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2020 Renault Megane RS Trophy automatic review

Topping a six-formation attack on the sports hatch range, is the Megane RS Trophy’s added performance and fanfare worth it?

The car names you've probably been mispronouncing this whole time

Fancy yourself a car enthusiast? While being an enthusiastic car owner and a good driver are both part of your overall street cred, a lot of it comes down to being able to talk the torque. And where many of us can come undone when showing off our automotive prowess is butchering the pronunciation of brand or model names as badly as Kim from Kath & Kim used to pronounce 'chardonnay' (she said 'kar-don-aye', for the record)...

2020 Renault Megane RS Trophy-R review

There have been some sizzling Renault Sport Meganes over the past decade or so but this 2020 Megane RS Trophy-R ups the hardcore measure appreciably. Renault boasts it is the best performing Renault production model ever. No pressure to impress us, then.

2019 Renault Megane RS Cup EDC review

Now with a quick-shifting dual-clutch auto, the more hardcore Megane RS Cup adds an even sharper edge to an already capable hot hatch.

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Renault Megane Videos

Video: 360-degree drive: 2021 Renault Megane RS Trophy Automatic

Make sure to change the settings to 5K for the best quality. We drive over Peats Ferry Bridge on the Old Pacific Highway across the Hawkesbury River in the Renault Megane RS Trophy.

2020 Renault Megane RS Trophy automatic review

The French brands pocket-rocket has grown up, but is it a regression or progression on one of the best hot-hatches around?

SIBLING RIVALRY: Renault Megane RS280 Sport EDC Auto v Cup Manual

Chances are that if you’ve got the all-new 2018 Renault Megane RS in your future car-ownership crosshairs, you’ve already decided on transmission preference in the choice between conventional manual and EDC dual-clutch types, even before you’ve so much as sat in the French hatch. Fair enough. But let's do this anyway...

2019 Renault Megane RS v Civic Type R and Focus RS: Hot hatch encore!

Well, you asked for it. When we ran our last hot hatch comparison, Renault had rudely not yet launched its new Megane RS in Australia. So, we had to leave it out, and we wound up with winners in the Honda Civic Type R and the Ford Focus RS. But now the Megane RS is here... can it dethrone our heroes? We went back to the track to find out.

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Renault Megane Comparisons

Hyundai i30 N v Renault Megane RS v Volkswagen Golf GTI comparison

Renault and Volkswagen engineers had the great minds to think alike in 1976. Each group took their respective manufacturer’s humble three-door hatchback and beefed up it with go-faster components – creating a whole new breed of affordable performance car for enthusiasts...

2018 Renault Megane RS280 Sport EDC Auto v Cup Manual comparison

Chances are that if you’ve got the all-new 2018 Renault Megane RS in your future car-ownership crosshairs, you’ve already decided on transmission preference in the choice between conventional manual and EDC dual-clutch types, even before you’ve so much as sat in the French hatch. Fair enough...

2019 Renault Megane RS v Ford Focus RS v Honda Civic Type R comparison

Does the perfect hot hatch exist? Is your perfect hot hatch someone else's nightmare ride? The latter scenario is probably more likely, but to put the theory to the test, we’ve pitted the all-new Renault Megane RS280 against the reigning champs from our recent hot hatch mega test...

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Renault Megane News

2022 Renault Megane E-Tech Electric small SUV – UPDATE: First images and tech specs revealed

UPDATE, 9 June 2021: The upcoming 2022 Renault Megane E-Tech Electric has been shown off in pre-production guise, albeit still partially camouflaged. Underpinned by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance’s CMF-EV electric platform, the all-new car will derive power from a single 160kW motor on the front axle...

Renault Group unveils future plans: 24 new models by 2025, electric-only Alpine to replace Renault Sport

Renault has taken the wraps off 'Renaulution', its plan to "restore Groupe Renault's competitiveness", consolidate its product portfolio and boost profit worldwide. Whereas Renault's existing product roadmap saw it chase volumes and outright sales, the new plan – created under new CEO Luca de Meo, who arrived from Seat in early 2020 – will see the group streamline its model range and development processes worldwide, in an effort to increase per-vehicle profits...

2021 Renault Megane RS price and specs: Updated hot hatch offered in Trophy form only

2021 Renault Megane RS price and specs unveiled Trophy model only available Larger digital screens new for 2021 Prices up by $500, from $53,900 plus on-road costs to $56,990 plus on-road costs Pricing and specifications for the updated 2021 Renault Megane RS have been announced, ahead of its Australian arrival in March...

Looking for a Christmas treat? Here are five performance vehicles on sale now

Australia loves a performance car, no questions there. Whether that stems from the tyranny of distance, or our cultural upbringing on Bathurst and V8s, who knows. What we do know is that we still continue to buy the hotted-up versions of regular cars, alongside a healthy amount of two-door sports cars, too...

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Renault Megane Owner Reviews

2015 Renault Megane RS 265 CUP review

It’s not really a family car, is it? This is the question that generally gets posed to me when people see my 2014 Renault Megane RS 265 for the first time. When I say “question”, it feels more like an accusation rather than a genuine query. Some people don’t see a car, they see a mid-life crisis...

2014 Renault Megane RS 265 Cup Premium review

This might be biased, as I am still well and truly in the honeymoon period with my recent purchase (a month ago). I have wanted a Renault Megane RS for about five years, but kept being responsible and putting it off to prioritise dollars for the family in other areas of life. Recent changes in circumstances have allowed me to take the plunge and become an owner...

2004 Renault Megane Sport review

This is a bit of a strange one for me. I've never truly 'got' hot hatches. I've grown up never being fond of front-wheel drive or finding myself needing a large boot and the whole recipe was one that I could appreciate but never really desired. Then, enter COVID-19...

2014 Renault Megane RS265 Trophy+ review

I bought my RS265 because I’ve always been a fan of the former King of the ‘Ring. Coming from a much-loved 2005 Megane II Dynamique manual, I wanted something newer and with more go. In saying that, I also wanted something with some of the thoughtful touches that the older Megane was so well known for – such as the capless fuel filler or the under-floor storage compartments...

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