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2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance review

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I hate to say it, but I am yet another convert.

I bought a Model 3 which had been a cancelled order from another customer, so I was driving away in a new car only a week after my deposit. White with White.

At first, I thought I had made a mistake, the union between the car and I feeling like an arranged marriage.

I hardly had time to think about any pros and cons before I was sitting in the thing at my first traffic lights, trying to work out the basic function of the car. It felt bit like like sitting in a vacant apartment; no furniture, no noise and no apparent personality.

Everything felt and sounded strange.

Now two weeks on and 1200km in, I love it. The exterior build quality is terrible, and the paint is shockingly bad. Fit and finish is like a 1970s' Cadillac, but I am told that's normal.

Inside is quiet, comfy and solid. I am happy with the seats, the screen, the stereo and the simple dashboard - I tell myself it's 'Danish design,' and it works.

The main difference for me is how much I enjoy driving it. It stops and goes amazingly well. It can handle bumps and bends like a BMW, and on the highway it has the best autopilot I have ever experienced.

The power is addictive, and is actually useful because it is so instant.

And the thing is quiet.

Interestingly as a new owner you will need go to the aftermarket to make the car 'Premium'. I have purchased floor mats, boot liners, a wireless phone charger, a memory stick for sensory mode, sunroof shade panels for summer, trunk struts, a puncture repair kit and window tinting just to start...

But it is a massive leap forward by Mr Musk. Over time, he will become better at making them, and Europe and Korea will no doubt catch and overtake him - they have been making cars for 90 years after all.

But the Model 3 is a joy to own and drive, a pleasure to travel in, and always gets interest and questions.

Tesla after sales support has been good.

I give it a 9 out of 10... so far.

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