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2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Speed Date
Mitchell Oke
By Mitchell Oke
Quick Specs
$226,970 (before on-road costs)
Three-year/unlimited kilometre
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Mitchell Oke
By Mitchell Oke

So, where did you go on your date?

Spent the afternoon driving the Jaguar F-Type R on some of my favourite roads, juxtaposed the following morning by the daily crawl to work from the Northern Beaches to North Sydney.

Ideal first date?

While any motoring enthusiast would love to spend their days carving up endless series of corners, like most of us they are likely to spend much of their time behind the wheel getting carved up in traffic. Getting to experience the Jag in both of these situations was very worthwhile.

Hot or not?

The Jaguar F-Type R Coupe is unquestionably hot. That long bonnet, sharply raked roof and pert bum set the it up to be one of the best looking cars on the road.

Team those looks with one of the most aggressive sounding V8s outside of a Mercedes-AMG, and the F-Type R never fails to put a childish grin on your face. Jaguar has clearly spent of a lot of time making it sound as ridiculous as possible, and bottled up the effort on a rather innocuous button on the console. With the active exhaust in cruiser mode it will still get noticed, but if you're gentle you can be somewhat discrete.

Push the button, however, and you'll be scaring Toyota Corolla's out of their lanes (true story).

It's what's inside that counts, what do you think of the interior?

Any F-Type is a nice place to be.

The seats are supremely comfortable with plenty of adjustment, and you can sit nice and low. Jag like to add some extra theatre to their cabins with things like the air vents that rise and fall when you start the car, quite the treat.

It's also worth noting how quiet it is inside when on the move. With the exhaust in shush-mode it's serene, allowing the wonderful Meridian sound system to take its place.

Storage is a foreign concept to the F-Type R, with no room behind the back seats and the most pitiful boot I've ever seen outside of a tin-top convertible if you opt to cart around the spare wheel. There are a few bits of trim that don't feel quite up to the price tag, too.

Standout features?

The exhaust, obviously. The sounds this car makes even under partial throttle with the exhaust in its loudest setting is nothing short of insane.

It's bordering on anti-social the way the supercharged V8 bangs and crackles and even school zone speeds, so you may have to weather the scorn of your neighbours when you come home at night.

Annoying habits?

After you arrive on a crescendo of V8 fireworks, you'll be humbled by the squealing of brakes. Sorry, but no one likes that in front of their favourite cafe.

The rear spoiler is the only style blemish on this car. It looks terrible, and manually deploying it on the road just confirms what people are thinking: you're a tool.

It's also quite a feat that they managed to include so little room it what really isn't a little car.

Ready for a family?

If you have one of these you'll have to give it up when the kids arrive, it's just too impractical. But I wouldn't be surprised if you signed up for one 17 years later when they no longer have to rely on the parental unit for transport.

High maintenance?

The way this car drinks fuel is almost comical. "Enjoy" your drive to work by listening to the Jaguar octet and you'll be on a first name basis with your local service station attendant. The big cat's sure to make a quick meal of its rear tyres too.

Any deal-breakers?

The afore mentioned space is an issue, but what's more staggering is the price tag. The asking price for the F-Type R in rear-wheel-drive is $226,970 before on-road costs, a $70,000 jump from the still-very-nice V6 S Coupe.

So, is it serious or just a one night stand?

The F-Type R is hilariously good fun, the price jump from the V6 S doesn't buy quite enough extra thrills. To live with, I'd pick the latter.

Keeping your options open?

You're starting to look at a whole lot of very exciting cars at this level of coin, from Porsche 911s to super-fast four-door sedans or four-seat coupes. The V6 S is far easier to stomach.

If it's not for you, who would you recommend it to?

If style and sound are at the top of your list for your new car, than the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe is certain to delight.