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Peugeot 4007 Review & Road Test

What happens when you couple Japanese build quality and four-wheel drive technology with European diesel power, design and elegance?

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Peugeot 4007, 4008: updated driveaway pricing for French SUVs

Peugeot is offering new driveaway pricing for its 4007 and 4008 SUVs, as it readies for the arrival of two new models. The seven-seat Peugeot 4007 SV (pictured top) is now priced at $39,990 driveaway – down $3700 from its previous list price of $43,690 – as the French manufacturer continues its runout of the model ahead of the arrival of the seven-seat Peugeot 5008 wagon next month...

Peugeot 4007 confirmed for Australia

Update: Peugeot 4007 Review Peugeot Australia has confirmed plans to bring the 4007 SUV to Australia by November this year. The 4007, which has already gone on sale in Europe, is based on the same platform as the Mitsubishi Outlander and is built by Mitsubishi in Japan. Peugeot Australia feels the 4007 is ideal for the brand, which is now looking to move into the SUV sector...

Peugeot 4007 Owner Reviews

2009 PEUGEOT 4007 ST (5 SEAT) Review

auto clutch died at 40,000 km. replaced under warranty fortunately as cost someone $12,000. Now I am too anxious to tow again this car is not made to specs!!

2010 PEUGEOT 4007 SV (7 SEAT) Review

Car purchased in 2009. Good tow vehicle with 2000kg capacity fully used to tow F82 trimaran empty weight 1200kg on trailer 600kg. Far less affected by cross winds than Land Rover but must be used in 4wd mode all times for safety. Folding rear seats a boon to operate from rear door. Engine torque sufficient to spin wheels whilst towing even in 4wd...