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The Subaru Tribeca has a lot going for it.

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Subaru recalls 33,000 vehicles for Takata airbag replacement

Subaru has issued a recall for 33,228 vehicles across a range of model lines, as part of the ongoing Takata airbag saga. Affected vehicles include 11,234 units of the 2008-2011 Impreza and WRX, 12,313 of the 2009-2012 Forester, 1817 of the 2004-2009 Liberty and Outback, and 673 2009-2010 Tribeca vehicles...

Subaru Liberty, Outback Tribeca recalled for Takata airbags: 76,000 vehicles affected

Subaru Australia has issued a recall for nearly 76,000 vehicles from its Liberty, Outback and Tribeca lines as part of the ongoing Takata airbag scandal. This latest recall for Subaru follows a notice issued for the Impreza small car last year, taking its count of local vehicles affected to around 110,000 units...

Subaru Tribeca recalled in Australia for bonnet latch fix

A recall notice has been issued in Australia this week for the now retired Subaru Tribeca SUV, over concerns that its bonnet could open while driving. Affecting 9208 facelifted examples sold between 2007 and 2014, the fault centres on the bonnet latch, which may have suffered from corrosion or lubricant congealing...

Subaru Australia may not offer Tribeca-replacing large SUV

The Subaru Tribeca must have left a bad taste in the mouths of executives at Subaru Australia, because CarAdvice has learnt the company may not offer the replacement for the large SUV that is believed to be under development ahead of a potential appearance in 2016...

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Subaru Tribeca Owner Reviews


Ok I've read the other comments on the Subaru Tribeca especially the first version of which I own. Truth is you'll either love it or hate it. Jump in the drivers seat go for a ride, the interior is just right, everything is easy to see and use. The interior makes you feel like a pilot of a modern jet. At night the dash comes to life and the vehicle is a joy to drive especially in long hauls...