Holden Acadia 2020 ltz (2wd)
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2020 Holden Acadia LTZ (2WD) review

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I bought one of the very last brand new LTZ Acadias, and after 15,000km I can report no regrets. A trip up the centre of Australia to Ayers Rock, Darwin and back proved how great a cruiser these machines are.

The cabin is particularly quiet and the lane keeping safety feature does actually work (unlike some cars I have driven). I seriously have no gripe about the way this car drives and it has been 100% reliable to date.

It is superbly comfortable on the open road and capable of economy around 8.4 litres per 100 kilometres on 91 octane. Brilliant air conditioning, seating and safety suite. Android Auto/Apple CarPlay means the big screen gets plenty of use. The factory GPS works fine, although mine did jam up momentarily on start up just once.

In the first 15,000km the car was quite jerky when cold at low speeds but this has gone away as I have done more kilometres - so don't be alarmed to find a small period of harshness below 30km/h when cold. It is quite normal and seems to go away according to two other owners I know.

In all, I don't know what other car gives this level of comfort, size, power and economy with 9-speed smoothness for $50,000. I hear some people express fear over parts but Holden will be here for another 10 years, and remember these vehicles are sold in huge numbers in the US. Parts are very easily obtained direct from the USA thanks to that invention called the World Wide Web and delivered fast by air freight.

I always hear people complain about unreliable cars and I do wonder why I never have major problems. Just perhaps others don't maintain their cars fully. Certainly parking your car in the sun all day will reduce the life of the vehicle's exterior and interior trim substantially. Likewise constant driving off roads is hard on a vehicle. I have seen some buy the Acadia thinking it is some type of tough guys off road truck which it is not.

This is a highway cruiser and urban vehicle, and not an off road vehicle. If you need an all-wheel drive vehicle for four-wheel driving please buy something else. This is a luxury mid-range comfort American SUV road vehicle.

My favourite feature - heated seats with separate back and base heat settings.

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