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2020 MG HS Vibe review

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I work for Uber as my second job and because my Suzuki Swift is 10 years old, I needed to upgrade. I saw an advertisement on the internet for the New MG ZS going for a very attractive price that was within my budget. So I went straight to an MG dealership that is the closest to me, which is in Alexandria.

When I got to the dealership I went straight to the MG ZS and said to the salesperson that I wanted this car as it was going to be my Uber car. That's when he advised me that the MG ZS is not suitable for Uber as it does not meet Uber's safety requirement. It's wasn't that the car isn't safe to drive, but that Uber has certain criteria to meet. It was then that Ghassan introduced me to the MG HS Vibe, and that's when the love affair started (with my new sexy HS - not with Ghassan lol).

This car is black and has a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, which is what Uber is now looking for in any new vehicles. Looking at it from the front, I quite like the MG logo, the wide grille, and the back has a nice smooth feel to it. I've always wanted leather and red stitching (I love the smell of the new leather) and I enjoy that "thud" sound the doors make when you close them.

Overall, there's nothing that I do not like about the car. I love everything about it, inside and out.

I love all the new technologies that are included, such as the Apple CarPlay, the 10-inch touchscreen display, surround sound, and the cruise control that has a safety distance stopping system.

It is a smooth driving experience, and I love that it has a turbo engine that gives that grunt.

The transmission is smooth. My wife and I took this car for a drive to Byron Bay and I only needed to put in petrol once when going there and coming back. Note that I am the kind of person who always fills up whenever the petrol gauge gets to half way.

The surprising feature is that it has an Automatic High Beam and lane assist. It will also warn you when there is a car in front, and if the car thinks you're not stopping quickly enough it beeps at you. It also has a side sensor that tells me that there is a car beside me, and will show a yellow light on the side panel doors.

This car has been amazing when it comes to my work. My customers love how spacious and luxurious it is, and they think they should pay more when I pick them up. One of my customers asked what model of Mercedes-Benz this was, and I told them that it was my New MG HS Vibe, that they should get one for the asking price, and that it's amazing and not as as expensive as the Mercedes Benz.

When it comes to my sport, I just put my surfboard on my roof racks and fold the seats down for my golf clubs. I also have interior passenger lights at the back, and have bigger/fatter tyres.

I have Ghassan's business card with me handy so when any customers comment on how much they love the car I give them his card and tell them to visit Alexandria MG. I also tell them that they have a new electric and a 7-seater now - cars that have prices that do not break your bank as well.

I love how I only did not just acquire a beautiful luxurious car but I also made a friend in Ghassan, who is now my golf mentor and golf buddy. I am still trying to persuade him how to surf but he said his body is not for surfing.

My ratings and reviews on my Uber app have gone up since buying this car. When I had my Suzuki Swift my customers review would be something like, 'nice and clean car', but with the MG, I receive, "Wow what a beautiful and spacious car - well done MG."

All in all, this is a beautiful looking car, is nice to drive, and has all the bells and whistles for safety, while not breaking your budget.

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