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2019 Renault Zoe Intens review

It's one of the funkiest electric cars on the market, but is it priced too high for the impending influx of electric vehicles? Paul Maric finds out.

Renault Zoe Review

The Renault Zoe is a full electric-vehicle with no internal combustion engine. This means that at no time are there any fossil fuels going into a tank, because it doesn't have one, and emissions aren't expelled from an exhaust pipe ... because it doesn’t have one. It may sound futuristic and far-fetched but the reality is somewhat ironic...

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2018 Renault Zoe review

Once upon a time, the Zoe was the brightest sign of a future that promised affordable electric motoring for everyday commuters. Now that it's finally in Australia, does it still hold so much promise, with so many compelling rivals either on the scene or on the way?

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2019 electric vehicle comparison: Jaguar I-Pace v Hyundai Ioniq v Nissan Leaf v Tesla Model S v Renault Zoe

Normally a comparison is a great opportunity for us to compare vehicles that sit within the same size or price category, with a CarAdvice-backed winner declared at the end. Given the relative lack of competition within segments in the electric vehicle market, we wanted to do something a little different with a comparison of a cross-section of the passenger EV market – a group of cars from the cheapest to the most expensive...

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Every car leaving the Australian market in 2020

It was a big year for automotive in 2020, with the exit of Holden, the cancellation of international motor shows and the Australian Grand Prix due to coronavirus, and the steady decline of new car sales. In a challenging climate, it's perhaps unsurprising that carmakers reduced their ranges, discontinued under-performers and replaced older models with hybrids, electric cars or new creations altogether...

Uber pushes to electrify service with help from Renault, Nissan, and GM

Uber has pledged to make its fleet of cars carbon neutral, however concedes this process will likely take two decades. A spokesperson for Uber told CarAdvice the company is “committing to become a fully zero-emission platform by 2040, with 100 per cent of rides taking place in zero-emission vehicles, on public transit, or with micro-mobility”...

Electric car subsidies: how Australia compares to the rest of the world

Australian buyers pay substantially more for electric cars than motorists in Europe and the US, where generous government subsidies and strict emissions targets have forced prices down. While the financial incentives to purchase electric vehicles overseas can equate to as much as €12,000 ($AU20,000) per car, buyers in Australia get little to no taxpayer assistance...

2021 Renault Zoe: Plug pulled on French electric car

One of Australia’s cheapest electric cars – the Renault Zoe – has had its plug pulled after just 63 were sold over the past three years. Indeed, over the same period, Australians bought two-and-a-half times more Rolls-Royces (158), seven times as many Lamborghinis (457), and 12 times as many Ferraris (818) than Renault Zoe electric cars...

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