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2015 Suzuki Jimny Sierra Review

The Suzuki Jimny Sierra is a unique offering in a booming segment of baby SUVs. It's no pretender, though.

Suzuki Jimny Sierra Review & Road Test

Enjoy life outdoors without breaking the bank Model Tested: 2009 Suzuki Jimny Sierra; 1.3-litre, four-cylinder, petrol; five-speed manual; SUV - $20,490* Options Available: Metallic Paint $475; Alloy Wheels $800 (Fitted) CarAdvice Rating: Words by Matt Brogan Pics by Brendan Nish In one form or another the humble Suzuki Jimny Sierra has been with us for close to 45 years now, and true to its origins, remains a simple, no nonsense, light-weight 4WD offering honest value and tenacious off-road performance...

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Suzuki Jimny Sierra Off-road Quick Review

The Suzuki Jimny Sierra is the most affordable serious off-roader you can buy. Let’s just put this out there - this isn’t a car that we’d want to drive on a day-to-day basis… unless our commute consisted of a rugged track littered with rocks, boulders and all other sorts of slippery crud...

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Suzuki Jimny vs Toyota Prado off-road – video

If you're anything like us, the arrival of a new Suzuki Jimny is exciting news. With a cute, retro face and proper off-road chops, it's the antidote to the average soft-roader. But just how capable is it when the going gets really, really tough? To find out, Autocar put the flyweight Suzuki head-to-head with a proper heavyweight, in the form of the Toyota Prado three-door utility – known as the LandCruiser Utility in the UK...

2019 Suzuki Jimny preorders sitting at 123

Suzuki’s Australian arm has now taken a sizeable 123 preorders on its new Jimny micro off-roader, well ahead of its projected launch here in late January of 2019. As you may recall, less than two months ago (shortly after the car’s online reveal) Suzuki held 37 local orders, meaning demand keeps spiking as the arrival nears...

2019 Suzuki Jimny scores 3 stars in Euro NCAP testing

Suzuki's upcoming Jimny has scored just three stars in Euro NCAP testing, on the back of relatively low scores for adult occupant and vulnerable road-user protection. The adult occupant protection rating was hindered by a steering wheel airbag that didn't quite inflate correctly, allowing the driver's head to contact the steering wheel rim...

2019 Suzuki Jimny: 37 pre-orders already in the bank

The new Suzuki Jimny sent our commenters into a spin when it was confirmed for Australia on July 10. Turns out that online excitement is translating into deposits, with almost 40 pre-orders for the compact off-roader already in the bank. Speaking with CarAdvice this morning, Suzuki Australia general manager for automotive, Michael Pachota, said dealers were being approached by customers before the car was even confirmed for our market...

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Suzuki Jimny Owner Reviews

2000 Suzuki Jimny JX (4x4) review

Most reliable car/'Beep' (too small to call it a Jeep) I have ever driven! I have had it 15 years and this is the first time I have had any trouble. It's old now and I dread parting with it. The Jimny has got me through snow, mud, floods and mountains. The body has remained without rust even though I live within 3km of the sea...

2015 Suzuki Jimny Review

I bought the Jimny new, in March 2015. First thing I did was to take out the rear seats, and fit a "storage" system that would hold all I need for trips by myself, swag-camping along the way. As long as you "get it", you cannot be anything other than rapped with these little beasts...

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