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Video review: 2020 Range Rover Sport SDV6 R-Dynamic HSE

Soccer fields. Rugby ovals. Private school car parks.These are just some of the places you’ll see littered with Range Rovers. You could argue that the Velar has taken over as the up market, fashion conscious choice, but still, you’ll spot plenty of Sport models in these situations.

2018 Range Rover Sport SVR review: First look!

Just when you thought the last thing you needed was a hardcore performance SUV... Range Rover releases the Sport SVR.

Range Rover Vogue Si4 PHEV review: First look

Trent takes a tour of the new Range Rover Vogue Si4 plug-in hybrid EV. Not so long ago, the idea of a four-cylinder Range Rover would have seemed ridiculous. Paired with an electric motor though, it's actually a practical real-world combination.

Luxury SUV Comparison: eight high-rollers tested

When it comes to generously sized premium SUVs, the fun really begins at the $90k-$100k mark. Why? Because at this sweet spot, the choice of people-moving metal on offer is as diverse a melting pot as you’ll likely find at any other price point or broadly encompassing segment. To answer the question of which is the ideal buy, we've put eight of the best to the test...

Jaguar F-Type R AWD Convertible v Range Rover Sport SVR drag race

When it comes to evenly matched battles, a Jaguar F-Type R AWD Convertible versus a Range Rover Sport SVR doesn't look very fair. But under each bonnet lies a monstrous supercharged V8 engine - so lets see who's faster... A super convertible or a super SUV?  ...

Range Rover Autobiography Long Wheel Base Review

Range Rover makes their extra-special SUV that bit more luxurious with the Autobiography Long Wheel Base, a high-riding limousine for the immensely well-to-do.

2014 Range Rover Sport Video Review


2013 Range Rover Video Review

CarAdvice tests the all-new version of Britain's iconic luxury off-roader on the challenging dunes and tracks of northern Africa.

Next-Generation Range Rover spy video

Next-Generation Range Rover spy video...