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2020 Nissan Qashqai ST-L review

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Let me start off by saying I do not own this vehicle - it is my work vehicle. I am a Service Advisor for a Multi Franchise Dealership so am in and out of vehicles pretty frequently. Previous to this vehicle I was in a Highlander Santa Fe, so I have been spoilt lately!

I have been in the Nissan Qashqai now for over two months and have racked up 7000km on the vehicle through work driving and after hours and weekend living.

Styling is objective. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder but I find the Nissan Qashqai to be one of the better looking vehicles in its class. There is nothing bold on this car but there is a little bit of class about it that stands out in a crowded field, and the upper-spec models have stylish standard alloys which help the visual appeal. Once inside the cabin of the vehicle it probably appears a little bit aged in comparison to some models, lacking Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but from my perspective this isn't something that bothers me at all as an "owner". The seating is electric so finding a comfortable driving position is always easy despite multiple people getting in and out of the driver's seat. Incredibly comfortable seating has always been a feature of the Dualis/Qashqai through its lifespan. It's not overly big inside, and if you are a big person you would probably need to go to the next size up through the SUV range.

[ editor's note - the MY20 Nissan Qashqai received Apple CarPlay / Android Auto support so this car may have been an earlier build ]

As stated earlier the lack of Apple/Android shows the general age of the cabin, but the technology still seems nice enough to me. The around view reversing camera is nice and easy to use and decipher, and the front and rear sensors, lane departure and various other safety features make it an attractive package for a small family/younger driver. Heated seats here in Tassie are always a winner as well!

The engine, although perhaps a little under powered, is matched pretty well to a CVT transmission and is responsive enough on take off to not notice the lack of power. You can sit on your highway speed of 110km/h comfortably enough, although overtaking at 90km/h and above does take the CVT a second to kick up in revs. So there is typical CVT lag, as there is in all CVTs.

Road noise is not too noticeable in the ST-L variant, which this one is. Driving through town there are no issues in terms of being able to squeeze into car parks. It is quite nimble in the steering as well.

As far as practicality of the vehicle goes I have four children aged between 8 and 15. If all four are in the vehicle at the same time it's quite tight in the back seat, so I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone who is planning carrying fully grown humans in the back seat immediately look to the Qashqai. However if you are a small family or have no children then the boot space is big enough for three full sized cricket bags, leaving enough space for three adults and an 8 year old in the cabin comfortably enough. Reliability wise in our short time with the vehicle there have been no issues, as you would expect of a vehicle this age.

The immediate response to future improvements for models will be the updated interior with more technology, which wont improve the car from my perspective however it is a big part of what people are looking for in vehicles now.

To finish, the Qashqai is nothing that it doesn't pretend to be. Its not the most powerful vehicle in the world, but it doesn't pretend to be. There is understated class to its styling that appeals to most people. It's a little small inside but it is a compact SUV. If you want something with fantastic driving dynamics look elsewhere, but if you want a good, honest, and stylish SUV you wont grow tired of looking at, put the Qashqai on your shortlist as you will not be disappointed.

Before doing this review I thought it was probably a 7 out of 10 but when you add it up like these guys do it is a bit better than that.

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