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Renault formally established in 1899 grew from France across Europe and eventually to Australia in 1999 with help of the Nissan and Mitsubishi alliance. Renault internationally focuses on high levels of service and support for their customers. Currently there are 15 models available ranging from the Clio to the Master. The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance has been a major strategic advantage for all three companies.

Renault Reviews

2020 Renault Megane RS Trophy automatic review

Topping a six-formation attack on the sports hatch range, is the Megane RS Trophy’s added performance and fanfare worth it?

2020 Renault Koleos Intens 4x4 review

The 2020 Renault Koleos has had some minor tweaks to the exterior, and now only comes in petrol.

2020 Renault Trafic Crew automatic review

Dual-cabs are more popular than ever, but in lieu of a dual-cab ute, Renault Australia has a different plan of attack with the work-and-play-ready ‘dual-cab’ Trafic Crew.

The car names you've probably been mispronouncing this whole time

Fancy yourself a car enthusiast? While being an enthusiastic car owner and a good driver are both part of your overall street cred, a lot of it comes down to being able to talk the torque. And where many of us can come undone when showing off our automotive prowess is butchering the pronunciation of brand or model names as badly as Kim from Kath & Kim used to pronounce 'chardonnay' (she said 'kar-don-aye', for the record)...

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Renault Videos

2020 Renault Megane RS Trophy automatic review

The French brands pocket-rocket has grown up, but is it a regression or progression on one of the best hot-hatches around?

REVIEW: 2020 Renault Kadjar Zen

We've said this once, but we'll say it again. The Kadjar is just what the doctor ordered for Renault in Australia. We've established the top-spec Kadjar is a good thing. Does that translate down the range? Trent Nikolic finds out.

2020 Renault Koleos: A fresh perspective

Sponsored by Renault The Renault Koleos SUV is a top-selling model in Australia. It is stylish, well-featured, and represents great value. But rather than take our word for it, we interviewed a group of new car buyers about what they were looking for in their next car, and have invited three of them to come and have a closer look at the 2020 Koleos...

2020 Renault Kadjar review: Australian First Drive

The Renault Kadjar fills a gap in the French brand's SUV line-up, between the Captur and Koleos. Its spacious cabin, smooth and punchy engine, and lovely design means it deserves some attention.

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Renault Comparisons

2020 Renault Kadjar v Hyundai Kona comparison

Kona or Kadjar? Established player or French upstart?

Medium SUV off-road test: Toyota RAV4, Holden Equinox, Mazda CX-5, Renault Koleos, Subaru Forester, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Volkswagen Tiguan, Honda CR-V and Nissan X-Trail

We all know your rationale when it comes to buying a medium-sized SUV with all-wheel drive. You want a vehicle with more room for the kid(s) – or kid(s) that are coming – but you also have in the back of your mind that one day you might need to go off-road. Anybody that's done any proper off-roading knows that the type of off-roading you think you're going to do, compared to the type you'll actually do, is very different...

Best medium family SUV 2019: Holden Equinox v Honda CR-V v Hyundai Tucson v Kia Sportage v Mazda CX-5 v Nissan X-Trail v Renault Koleos v Subaru Forester v Toyota RAV4 v Volkswagen Tiguan

Ten of the best and most popular mid-sized SUVs go head-to-head, but there can only be one winner.

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Renault News

Nissan and Renault press pause on merger – report

Car makers Nissan and Renault have pressed pause on their plans of a merger as both brands struggle to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. According to news agency Reuters, Nissan and Renault will hold off on the merger to instead focus on repairing their alliance, with the brands set to make a joint-announcement later today...

Renault could disappear without a bail out – report

French car maker Renault “could disappear” if its €5 billion (AU$8.3 billion) government bail out application is not approved, according to the man in charge of signing off on the sum. France’s finance minister Bruno Le Maire made the prediction while speaking to Europe 1 Radio last week about Renault’s future...

Australia's most affordable hybrid and electric cars

The list of electric car and hybrid car options in Australia expands with every passing year, but their often prohibitive cost – particularly in the case of EVs – remains a major barrier to their uptake. Hybrid drivetrains are complex, while batteries for hybrid or electric cars are expensive to manufacture, which bumps up the price of hybrid and electric cars across the board...

‘SUVs here to stay’: Renault design chief

The proliferation of SUVs on our roads is not going to subside anytime soon. That’s the message from Francois Leboine, the head of concept car design at French auto giant Renault, who spoke to Australian media during a phone conference last week. In addition to their popularity due to a taller driving position – and more flexible cabins and cargo areas – SUVs also provide close to the ideal platform for electrification, he said...

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Renault Owner Reviews

2014 Renault Megane RS265 Trophy+ review

I bought my RS265 because I’ve always been a fan of the former King of the ‘Ring. Coming from a much-loved 2005 Megane II Dynamique manual, I wanted something newer and with more go. In saying that, I also wanted something with some of the thoughtful touches that the older Megane was so well known for – such as the capless fuel filler or the under-floor storage compartments...

1969 Renault 16 TS review

It’s summer 1984. I set out from Oakleigh on my bicycle on my way to the Department of Anatomy, Monash University, where I’m doing my honours degree in Science, looking at neural plasticity in the avian visual system, of all things. About ten minutes into my trip, half way there, Melbourne’s famous weather kicks in, and I get absolutely soaked in a sudden downpour...

2005 Renault Megane Dynamique LX review

One fine, sunny day many years ago, my wife said to me "I think we should get a convertible. I'd look good in a convertible". At the time we were a young couple with a 20-month old toddler. While most people in that bracket go looking for a wagon or an SUV, we brought home our first drop-head - a 1991 Ford Capri Verde...

2017 Renault Trafic LWB Crew Review

Hi world! It was a couple months from the end of my lease, and I was needing an update for my work car. So with the end of my lease approaching, I started looking and dreaming. The work vehicle had to be robust, safe, fun to drive, comfortable and reliable. I have had four-wheel drive dual-cab utes for the last two leases (a Holden Colorado and a Mazda BT50) but I was growing sick of the sore back and rough lumpy ride out on country roads...

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