres to the borrowed philosophy that always made it so fun: light is right.

2017 Suzuki Swift GL Navigator with Safety Pack review

Suzuki's popular city car has received a makeover. Here, we take a look at the sweet spot in the range, the Suzuki Swift GL Navigator with Safety Pack.

2017 Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo review

The new Suzuki Swift gets the company's thrummy three-cylinder turbo in flagship GLX trim. Can it cut it at the top end of the light car segment?

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Suzuki Swift Videos

2017 Suzuki Swift review

See the full article here Suzuki is on a roll. New offerings such as the Ignis, Baleno and Vitara are giving the humble Japanese brand more exposure than it has had in years. But the all-new Suzuki Swift you see here is the big one, because it's the company's most popular vehicle and the one it's best known for...

Best Cars for P-Platers: We take a look at four of the best options for city driving

It's something you'll never forget. Getting your license and getting behind the wheel of your first car. There are so many options and for young drivers it can be overwhelming. We asked a group of L-Platers and P-Platers, doing a Driver Dynamics training day, to give us their thoughts on 4 small cars.

2011 Suzuki Swift Driving Footage

Footage of the all-new Suzuki Swift being driven around. Check out CarAdvice.com.au for a full review and more details...

Suzuki Swift Comparisons

2018 Renault Clio RS Cup v Suzuki Swift Sport comparison

You don't need to spend a ton of cash to have fun on four wheels, nor do you need maximum power. Sometimes cars with lower performance ceilings, driven near their ragged edge, are the most fun of all. Cases in point, the two you see here. The just-launched Suzuki Swift Sport from Japan and the just-updated Renault Clio RS200 Cup from France, both pocket rockets par excellence...

Suzuki Swift GLX Turbo v Kia Rio SLi comparison

While SUVs are the flavour of choice in recent years, the humble hatchback continues to be a popular option for first-car buyers, downsizers and those with just no need for anything bigger. Light cars are perfect for urban dwellers thanks to their compact packaging, and the competition remains red hot as manufacturers pump more and more kit into their tiniest offerings...

Mazda 2 v Suzuki Swift: Comparison review

The Mazda 2 and the Suzuki Swift continue to be favourites with Australian consumers despite being two of the older members of the city car class. The duo accounts for one in four sales in the segment – impressive considering the pint-sized Mazda launched way back in 2007 and will be replaced by an all-new model early next year and the Suzuki, released in 2010, is also about halfway through its life...

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Suzuki Swift News

CarAdvice podcast 90: Riding with Holden's Rob Trubiani in the Commodore VXR!

With Mandy Turner this week is Paul Maric and Mike Costello. In car news, Ford Mustang pricing and specs have been released, a Toyota Supra racer is headed for the Geneva motor show, Ford says focusing on the Ranger Raptor's cylinder count is “missing the point”, and Holden launches an online sales pilot...

CarAdvice podcast 86: We talk to a car manufacturer illustrator!

Joining Mandy Turner this week are Paul Maric and Trent Nikolic. The Ford Edge ST, Mercedes-AMG CLS53 & E53, and Kia Cerato have been revealed at the Detroit motor show. Suzuki Swift Sport pricing and specs have been released, the Hyundai Veloster & Veloster N have been revealed, as has the 2019 Ford Ranger revealed for US market, and HSV 2018 range pricing has been announced...

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport pricing and specs

The third-generation Suzuki Swift Sport has arrived in Australia, priced at $25,490 before on-road costs — $2200 cheaper than the VW Polo GTI and $3500 less than the Renault Clio RS 200. The new Japanese pocket rocket picks up a new turbocharged engine shared in large part with the Vitara SUV. The 1...

CarAdvice podcast 83: Small hatch comparo! Jazz v Mazda2 v Swift

Mandy Turner is joined this week by Mike Stevens and Alborz Fallah. In car news, 2018 Holden Commodore pricing and specs have been released, a controversial Stinger EURO NCAP rating, and Jeep Compass and Jaguar F-Type four-cylinder pricing and specs have been announced...

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Suzuki Swift Owner Reviews

2007 Suzuki Swift S review

I bought my ’07 Swift S (Auto RS415) back in 2014 to learn to drive in. It’s an absolute dream of a car. Since purchasing it, I have run it up to nearly 190,000km – and it still runs like new, not one thing to fault! Inside for the driver and passenger is quite spacious for a small car. As for the rear seats, it’s comfortable for two people, but fitting three can be too close for comfort...

2010 Suzuki Swift Sport review

When my old faithful Liberty finally decided to succumb to the famous Subaru head gasket issue, there were really only a few criteria that I had nailed down for my replacement car. Fun (subjective, I'll admit), manual, under $10K, and no Takata airbag issues. Only four criteria, but boy did it narrow down the field...

2014 Suzuki Swift SPORT Navigator Review

Suzuki hasn’t gone with the latest trend with a turbo. Instead they have gone back to what a hot hatch is all about; light weight, balanced sharp handling and N/A configuration. We are reviewing my SSS with 6 speed man (owned 5 months). The Swift Sport has a 1.6L VVT engine that produces 100kW/160Nm and weighs 1045kg...

2014 Suzuki Swift Review

As a car enthusiast I like what Suzuki has done. Suzuki hasn't gone with the latest hot Hatch trends going with a turbo. Instead they have gone back to what a hot hatch is all about; light weight, balanced sharp handling and N/A configuration. We are reviewing my Suzuki Swift Sport with 6 spd man (owned 5 months) it also comes with 5yr warranty and cap price servicing at $199...

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2018 Suzuki Swift Sport review

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport review

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport pricing and specs
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